Panthers backs lament “broken promises”


One of the Panthers’ fundamental problems the last two years has been a coaching staff which didn’t call plays to the strengths of the roster on hand.

While you could argue that the roster wasn’t constructed properly, at a certain point, the job of a coach is to make the best of what he has.

Or to put it more simply, if you have more good running backs than receivers, it might be a good idea to, you know, run.

But with former offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski gone to Cleveland, and Mike Shula calling plays now, those backs think things are on the right track.

Last year was a lot of broken promises, shall I say,” fullback Mike Tolbert said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer. “But now we have a new offensive coordinator and things are starting to come to light.”


Tolbert says he was told he’d be used as a runner and an H-back-type. Instead, he ran for 183 yards and only added 27 receptions, well off his Chargers production and hardly worth the expenditure.

Instead of taking power players and playing power football, the Panthers were often too reliant on Cam Newton’s read-option skills. While it was creative and cute and smart and the kind of thing that gets guys hired elsewhere, it wasn’t an efficient use of resources.

And in a year when a lot of coaching jobs are on the line, using those resources effectively is imperative.

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  1. I have a few Panthers fan friends, and I am always asking them why I don’t see the backs in the stat lines?

    “Hey what are your coaches doing with that billion-dollar backfield?”

    Now a new question arises: What took you guys so long? This crap has been apparent for at LEAST two years.

  2. Fox built Panthers to run the ball. Then they bring in Chud’s offense and Cam. Then Chud is gone and they change GMs and he drafts another RB. What you’re seeing is the result of too many cooks in the kitchen.

    And don’t be surprised to see them head another direction entirely in 2014.

  3. They would be far better off getting Newton some NFL caliber receivers besides Steve Smith. Brandon LaFell would not be the third wideout on any decent offense and he’s starting in Carolina. Unbelievably, they didn’t draft any wideouts in April. You were on the right track with poor roster construction.

  4. You do realize Chud isn’t the problem here, right? Dude’s a pass happy OC and they bring Tolbert in as a 3rd back? THAT my friends is poor personnel management by the FO. Chud will excel in Cleveland thanks to Norv and Ray. Believe it.

  5. Brandon Lafell is a great #2 for the Panthers style. There are literally 5 teams in the league that have 2 legit wide outs… To say he couldn’t be a 3rd on any decent team is just ignorant.

  6. The problem with the Panthers focusing on the run is that they are going to need a defense that is capable of slowing down a passing attack. The Saints and Falcons need about 38 seconds to score a touchdown. Grinding it out for eight minutes and then kicking a field goal isn’t going to cut it.

    Either that defense REALLY needs to improve, or there needs to be some additions to the passing game that will open things up for everyone.

  7. Chud passed the ball 53.24% of the time last year. That’s 25th in the league. That means 24 OCs passed the ball more than Chud, you morons.

  8. berniesboys says:
    Aug 13, 2013 12:58 PM

    Chud passed the ball 53.24% of the time last year. That’s 25th in the league. That means 24 OCs passed the ball more than Chud, you morons.

    You’re the moron if you think every team had equal time of possession.

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