Freeman doesn’t feel threatened by Glennon’s presence


With Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman entering a contract year and having a third-round rookie behind him, that could make Freeman a little nervous.

Despite copious sweating (which resulted not from anxiety but intense heat), Freeman told Monday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that the 2009 first-round pick has no qualms about the presence of Mike Glennon.

“No, not really,” Freeman said.  “He’s a great guy and no, like I said, Coach called me and kind of broke it down, the situation and why wouldn’t you want to have the best possible player behind you?  And I think Mike is a tremendous competitor.  I think he’s got a lot of talent, he’s a hard worker and he’s a guy that, I mean, we try to push each other every day and it’s been a great relationship and it’s not a deal where these guys don’t get along. . . .  No.  The pressure, like I said, it comes from within.”

It’s the right attitude.  But it’s also Freeman’s only play.  The NFL has become a year-to-year proposition and for this year the Bucs plan to go with Freeman.  It’s his job to lose; as long as he doesn’t, he’ll play.

And while every starter in theory should want the best possible backup, life is easier when the backup knows his role and doesn’t aspire to send the starter to the bench.  Glennon has the skill, the pedigree, and presumably the ambition to eventually pull it off.

While it may not happen this year, the conflict between Freeman and Glennon is looming like the battle between Walt and Hank.  (We won’t comment any further on that point out of respect for those of you who haven’t seen the latest episode.)

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  1. I can’t believe there are actually morons who think Freeman is in a competition. Freeman needs consistency and thats it, he’s shown great ability. Glennon looks to be rail thin and could be broken in half very easily.

  2. Sounds like he is being duped. It’s all about the “best player behind you”. Funny, cause I think TB would consider Glennon’s value to be the sum of “backing up QB1 if needed” + “overtake him as franchise QB if you can be as such”.

    The probability of the latter is worth more than the former imo since the dropoff for the next best guy other than Glennon isn’t a big deal, but if he can be a HOF QB then that’s a huge deal, yet Freeman is latching onto the former of that package value and operating from there as the focal point. He was misled or he’s not thinking about this in a comprehensive way.

  3. Can someone please enlighten me on the demonstrated skill and pedigree of Glennon? So a QB who was in the top 10 for TD’s and yardage, last year, should fear a 3rd round draft pick, who is still learning the offense?

    My guess is that Freeman knows how the two compare in function,
    better than the writer here. That is why he isn’t worried. Or perhaps he knows that worry does win games, confidence does!

  4. 39 INTs in the last two years isn’t going to win your team games. 54% completion last year doesn’t help either.

  5. My biggest fear is Josh Freeman absolutely lighting it up this year for something like 4500 yards 34tds 10 INTs and we go 9-7 or 10-6. And miss the playoffs because of some injuries on defense and then everyone is talking about how Freeman is an elite QB and gets a 16-18mil/yr contract and puts us in salary cap hell.

    (Freeman is not elite and will never be elite. He doesn’t have the mental make-up to throw WRs open like elite QBs do. But boy can he throw a deep ball and a back shoulder fade. Only QB better is A-Rodg)

    You can almost see it happening because our playaction passing game is going to be absolutely lethal this year with 3 WRs, Crabtree and Dougie and all the motions in the offensive scheme. If you’re stupid enough to play man we’ll pick you apart with crossing routes or against zone we’ll just have our big WRs settle in the holes of your zone. A playaction to Doug will leave the middle of the field wide open for Stocker, Crabtree or a drag from Underwood or Ogletree. It’s going to look almost too easy at times this year if Josh can just CHECK IT DOWN and not go for the home run every time.

    Do you see how much thicker Douginator is this year? He’s probably 228-232 or so right now and he has an uncanny ability to NOT take the big hit and will stay healthy and may threaten the rushing record. Brian Leonard can also run, block and catch well, so we will be very unpredictable by formation (as great a runner as Blount is our offense was very predictable with him in there). A QB’s best friend is a potent running game.

    If Stocker’s big dopey self can stay healthy and give us SOMETHING.. doesn’t have to be TonyG numbers or Gronk numbers just SOMETHING we can be a top 5 offense.

    Btw, after going to a practice last week and watching the game, the most improved player BY FAR is Demar Dotson. Last year he would just lean against defenders in the running game. He is a completely different player this year. When he engages he explodes into defenders, immediately starts pumping his legs like pistons and FINISHES blocks! He was already very good at pass blocking, he is great this year. When healthy we have not just maybe the best, but by far the best o-line now that we have a RT. (SF’s is not quite as good at pass blocking as we are) Dotson is our LT of the future. I wish we would have signed him at that price for 3-4 years instead of only 2. 🙂

    So, to sum all this up. Josh, it’s OK to check it down sometimes. Most games in the NFL are won by 2-3 plays. The difference in 3rd and 6 and 3rd and 2 is huge. Sure, every now and then you’ll connect on that 60yd post to JAckson or Williams on 2nd and 6 but more often than not you won’t so just check it down to Dougie or Crabtree and take the 4 yards. (Dallas Clark was wiiiiiide open soooo many times last year it made me sick…)

  6. Forgot to address the Glennon issue. He is not a threat for the next 2 years. After a few years learning the offense and adding some size, if Freeman hasn’t put up the aforementioned numbers Glennon can and will. On draft day, I was hoping for Barkley (most NFL-ready QB in entire draft) but after that preaseason game I see why they chose him. He has a big time arm, is incredibly intelligent and he CAN throw WRs open. He had NOTHING to work with at NC State and did well, he’ll tear it up with our weapons.

  7. Freeman isn’t worried because he knows Glennon isn’t going to replace him this year unless he’s injured. After that who knows? The only game I saw him play was the FSU game last year and he looked great in the second half of that game.

  8. (Dallas Clark was wiiiiiide open soooo many times last year it made me sick…) That’s a nice tidbit of info. More proof that Ravens football is the real deal.

  9. I am a not-so-new Buccaneers fan. I loved them in Punkin’ and Cream and still love them in Cardinal and Pewter. I will say this about Josh Freeman. This guy can be great. If Greg Schiano let’s him play his game, he will be great. Maybe not RGIII or Kap, but he is a weapon and should be be free to highlight his skill set. Let him run, Coach. The chains will move, I promise. Presuure from having Glennon as a backup? Zero.

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