Louis Delmas doubts he’ll play in the preseason


Lions safety Louis Delmas said last week that his knees feel the best they’ve felt in two years, acknowledged that he wasn’t sure how significant that was given how much trouble he’s had getting on the field over that period of time.

It didn’t take long to get an example of just how relative Delmas’ improved state is in football terms. Delmas missed practice for the third straight day on Tuesday as the Lions continue to try to make sure he’s healthy for the regular season and Delmas said afterward that it is “doubtful” that he winds up playing at all in the preseason.

“Is it important for me to get out there? Yes,” Delmas said, via Justin Rogers of MLive.com. “But is it wise? Right now, I don’t think so.”

Delmas did say that he was still confident he would be able to play in the season opener against the Vikings, although the fact that he’s been such an intermittent presence for the Lions for such a long time means that it’s hard to count on seeing him on the field for that game until you actually see him on field for that game.

12 responses to “Louis Delmas doubts he’ll play in the preseason

  1. I hope he plays in the home opener against the Vikings, I can’t wait to see him trip and fall over himself watching Cordarelle Patterson blaze by him for a 80 yard touchdown..

  2. Not a guy the Lions’ should be depending on. My guess is that the Week #8 starter opposite Quin is not currently on the Roster.

  3. Quentin Mikell is still available. Has lost a step in coverage but is a great tackler and excellent blitzer.

  4. I could give a damn about preseason as long as he plays week 1 ill take a 80 to 85 percent Delmas over anybody on the roster right now

  5. Good thing the Lions gave him a production-dependent contract. We need to find his replacement next year.

  6. He is not lazy he is just always beat up and not healthy. He might have been a good player if he could stay on the field. A slightly less productive Bob Sanders.

  7. The secondary is better when Delmas is playing but that’s the problem … he’s either out or on the questionable list every week.
    I don’t think his knees are going to get a whole lot better in the next 3 weeks.
    I know it’s only the pre season but it’s exactly the time to see if he can play. If he can’t show he can play in Cleveland this weekend how can you count on him to play a 16 week season ?
    This is the time for the Lions to find out what they have … and what they don’t have.

  8. Odds are he’ll start Week 1 against Minnesota. His contract is dependent on playing in games. But, I wouldn’t mind if he misses the first two games of the season and then plays the rest of the year including playoffs.

    Also, I don’t understand the logic of people saying he must play immediately. Do you guys think he’s incapable of further healing?

  9. If he’s not healthy by now, he never will. Yeah, yeah, I know, he feels great right? So great that he can’t play in any preseason games like RG3 who is coming off double ACL/MCL surgury. Delmas is coming off a sore knee, no surgery.

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