Dominik says Bucs may play Revis in Week 3 of the preseason


The Buccaneers must have liked what they saw when cornerback Darrelle Revis did seven-on-seven work at practice on Monday, because now they’re talking about playing him in the preseason.

Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that the team will consider putting Revis on the field in the third week of the preseason, which is typically the preseason game when teams try to get the most work out of their starters.

“You don’t want to push,” Dominik said. “You want to stick with your plan. But we may want to get him on the field Week 3 of the preseason, get a few series in, get it over with, get it out of his head, so that Week One in New York he’s ready to go.”

A return for the Buccaneers’ August 24 preseason game against the Dolphins would mean Revis was back on the field 11 months after suffering a torn ACL in Week 3 of last regular season, on September 23. That’s usually enough time for a player to get all the way back to full speed from such an injury, and there seems to be little doubt that Revis is good to go.

9 responses to “Dominik says Bucs may play Revis in Week 3 of the preseason

  1. Toes on the line. Can’t wait to see him pick sanchez about 3 or 4 times. Rex would only see maybe 1 ya know, he’s really busy.

  2. “That’s usually enough time for a player to get all the way back to full speed from such an injury”

    Full speed running in a straight line, maybe. You guys are not really consistent on this whole ACL thing. Just last year you posted an article telling of many players, including Wes Welker, who report that it takes two years to even get comfortable with hard cuts on the repaired knee.

    We are not all Adrian Peterson. Why am I having to type such an obvious statement?

  3. I tore up my right knee a few years ago…(ACL, MCL) and after the surgery I was scared to death to run, jog, anything athletic (except for swimming) afterwards. Slowly I was able to get back into the swing of things and after several months of rehab I was finally able to run and move without fear of tearing something again. The physical part of healing is almost easier than the psychological part of being afraid you’ll hurt it again. If the doctors say Revis’s knee is good to go, it might really do him some good to get in a preseason game and prove to himself that he is ready to play again. Then he can stop worrying about the injury and concentrate on shutting down WR’s like he has done so well for the past few years!

  4. I’d play him in week 2 myself. That way of there’s any discomfort they’d have 3 rather than 2 weeks to get ready for the regular season.

  5. If Sanchez can attack and (heres the kicker) BEAT Revis on a few nice throws in week 1, he wins the job for the rest of the season.

    Problem is—it’s not gonna happen

  6. Love the show, but stating that the team went back on it’s word when they said he wasn’t going to play in the preseason (which they never did) was a bad play. YOU guys were the ones saying he wasn’t playing, the team has stated from the beginning that they weren’t sure if he was playing or not.

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