Hugh Douglas out at ESPN

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Former NFL player Hugh Douglas has lost his job as an ESPN analyst after a confrontation with one of his co-workers.

He no longer works for us effective today,” an ESPN spokesperson told Richard Deitsch of

According to The Big Lead, Douglas threatened to beat up Michael Smith, who appeared with Douglas on Numbers Never Lie. The report also said Douglas used racial slurs toward Smith.

Douglas put a short statement on Twitter, saying he is disappointed to be leaving ESPN and will have more to say about the incident in the future. He did not apologize to Smith, ESPN or anyone else.


A first-round draft pick of the Jets, Douglas was the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1995 and later was traded to Philadelphia and became a three-time Pro Bowler with the Eagles.

135 responses to “Hugh Douglas out at ESPN

  1. First time I read this I thought they were talking about Michael Smith from here. YOU DON’T TOUCH MICHAEL SMITH FROM PFT!

  2. Good im glad he lost his job, as a black guy what he said was completely and utterly disrespectful. How can we expect others not to say certain words, when we wont quit saying them ourselves.

  3. Sorry to bring up a politically-incorrect topic (from what I’m told), but racial-slurs? Am I missing something?

    In the words of Seinfeld – if I like their race, how can that be racist?

  4. Riley Cooper missed 4 days of camp, Hugh Douglass fired. Somehow Riley Cooper was treated worse.

  5. Stephen A. Smith, Warren Sapp, Skip Bayless, Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, Keyshawn Johnson are the big loud mouth know-it-alls that are up next to get fired in TV land. How did they ever get hired is the main question?

  6. He later stole money from the Jaguars in free agency. It was one of those deals where you could tell he wasn’t even trying on the field. Now he’s getting drunk and calling other black men Uncle Toms in public. I’m not saying he’s a turd but he plays one on TV!

  7. Guy is a POS. The Eagles were gracious enough to keep him on board as an fan ambassador because he could not play anymore (just ask Jack Delrio), tried to get him to say hello to my son while we were at the linc and he just walked buy. Real nice guy!!!

  8. When would be a more appropriate time now that you are completely free from any other ties? So why can’t you tell us the story right now? Is it because you need time to have your lawyers and advisors create the story or change it up so it doesn’t make you look bad? I’m confused.

  9. Douglass tried to model himself after Charles Barkley, but he’s not nearly as intelligent.

    it seems like any time I hear him, he says something awfully stupid, something that makes little sense.

    Good luck, Hugh.

  10. Using Racial slurs:

    Riley Cooper = bad
    Hugh Douglas = ???

    I got a word; Hypocrite. Oh and moron.

    Hypocritical, ignorant, pathetic, and moron.

    Those fit.

    It’ll be interesting to hear how he spins this.

  11. I’m not surprised. I watch that show sometimes and I find Michael Smith to be a “know it all”. What has Smith ever played, but he never thinks his cohosts opinion is worth anything. I’ve even heard him try to embarrass Douglas on the show. It’s funny how people say insulting things out of their mouth to others and when someone calls them on it, you find out how much of a punk they are. I can’t wait to find out what really happened because it Douglas’ actions probably was justified.

  12. redfield11 says: Aug 13, 2013 2:47 PM

    Say RG3 isn’t really black and you get suspended. But get into an argument with a coworker, woah ESPN will crack down on you.


    Where does Rob Parker work?

    Just because it took them a few weeks doesn’t mean they didn’t fire him.

    Good comment.

  13. Maybe its a reflection of the culture at large, but ESPN seems like it has a bunch of trashy “personalities” working for it, trying to get themselves into the spotlight.

  14. Can someone also pick a fight with the worst person on TV PERIOD….Jamie Dukes aka PUKES. Sapp makes NFL Network hard to watch, Pukes makes it IMPOSSIBLE to watch.

  15. No big loss — but then again almost no one at ESPN would be. Have long said you could learn just as much from ESPN with the sound muted. Just watch the plays, replays, highlights, stats and boxscores.

  16. go pblows says,

    Good, I bet he called Smith the Uncle Tom that he is …haha

    Why ? Because Michael Smith is educated and doesn’t speak like some ghetto hood rat ?

  17. There is a big guy at my job just like him, a big bully. I don’t worry about him. The last place that I will be worried about a man is on the job. If he hits me he’s getting fired, just like Hugh Douglas got fired. I’m too old to fight in a world that when you do fight and you are right you can STILL go to jail or get sued. This is when keepin it real goes wrong because he couldn’t hold his temper Douglas is keeping it real unemployed.

  18. ” will have more to say about the incident in the future”

    Right. We’ll never – thank goodness – hear another word out of this idiot, Douglas. Unless, of course, it’s a scream of racism.

  19. strikers99 says:
    Aug 13, 2013 3:03 PM
    Now if they can get rid of Micheal Smith


    Jemele Hill first please.

  20. ESPN gave 24/7 coverage to Riley Coopers use of a racial slur. Lets see how much coverage they give when it’s their own employee using racial slurs.

  21. Michael Smith seems harmless. He doesn’t add much but he doesn’t detract it from either. He’s kinda bland. That’s not to say he’s not professional. However, Hugh Douglas was at an event for the broadcast profession and he said and did things that were deemed unprofessional. He deserves to be let go. ESPN has become pretty terrible. I’ll watch PFT and Beetle’s show before I watch ESPN. There’s NFL Network. The new Fox Sports channel is coming. Really, for me, other than the need to watch NBA and NFL games, there’s nothing that ESPN offers. I used to like ATH and the white-guy-and-black-guy-yelling show but that has got stale.

    Honestly, I would like to cut the cable cord. But I don’t see that happening until cable companies offer channels a la carte or the channels interact directly with the customer, sans cable companies.

  22. As a Jaguars fan I must say its nice to see a little karma come his way. Probably one of the biggest turds to ever put on a Jaguars jersey and that is really saying something.

  23. Hugh Douglas just doesn’t bow down to idiots like Micheal Smith..Smith is rude, and arrogant which doesn’t go over well with former players. ESPN is known for having commentators that ‘stir the pot” for ratings. Skip Bayless is paid and is pushed into saying stupid comments to get ratings. The only regret Hugh should have is not beating up Bayless first.

    As for the fight with TO..not sure who heard that TO won that fight..but straight from an employee i know who was there..TO ran after getting punched in the face, then ran to management crying. TO was the problem trying to divide the team ( something he did with EVERY team he played for) Douglas will end up working for the on it..

  24. Should have fired him the first time he said “hisself”. Out with Hugh, in with RayLew.

  25. This dude is a total Joke, spewing crap on a show where numbers are the name of the game! What does ESPN expect hiring former players who only care about staying in the spotlight as long as possible! NFL Network & Espn would be better off looking for real talent, players with something to say, but sound educated in the process. Hugh defines why most athletes shouldn’t be role models! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out ya tool!

  26. Nofoolnodrool says: Aug 13, 2013 2:40 PM

    Now all Espn has to do is get rid of White Suit Ray Lewis and I ll watch it again.
    I’m sure they’ll miss you, they won’t have to speak slow and loud for the grumpy old steeler trolls.

  27. @ ampats who says: Aug 13, 2013 2:56 PM

    go pblows says,

    Good, I bet he called Smith the Uncle Tom that he is …haha

    Why ? Because Michael Smith is educated and doesn’t speak like some ghetto hood rat ?
    No, that’s not it. A lot of black men are educated and speak intelligently. In this case, its fairly obvious ( to a lot of us) that Smith’s role was to needlessly humiliate and belittle his co host–who also happened to be black.

    Espn likes that sort of thing. It appeals to that “fan” who likes to see big black men “put in their place.”

  28. Riley Cooper is relived that Hugh Douglas has proven you don’t have to be white to be a dumb racist. Good riddance Hugh, you drunkin’ POS.

  29. I’d like to point out that ESPN was all over the Riley Cooper situation but there’s been nothing on there about Hugh Douglas (an employee at the time) who used the same language. I’m a person of color and even I see the double standard.

  30. bigbluenationdb says: Aug 13, 2013 3:35 PM

    Former Eagles McNabb and Douglas. Does that surprise anyone. Just like their fanbase. Classless.

    You a Giants’ fan? What about Lawrence Taylor? Drugs and issues with the law…and you want to talk classless? Plaxico “I shot myself in the leg” Burress?

  31. briscocountyjr says:
    Aug 13, 2013 2:58 PM
    What’s the issue of racism and the eagles?


    Dan Snyder

    At least the Eagles entire team name isnt a racial slur. The only reason noone cares is because the native american population is so small they have no voice and other races are to ignorant to realize how offensive the name is. Thatd be like the Cleveland Browns bein the “Brown Skins”. Bet the african american community wouldnt care for that and let you hide behind “tradition”. Yeah, a tradition of racism against a group of people noone stands up for.

  32. No, that’s not it. A lot of black men are educated and speak intelligently. In this case, its fairly obvious ( to a lot of us) that Smith’s role was to needlessly humiliate and belittle his co host–who also happened to be black.

    Espn likes that sort of thing. It appeals to that “fan” who likes to see big black men “put in their place.”

    Right! They put Tom Jackson in his place every Sunday night for the last how many years? Please stop looking for what’s not there. That stereo type action is long past, but if you need an excuse for something you don’t like you pull that rabbit out of the Sharpton bag of tricks…please enough crying …grow up and stop looking for excuses.

  33. A simple apology would have not only have gone a long way, but put this behind him. Now, he continues to damage his reputation, all in the name of pride.

    If I am a future employer, this now scares me away. Hopefully he thinks about this logically and moves on.

  34. Doesn’t ESPN have enough on air football jocks who never attended any classes of educational content, beginning in high school when colleges began recruiting them? Does the channel need MORE former players mangling the English language? How many more times do we need to hear analysis such as “We was playing the(insert team), and they didn’t have no DBs playing good,” on a regular basis? There MUST be young people who actually went to and graduated from universities where they trained in journalism or communication majors of some sort, who know about sports and actually have a command of the English language. What makes ESPN or ANY station think that PLAYING a sport qualifies somebody to comment about it intelligently and effectively? Mickey Mantle was one of the greatest players ever, and he couldn’t put together one congruent sentence or thought verbally.

  35. The most ironic thing here is that Smith and Hill tried to keep a very drunk Douglas from a stage and microphone to save him from himself. Instead, the drunk SOB decided to go after Smith. Smith was a good writer for the Globe before newspapers became no longer relevant. He went to work for ESPN and ESPN has some really bad people working there, including Keith Olberman.

  36. I’ve been sitting at my computer most of the day with ESPN on in the background and haven’t seen or heard one thing about Hugh Douglas being fired. I am starting to see how pathetic and sorry they are when it comes to their own employees becoming the news rather than reporting it.

  37. Knowing ESPN, there was probably a producer egging Hugh on the whole time to confront Smith and then when it goes bad, Hugh gets the ax.

    That’s basically what happened with Rob Parker. They even left his comments in a highlight show that was broadcast later. ESPN loved what he said, right up util there was backlash and then Parker was on his own.

  38. “ibreathefootball says: Aug 13, 2013 2:45 PM
    Stephen A. Smith, Warren Sapp, Skip Bayless, Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, Keyshawn Johnson are the big loud mouth know-it-alls that are up next to get fired in TV land.”

    It’s called entertainment and creating controversy so people will comment on them and watch the show to see what “crazy” thing they’ll say next. Bayless is the “bad” guy and Stephen A is “crazy” guy. It’s no wonder why they have a prime time TV slot. Because people keep talking about them. No one watches show with Tony Kornheiser even though he’s much more knowledgeable than Skip Bayless. Why? Because he’s not controvertial and is boring.

  39. He really threw away a chance at making easy money, for doing next to nothing.

    Lomas Brown

  40. please fire stephen aka screamin a smith and jamele hill next. these 2 are the biggest racists on TV by far. i rarely watch espn but today i happened to tune into that “numbers” show with her and michael smith, and her saying that texas a/m should get rid of manziel right now, she wasnt saying that type of thing when cam newton was in the same situation at auburn, she was his biggest supporter. you can see right through her agenda

  41. Who Douglas? Oh yeah, the dude who left a good team in Philly for $ and a crud team in Jacksonville and was never heard of again.

  42. “Hugh Douglas out at ESPN”

    Man.. I’m tired of all these people coming out..Stay IN there!
    Ooops.. never mind. :mrgreen:

  43. ESPN rehires that libtard shill Olbermann……nuff said about this dysfunctional network and its on air personalities

  44. funny how PTI and around the horn are completely ignoring this story right now, yet riley cooper was the lead story of topic for at least a week on these 2 shows. wonder if another racist michael wilbon will chime in, since he thought riley cooper shouldve gotten the death penalty for using the same word

  45. Uh oh, someone used the n-word as a racial slur in an attempt to denigrate a fellow human being – guess that means we will get 3 articles a day about this from Florio for the nest two weeks.
    Wait, that won’t happen, because the perpetrator has the wrong skin color, and we all know Florio practices that special type of especially insidious racism, paternalism combined with low expectations and lessened responsibility.

    So no, no gnashing of the teeth about the *most hurtful word in the english language* this time. move along, nothing to see here.

  46. riley cooper said he was gonna “hop the fence” while he was at a chesney show

  47. Hugh Douglas will have more to say about his future at the appropriate time…

    Now is not an appropriate time….

    But a week or 2 ago…at a black journalist conference…it was an appropriate time to threaten physical violence and drop the N word on a coworker…who was black….yes Hugh…that was very appropriate….you racist loser.

    What did that move cost you?

  48. When Douglas was on ESPN radio his diction was so poor he was unlistenable. Not only that, but he’d go off on these rants that made no sense.

    ESPN lost a number of the main announcers to other networks.

    Then they hire back Olbermann.

    Sounds like a business on the rise(snicker).

  49. I notice people mentioning on air people such as S A. Smith, K. Olberman, S. Bayless, M. Smith, J. Hill. I am not concerned with this group of people the same way I am with Douglas and quite a few of the former athletes. The first group of personalities and Wilbon’s partner, Tony K, as well as the entire cadre of men and women appearing on “Around the Horn,” are examples of real, honest-to-goodness sport journalists. They surely have different personalities and viewpoints, and viewers have varying opinions and reactions to them, however NONE of them mangle the English language, are college educated, know about sports and more importantly can communicate their views in a cogent, fluent manner. Former players had world-class talent in their given events, however, they simply are not articulate enough when communicating their points of view, and are as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard. They simply do not have the educational training and qualifications to be a journalist. Bayless, Wilbon etc. couldn’t possibly play professional sports. Why should suits at ESPN assume so many athletes are ready for “The Bigs” of television journalism. It simply does not make sense. Next train wreck at the mike…Ray-Ray.

  50. I still don’t know how he ever got jobs in the media. His only qualification is he used to be a player. Listening to him on sports talk radio right after he retired was painful. He knew absolutely nothing about any sport besides football (and he still didn’t learn anything 1-2 years into his new career). The only thing he knew about football was he own experiences. During broadcasts before Phillies’ games he would be at the stadium talking about all of the talent (attractive women) and then give a creepy laugh. Very good player, awful sports commentator.

  51. HA HA HA, who laughing now…… glad they fired him. He seems to be a violent person and honestly hopefully he learns that he should never lay his hands on another human being. Glad to see this bum on the street where he belongs.

  52. Douglas,

    Your a Bum… Violent and probably beats up on people behind closed doors all the time. This guy deserves what was coming to him and its good to see he got what he got.

    Total bum disgracing the race…

  53. eamadden00: You didn’t say it exactly, however I assume (and agree with you) when you mention “disgracing the race,” you, of course mean, the HUMAN race!!

  54. Wow. Michael Smith must have pissed off Hugh Douglas so badly for him to be called names that was called.

    It’s okay. There’s always a job at W I P.

  55. Here’s some inside info on Hugh from someone who knows him well… His nickname is Turbo Bird. He picked it himself. He loves when people call him Turbo Bird on Twitter. I swear. He loves it. Tweet at him. Really. Turbo Bird.

  56. Poor Hugh Douglas… The guy still has rage issues… Oh by the way you are you still embarrassed that Terrel Owens kicked the crap out of you In front of your teammates???

  57. leroyquimby says:Aug 13, 2013 2:45 PM

    Riley Cooper missed 4 days of camp, Hugh Douglass fired. Somehow Riley Cooper was treated worse.
    Biggest difference between the two is Hugh threatened to physically injure his co-worker. I still believe Cooper should have been cut or suspended.

  58. Sapp makes NFL Network hard to watch, Pukes makes it IMPOSSIBLE to watch

    You’re right, and I don’t. Football shows have degenerated so far in the last 30 years that I can’t stand them.

    I must admit one of the half decent ones left is the PFT show, which resembles the sane approach of shows from yesteryear, but it’s on at a time when I can seldom watch it.

    Strictly the games for me these days.

  59. Without the live games, why watch ESPN.
    Bunch of crap to stay on 24 hours and for tvenue.
    Screw them and screw ABC

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