Marcedes Lewis gives Jaguars offense an earful after poor practice


The Jaguars offense has not impressed too many people recently and their performance at practice on Tuesday left one veteran member of the unit upset enough to air his grievances with his teammates after the session.

Tight end Marcedes Lewis related the message he sent to his teammates to the media. Lewis said the offense had to stop making excuses, “pay attention to the details, take constructive criticism and continue to get better,” something he feels they failed to do on Tuesday.

“We’ve been building and getting better since April and we came out today and didn’t get better, plain and simple,” Lewis said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “That wasn’t good enough. That’s not acceptable. In years past, it may have been acceptable and we may have come into the locker room without even mentioning what happened. But mediocrity can’t be accepted.”

That last message is a hard one to disagree with, even if it remains difficult to see the Jaguars offense rising too much beyond that level in 2012. One Jaguars assistant coach told O’Halloran he loved that Lewis stepped up to lecture the offense on a day that saw Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne combine to go 9-of-18 on their throws during team drills, but those numbers underscore the difficult task ahead of those trying to build a better offense in Jacksonville.

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  1. The dog days of summer for a last place team. Mediocrity can’t be accepted like he said, but they would be lucky to have a QB that is as good as mediocre.

  2. And yet you ranked the Jags ahead of the Raiders…guess we shall see week two which is the better team.

  3. You can only do so much with Blaine Gabbert as your QB. No wonder elite QBs are so valued and paid so much. REAL teams don’t want Matt Flynn or Blaine Gabbert.

  4. Kudos for Lewis trying to initiate a wake-up call. The Jaguars biggest issue is their roster personnel. I think Marcedes needs to be patient and realize they aren’t the favorites to win the Super Bowl. They should be though, if their GM would have made some really smart decisions then there’s no reason they couldn’t have been the very best team in the league entering this year. If that’s important to Lewis then he should be very careful about what team he selects next time to make sure they are going to get a solid group of players that are conducive to winning a championship.

    So he’s placing the blame in the wrong spots, the players are only as good as they have the potential to be, and sure they might be able to squeeze an extra 10% out, but the biggest gap is the amount the GM can squeeze out by getting the right guys. That’s worth a lot more than the 10%, it can be a night and day difference, or the difference between being dead last and unquestionably first. The Jaguars in my opinion need to get a new GM that can redesign this team for something more fantastic than what I think this group is capable of.

  5. The man is being honest. It’s about time a player from this team stepped up and said something as a leader. Their effort is lacking, they are not hustling, and they are playing like this is a game. These guys are professionals, this is life now, it’s time to piss on the pot or get off the wagon. Kudos to you Mr. Lewis.

  6. Imagine ….

    2013 Jaguars are 10-6 and in the playoffs….

    The tarp is removed and all the seats are full…

    MJD has 1,500+ yards….

    If only they brought in Tebow.

    Instead they kept Gabbert who any experienced football executive will tell you has proven he is barely a backup and Henne who while better is problematic.

    This is a classic case of a weak Coach and GM whose ego’s could not handle the pressure Tebow would place on them.

  7. It will be interesting to see two teams week one that had similar records last year. The Chiefs seem to have undergone a major overhaul with key pieces to improve in place while the Jags seem to have rebuilt without the luxury of veteran coaching or depth in players. I think the Jags are going on the right track (beginning with their owner) but the buzz from both training camps is worlds apart

  8. After these last 2 seasons with Lame Goober at QB, mediocrity sounds great! And to think the fans wanted to run Garrard out of town. Hell, even Leftwich was better than Crappert.

  9. Should of told them you have to play better or the Tarps are going to have to go down to the second level. Second level means a lost of revenue and more black outs.!!!!!

  10. @Spitzer

    Please tell me you’re being sarcastic with the Teblow comment, did you see the disaster last week? ?
    The dude looked like a high school quarterback AGAIN, let it go he’s NOT an NFL quarterback he’s got no pocket awareness a horrible motion , terrible accuracy and can’t read a defense.. what’s left?

  11. Sarcastic me?

    Florio would “delete my post again” if I was being sarcastic.

    Tebow can not throw like a NFL QB. Tebow knows he can not. He wins games anyway he can, he is a gamer.

    Blame Gabbert thinks he can throw, he cannot.
    Chad Henne thinks he is a starter he is not.

    Tebow would fill seats… and win games.

    Jaguars need leadership, Jaguars need truth to power. Tebow can provide both. Worse players have won with less, rallying around a leader. Tebow won more playoff games than Manning with the same Denver team.

    I am not saying Tebow is in RGIII’s or Kapernick’s class, but he is better than the QB’s the Jaguars executive leadership selected and have backed to date. Nobody rational could think Tebow would not be an improvement for the Jaguars.

  12. thegreatgabbert says:
    Aug 13, 2013 4:37 PM
    Lewis better do something to justify his salary. He is probably the highest paid guy on the team. Certainly the most overpaid.
    Instead of placing blame everywhere else, have a look in the mirror, Blaine.


  13. @thestrategyexpert….do you know anything about the Jaguars ? Are you aware they HAVE a new GM in place this year ? You really shouldn’t make post comments when you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.

    @larrydavid7000….same for you seeing how you still want to post about blackouts. Zero in 3 years !!!!

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