Kevin Kolb trying to “push the envelope” in return from knee injury


Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb said Monday that he was coming off his best practice of the year when he slipped on a rubber mat and injured his knee.

That spill came more than a week ago and Kolb missed both practice and the preseason opener against the Colts in the interim, which is not a good place to find yourself when you’re fighting for a starting job. So Kolb fought to get back into a full practice on Monday even though he wasn’t feeling 100 percent and, per Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, wasn’t “moving around at peak efficiency.”

“I think we’re taking it slowly and carefully,” Kolb said. “But I’m trying to push the envelope a little bit. I’m trying to get out there and get a little part of this fun.”

Kolb doesn’t know whether or not the Bills will put him on the field against the Vikings on Friday, but said he’s “pushing” to be in the lineup in what he acknowledges is a less than ideal situation. Given his experience in other quarterback competitions, Kolb surely knows that he needs to give the Bills reasons not to go with first-round pick E.J. Manuel and the only way he can do that is by playing. In this case that means pushing the envelope beyond what might be prudent because Kolb doesn’t have another card to play in his bid for the starting job.

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  1. Or the more apropos title “Kevin Kolb trying to save his job, rushes back from injury.” Hey it even kinda rhymes.

  2. After Sunday if I were him I would do all I coul do too. Both rookies lit up the Colts. @footballady52

  3. Don’t sleep on Jeff Tuel guys. Even the local media is starting the stop the snickering at this kid. I cannot envision a scenario where Kolb stays because Tuel could be the most talented QB on the roster

  4. Hey this seems to be the first time Kolb has decided to fight back from injury. It may be a little to late though. Seems almost like he slipped on a mat that was put down to keep him from injuring himself. All it did was injury him. Maybe Buffalo should invest in thicker mats for Kolb if they really want him to start at least the first three games in the season.

  5. With the injury to Kolb and the great showing by Tuel……… the QB competition is looking neck and neck…. and neck.

  6. That’s fitting, because Kolb has something in common with envelopes; they’re both made of paper.

  7. Kolb was the QB the team had in mind for the starting position from the very beginning, I don’t think he needs to sweat too bad on this setback. He has enough time to show Marrone and company that he can do the job. With 3 more Preseason games left to go anything can happen. Right now, I believe the coaching staff is leaning a bit towards Manuel. Tuel is looking sharp and confident, but I’m having a hard time believing that Marrone would start an undrafted rookie from day 1. Tuel is one of those players I can see getting the nod halfway during the regular season if another QB is struggling, but I guess only time will tell.

  8. Kolb has been milking Worker’s Compensation since he entered the league… it still blows my mind how Arizona gave up a 2nd, a top CB, AND 65 million to this scrub…. I knew he was a flop, I just knew he was lol

  9. Luckily I didn’t have to go to the bathroom because I was able to watch The Kolb Era unfold in its entirety at The Linc. I remember the snap and Clay Mathews coming off the edge, Kolb didn’t see him coming and I thought to myself, He’s going to kill him. And viola, The Mike Vick era began in Philly. I’m sure there were thousands of fans getting beers who missed it. The guy is snake bitten.

  10. If he backs up Emmanuel for a season can the Bills do what Philly did – talk Kolb up as a future superstar and get a ton by trading him to some other suckers?

  11. Story of his life. The dude can’t even stay or get on the field due to injuries. Kind of like Greg Oden, we’ll never know what he was truly capable of.

  12. As a Philly fan I’ve always felt Kolb has the worst luck ever. I’m always disappointed when fans of other teams call him a bum. I think he probably would have succeeded here, but Fat Andy decided to hitch his wagons to Vick. Don’t get me wrong…that worked out in 2010 for us. Since then, I feel like Kolb just cannot catch a break. He just never got a real chance in Arizona. The first year he was injured a few times and was learning the system and team. The second year he had to deal with Wisenmoron making it a competition. Kolb is first on the chart and then second. Then first. Then second. He comes in for Skelton and then suffers another weird injury. Good lord.

  13. Kolb is always getting suspicious injuries. The guy has made a ton of money doing nothing and knows he’s average at best. The ‘injury bug’ will continue to plague him until someone realizes he just isn’t worth the hassle. I hope it takes the Bills a while though.

    Reid is so good he makes average guys get paid even years later.

  14. Haven’t seen enough of Kolb to really have an opinion of whether he is good or not. I don’t see practice. But I think Marrone will go with the veteran until he shows that he can’t get it done. Fortunately for Marrone, and maybe Kolb too, they have at least a season to find out.

  15. As I recall, in Philly, Kolb threw for a paltry 28 yards before he was hit by Matthews. Some people seem to forget that. He was never benched because of injury, he was benched because he sucked!!!! Liked stated earlier, he thinks he’s alot better than he is, average at best!!!

  16. I don’t wish anything bad to happen to him. If anything I hope he can turn it around.

    But it’s pretty much certain he can’t.

    Bills won’t be trading him anywhere after the season, as everyone knows about him.

    He’s simply not good and is a walking injury.

    He doesn’t have good accuracy with his passes, but he isn’t bad. His arm strength is decent as well. If you look at these and other aspects you can easily be fooled into thinking he’s serviceable.

    But when the lights come on, he sucks. Oh sure he can have a good series now and then. Teases you a bit. Then goes back to sucking.

    He cannot stand tall in the pocket. He constantly hears footsteps and then runs himself into sacks. So most of the time instead of looking downfield, he’s looking at pass rushers or feeling a ghost pass rush and generally speaking, runs right. No matter how good your tackles are, he will run around in ways that will cause those tackles to rack up a bunch of sacks. (well while he’s in that is).

    People don’t realize how injury prone he is. When the Cards first traded for him I had TONS of concerns…why? Because the very first game of the season. His first start as legitimate starting QB…he got a concussion. That’s a red flag there.

    The guy hasn’t ever started more than 4 or 5 games in a row. He’s had PLENTY of chances, and can’t get it done. Some on here say he didn’t get a chance with AZ. That’s complete BS. He had every opportunity and then some that any person should expect and then some.

    He had turf toe. Which can become a recurring theme. Meaning wherever he plays, it could become an issue again. But this is the LEAST of his problems.

    Seriously anyone thinking this guy is a starter and will be a starter for more than a 1/3 of a season is either blind or doesn’t know the facts.

    Concussions are serious issues. Some players get one and you won’t see them get another for years. Some guys get one or two and then they start getting them over and over again. Kolb is the latter.

    A concussion and Mike Vick ended his reign in Philly, and it ended his 1st season in AZ. The concussion was so bad that he missed the final few weeks of the regular season and was still having SEVERE mental issues over a month after the season was over. One more concussion could be his career. If not, it’s definitely going to cause him to miss extended time, most likely ending that season, even if it happens in say week 6.

    Guys like this SHOULD NOT be starting QB’s. You simply cannot rely on him. He has a propensity for concussions, and they knock him out a long time. Coupled with his long term health and league rules…why would anyone hitch their wagon to him?

    He plays scared, and I’m not knocking him for playing scared. I know he’s tough to go out there and take the punishment. There’s a difference in not being scared to go out there, and once the ball is hiked a player plays scared. He has the toughness to go out there (and with concussion issues some may legitimately say stupidity to), but plays scared. Everyone can see it. Hell even a players during a AZvsOAK preseason game last year, one Raiders player called him out on being scared.

    Seriously, have you ever heard of a defender saying the opposing QB was scared? …and really mean it!

    That’s Kolb.

    But wait, there’s more. This past year in 2012, he came in during the 4th quarter of game 1 and led a drive for a TD to win the game. Played decent for a couple of games as starter, and started regressing again. Overall play was almost decent. Then he took off with the ball and got tackled. Not a hard tackle. Looked to be about as soft as an NFL tackle can be….and he dislodged his ribs. The cartilage that keeps your ribs attached to his sternum got messed up. Which ended his season. The reports are that even now, his ribs healed…OUT OF PLACE. I don’t know about you, but if his ribs were that weak to begin with, that they are still out of place means the healing couldn’t of gone very well. I don’t see how on just some routine tackle his ribs won’t give out again, and the scary thing is, he hasn’t really been hit since this happened. Meaning for all of his turf toe and concussion issues, this actually might become the biggest one.

    So whether it’s his toe, his head, or his ribs….his body already has multiple areas where the injuries can be reoccurring and devastating to any team that hitches their wagon to him. He’s literally pulled home over a million dollars per start. He should take that money and live a comfortable life.

    His next concussion could really screw up his life. His ribs could cause a major issue as well.

    People tend not to realize what this guy has gone through. He IS injury prone. His injuries are serious. These injuries if they happen again could be life threatening.

    So why people keep ignoring it or saying it’s just bad luck is asinine to the extreme. I rooted for the BILLS in all 4 Super Bowls, I have nothing against the Bills. I don’t have anything against Kolb. But the dude is one pop warner hit away from catastrophe and people should quit pretending he isn’t. I can hope he does well, but hope doesn’t change a thing.

    The reality is, he’s a below average QB with on the field mental issues that is ultra injury prone in areas where injuries can be catastrophic.

  17. I have supported him in recent years. I thought you did a good job during his six-game stretch in Arizona, but by now with these random injuries I personally feel that he needs to retire. He Cannot even stay healthy off a football field.

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