Leslie Frazier: Desmond Bishop needs to show us he can help


When Desmond Bishop signed with the Vikings, a common response was to wonder whether or not he’d take over the middle linebacker job from Erin Henderson.

Henderson has maintained his grip on the job and now the question around Bishop is whether or not he’ll wind up making the 53-man roster in Minnesota at all. Bishop missed the preseason opener with a groin injury after missing all of last season with a torn hamstring, which left coach Leslie Frazier to say that he needs Bishop to prove he can stay on the field if the team is going to keep him around in the regular season.

“This is going to determine whether or not he makes our team,” Frazier said, via Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “So much of this is about how he plays over the next two weeks. Or if he’s not available because of his injury. I can’t say it any simpler than that. It’s a big two weeks for him. He needs to show us he can help our football team in order to make our team.”

Or, to put it another way, you can’t make the club in the tub.

Frazier also said that Bishop has a “cleverness” to his game that would seem to serve him well in the push to make the team, but, again, that cleverness only helps if Bishop’s actually able to be on the field. Bishop acknowledges the urgency to the situation, but says he remains confident that he’ll be able to convince the Vikings of his usefulness in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. On the Packer’s roster Desmond Bishop was the starting MLB for 3 straight years, now he’s struggling to even make it on the Vikings 53 man roster..wow this shows a huge difference in the defensive talent in both teams..The packer’s defense is who we thought they are…depleted

  2. All the Vikings fans were calling Ted Thompson and the Packers morons for cutting Bishop. I’m pretty happy Green Bay’s not paying him $4 million a year like they were before cutting him – he can’t play special teams anymore and even if he makes the Vikings lets see how many games he stays healthy.

  3. Hope he makes it. Was never a sure thing he would but thats why the contract was so team friendly. We have some good young talent at linebacker whether he makes it or not but if hes healthy hes obviously an upgrade

  4. He’s been out with a groin injury for a week, but that is crucial time when you did not participate in OTAs and mini-camp.

    He should be back to practice now, and is set to play on Friday against the Bills. That will be a start.

    The main thing for Bishop is to stay healthy. If he has another even minor injury during training camp, he’s not gonna have enough time to learn the defense and get acclimated.

    I expect he’ll be fine and make the team. I don’t expect him to play every game or remain injury-free all year.

  5. Oh no Fraziers wrong, all of the Vikings trolls said Bishop is the missing link for another Championship.

    Oh wait.

  6. Ah, yes, Ted Thompson the genius we hear once again from Packer fans.

    The same Ted Thompson who drafted AJ Hawk in the first round, #5 overall. Genius.

    If Thompson had been smart, he would’ve restructured Bishop’s deal down to what the Vikings are paying him, which is the minimum, or even less if he isn’t healthy.

  7. I believe Mr.Greg “ungrateful injure boy” Jennings
    is another example See Greggy Poo is even a terrible businessman last year the Packer’s offered him 11 million/year not enough for his overblown self esteem and then complained they dissed him this year
    He has missed 11 ganes in the last 2 years he had only 13 TD while the year before he had 12 and he thought 11 million wasn’t enough.
    He thinks Aaron gets all the pub in Green Bay
    Wait till he experiences what AP gets LOL
    What will his sister tweet about Ponder ?
    Yea old Teddy gets rid of the old and injured players (To bad about Bishop though)
    Old Packer Players never quit they just go to the Vikings and complain how mistreated they were
    Hope you don’t go into the loneliest spot at Viking’s HQ ….the Superbowl trophy room

  8. sucks to see a good players career fizzle out like this, he was great in gb when he got on the field but he’ll be a shell of what he was if he can even make the team

  9. Where are all the Vikings fans? You all came out from underneath your collapsing bridge to troll on and on about what a brilliant signing Bishop was and mistake for the Packers to release him. Seems that just maybe TT knew what he was doing….again. Face it, the Vikings are like the shadow orginization of the Packers.

  10. Did you know that Rick Spielman was once fired for incompetence in Miami? It’s true.

    He has no feel for putting together talent that can compete for Lombardi trophies.

    But Ted sure can.

  11. Where are all the queens fans that were talking trash after they signed him? You guys thought u were signing a stud LB and he’s not even gonna make the team, that’s why GB cut him. Packers>Vikes

  12. Thompson? Pfff, Ted’s gotten ONE pick right in his tenure so far, a pick that walked into the perfect situation. Had Arod had to *learn* the game behind that start starting line, being pressed into service in the first year like so many other’s, chances are he would’ve busted just like David Carr.

    Saying Ted is a good gm is like saying Donald Trump earned his millions – both just lucky enough to have rolled into a good situation and all they had to do was not F it up from there.

  13. I feel bad for the guy, he suffered a devastating injury that not too many players ever return from so the odds were stacked against him.

    But when you find yourself being cut from the Vikings, that truly is the end of the road. The Vikings are more than happy to take Packer rejects whether they are any good or not but the same cannot be said about Viking rejects and the other 31 teams.

  14. The Vikings fans are here, like we always are, watching you morons gloat about your over-hyped, injury riddled, defenseless, living in the past team. Thanks for your castoff linebacker. He’s about what we expected from your ranks.

  15. allaboutstyle: I’m assuming you’re talking about the collapse of the 35W bridge in 2007. I know it well, especially since my parents were on that bridge. Thankfully, they made it off alive, but it’s something that my family will never forget.

    It’s great that you dragged that into the conversation about football and all the while staying really classy..

    I’ll refrain from making countless jokes about the metropolis of Green Bay, because I know what’s appropriate and what’s not.

    Question: Why do the Packer trolls always come out with anything related to the Vikings?

  16. …I will say…unlike jagoff jennings….at least bishop has kept his mouth shut…..so far…..’queenie fans are PATHETIC!!!…..bragging that bishop was the super bowl link…then justifying his injury by saying he’s not good enough to make the team…you pitiful freaks remind me of the three stooges…..I’ll give you useless punks fair warning…you come to Lambeau with that attitude….you’ll be leaving with a broken jaw…among other various injuries….damn fools…


    Frazier didn’t say he would be cut.. he just giving him motivation.

    All of these comments by Packers fans act like he is already cut from the team and making comments as such. Its ridiculous, he is still on the team, and more than likely will make the team. All these comments are therefore pointless. Geez, you all don’t have much else to do huh??

  18. This is good news for Vikings fans. It means our Defense is really DEEP, as opposed to the crappy Packers’ defense, not to mention their pathetic O line. That first preseason game against the CARDS made me laugh. One wrong hit to AR and your team is total toast. AND at least the Vikings scored some points–the Packers were the ONLY team in the NFL to score ZERO points. LOL.

  19. Vikings fans had no huge expectations for Bishop — just hope. As noted by Frazier, it was expected that Bishop’s progress would be slowed given the fact that he hadn’t played for a year — and the injury was a groin not a hammy. If he can play, great, and if not, the Vikes are only out $50K. Let’s hope he’s okay.

  20. Viking fans troll packer stories…Packer fans troll Viking stories. It goes both ways. Get over it! We don’t like you and you don’t like us. I don’t lose sleep over it.

  21. One hit to any teams star player and they are in trouble…useless comment from lindacaseauthor. And it’s the preseason, remeber when detroit went 4-0 in the preseason then went on to have the worst season in nfl history. do us all a favor, be smart if you’re going to talk

  22. They signed him to see if he could help the team. It would be nice if he could, but if he can’t that just means someone else is better than he is. Reports out of training camp are that Henderson looks fantastic and Marvin Mitchell is doing pretty well. I expect Gerald Hodges to probably be the starter at OLB by the end of the season.

  23. The Vikimgs are trying everything to be relevant, but even signing broken down packers players isn’t helping.

    Perhaps if AD starts saying they should win the Super Bowl, the Associated press will just give them an undeserved one.

    Hey, it worked for his MVP trophy!

  24. Really….nobody, not even Viking fans, really care what happens with this guy. He was cheap and disposable. If he makes it, great. He didn’t cost them hardly anything. If they were hoping for a game-changing difference-maker I would suggest they keep looking.

  25. After reading the above comments on this story, 2 things can be guaranteed for sure:
    1. Packer fans obviously don’t have jobs, they sit on Mom’s computer all day and comment non-stop on every Viking article.
    2. Packer fans obviously don’t know that Spielman and the Vikes signed Bishop to a no-risk, 1 year deal to come in and compete with Henderson. So if Bishop is cut, all it means is that the team will be able to keep both draftees Michael Mauti and Gerald Hodges on the squad….both of whom flashed in the 1st pre-season game.

    Look at the positives Pack fans…..at least Bishop will be able to come”home” and sign a 1 day deal to retire a Packer like Longwell.

  26. The Vikings fans are here, like we always are, watching you morons gloat about your over-hyped, injury riddled, defenseless, living in the past team. Thanks for your castoff linebacker. He’s about what we expected from your ranks.

    What, someone wearing a Superbowl ring?

  27. The truth hurts doesn’t it mickmoney? This is the beginning of the end for the GB Packers–REBUILD dude.

  28. Bishop is back practicing. What was keeping him out was an unrelated pulled groin, not the hammy.

    Vikes paid him league minimum for a veteran, and it isn’t all guaranteed. People overstate the investment.

  29. I’m tired of all you brainwashed Packers fans thinking Ted T. walks on water.

    He made a lucky guess picking Sharon Rodgers. The rest is history. Without Sharon your team doesn’t win 4 games. True Story.

  30. The Packers will go 8-8 this year. Ponder may be the Vikings QB, but at least they have an O line to protect him. Rogers will spend more and more time running for his life and have to start handing off to a running back that can’t keep his knees off the ground before he gets across a goal line.

  31. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Aug 13, 2013 2:19 PM
    Two things Packer fans always have money for:

    1) Packer stock.
    2) Bridge maintenance.

    And don’t forget

    3) Angioplasty

  32. Gee…Viking fans now all seem to be saying exactly the same things about Bishop that us Packer fans were saying when we first dumped him into your laps. He’s always hurt. He can’t run anymore. He sucks. Etc. etc. etc.

    Now that they know the truth, Viking fans are pretending like they don’t care what happens with him and never did. LOL!!!

    At the end of the day, it’s still Ted Thompson >>> Rick Spielman. Here’s to another 50+ years of championship futility! Skol!

  33. My father was on that bridge. I’m proud to be from MN, and damn proud to be a Vikings fan. You will never understand our pride. All you hateful trolls can only wish you were fortunate to reside in the best state to live. Go Vikes!

  34. For the record, I for one do not condone references to the I35 bridge collapse or the death of Korey Stringer to be appropriate for the amusement of certain misguided individuals.


    likely all Packer fans but one….(one we don’t need.)

  35. Greg Jennings will be the next big flop in Minnesota, proving that Ted Thompson was right all along. Even Longwell wanted to retire a Packer….

  36. I can’t blame them for trying. That’s the Wilf/Speilman business model: Sign former Packer Greats, because that’s the only way your going to get fans in the seats of that ghastly plastic pole-barn…

  37. herlies says: Aug 13, 2013 12:34 PM

    That Ted Thompson guy knows what he’s doing.

    duece 5says:

    I believe your Offensive Line coach BEGS TO DIFFER!!!!!!

  38. Give him a break, he was brainwashed for five years. The reason Packer players love to come to Minnesota is that they actually get to prove themselves as players. They’re not anointed one of the best at their position (b.j. raji) just because they wear a helmet with a stupid ‘G’ on it. Which stands for Greed by the way.

    Either way, this defensive line depth and linebacker depth is very good this year and is what to watch for other than CP84 in the preseason. And Ponder vs Cassel

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