Raiders punting job still up for grabs between Kluwe, King


Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe made a decision to help the guy who is trying to take his job with some pointers on his technique during training camp. Kluwe said it was something he wish he had received when trying to learn the ropes in the NFL as a rookie with Seattle in 2005.

While it still remains to be seen if Kluwe’s decision to help fellow punter Marquette King will cost him his job with the Raiders, it’s at least helped King stay in the race.

According to Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, the fight to secure the job is still “too close to call.”

King has the booming leg while Kluwe knows the intricacies of how to best take advantage of his. Kluwe concedes that he can’t keep up with King from a distance standpoint, but the Raiders want to see King improve some of the finer points of punting in order to take the job from Kluwe.

“Marquette has worked extremely hard and gotten better,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. “The consistency with him as far as get-off times, the little details, that’s what we’re hoping to see”

King was in camp with the Raiders in 2012 competing with longtime Raiders’ punter Shane Lechler. He landed on injured reserve when he injured his foot late in training camp. Kluwe is with Oakland a new team for the first time since his rookie season after spending eight years in Minnesota.

Kluwe believes that he isn’t just competing against King but for one of 32 spots across the league. If both can prove to be solid options, he believes both he and King will have jobs this fall.

“I feel confident in my abilities, I think Marquette should be confident in his abilities,” Kluwe said. “If both of us punt well, there will be room in the NFL for both of us.”

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  1. So apparently the Raiders have been going through a youth movement at every position both on the field and in the front office over the past two seasons.

    King has an awful lot on his plate to step up to. The greatness of the Raiders even expands to special team players. Players like Ray Guy, George Blanda, Shane Lechler, SeaBass, and Cole Ford set the bar to the Hall of Fame level.

  2. Go with King. No brainer. And I have absolutely no issues with Kluwe’s politics or anything of that nature. It’s just that King’s upside is off the charts.

    Kluwe is a starting caliber punter, but King has a good chance to be the next Lechler or Ray Guy. Honestly I can’t believe this is a difficult decision.

  3. I prefer my punters to be football players and not politicians. Not to mention king’s leg is twice Kluwe’s. once he gets his consistency down, it’s a wrap for Kluwe’s raider career.

  4. My personal opinion. I’m not sure I want a raider punter who writes a book titled “sparkle Ponies” as my kicker. Shane, where are u. King has the better leg by far, Kluwe has the knack for inside the 20 yard line, so it is said. I don’t think king will last on the practice squad this year, he is a unique talent with room to grow. —-Pick, King.

  5. I love me some black punters!!!! The last barrier in football. Can a black man kick a ball to the coffin corner???? We will see.

  6. According to Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, the fight to secure the job is still “too close to call.”

    It’s not close when you consider the baggage that comes with Kluwe.

    Sign King and dump Kluwe.

  7. This is the perfect time for the Raiders to keep the young leg and release Kluwe. The Raiders are obviously rebuilding and most likely wont be contenders for the next couple years. They have one of the best Special Teams coaches in the league in Bobby April. Let King grow and learn with the rest of the team. So what if he shanks a couple and is inconsistent this year. It is a learning curve that the entire team and coaching staff is going through.

  8. Having seen both punt, Kluwe is at his ceiling and King is nowhere near his AND is a better punter than Kluwe already. And, I do know punters.

  9. Preseason game #1

    Kluwe punted for 35 yards

    King punted for 45 yards, and had a 7.8 second hang time which caused the cowboy player to fumble.

    Round 1 goes to king.

  10. King injured his foot late in training camp last year? I believe that. King was stashed on IR because he does have a nice leg, and everyone knew it was Lechler’s last season. I’d like to see King get the job. He just needs to be more consistent.

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