West Virginia coach says he didn’t criticize Geno Smith’s leadership


When West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen said a lack of leadership was a big problem on his team last year, it was widely viewed as a knock on Geno Smith, the former West Virginia quarterback who was drafted by the Jets this year. But Holgorsen now says that’s not what he meant.

According to Bruce Feldman of CBS, Holgorsen was incredulous to hear media reports that said Smith’s leadership had been knocked.

“Geno was one of the only real leaders we had on the team in 2012,” Holgorsen said.

Holgorsen added that the media misconstrued his comments, in which he never mentioned Smith by name.

“People in media are trying to read between the lines or add two plus two and they’re wrong,” Holgorsen said.

Of course, it wasn’t just people in the media who read things into Holgorsen’s comments: Jets coach Rex Ryan found Holgorsen’s comments far enough out of line that he said he wouldn’t want his son to play for West Virginia. But perhaps Ryan will reconsider now that Holgorsen has reconsidered.

28 responses to “West Virginia coach says he didn’t criticize Geno Smith’s leadership

  1. Rex Ryan didn’t hear those comments from the media, right? I suppose he was in the room when Coach Holgorsen said them.

  2. No it’s only you hacks in the media trying to create a story. Ryan was asked by another hack in the media who posed the question that WVU coaches and players said GENO was not a leader, he simply responded to the question which was yup you guessed it twisted to sensationalize.

  3. Never understood this. It is the head coach and position coaches responsibility to provide leadership; especially in college. Pure cop out on the head coach. It’s Geno fault that players weren’t motivated or didn’t play hard. Puh-lease. Do you ever hear leadership questions about an Alabama player? Thats because the coach is the leader of the team. I agree with Rex Ryan, I wouldn’t let my son go there either.

  4. Media wins..they got Rex I trouble again. Can’t wait till they RU. His guy out of town and have a less colorful HC.

  5. WVU defense gives up 50 points a game and Geno’s leadership is to blame?

    I didn’t know he was playing Free Safety for WVU as well.

  6. Good example of what happens when you don’t have the balls to say what you mean. Dana Holgorsen should learn to keep his mouth shut rather than try to dance around an issue.

  7. In the meantime…..

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  8. This is bulldinky. I am no fan of the media and all its machinations of making stuff up but its Holgorsen’s responsibility as head coach not to be making general statement like that which are vague enough so people will start assuming things. He should say what he means & what specifically he is referring to. If that’s his style of communicating to his team no wonder there is leadership issues going on there since he’s the example. Be specific Man!

  9. Any one who “thumbs down” the above simply shows the bias against anything Jets, or they have reading comprhension issues.

    Probably both.

  10. You are dead on…..Holgs aka The Skullet is trying to deflect the blame…..those players were not referring to Geno….they were referring to the lack of leadership from the Head Coach. I have heard several alumni friends say that the WVU sideline is in COMPLETE CHAOS during games.

  11. The media really are just a bunch of scumbags. Horrible, pathetic people looking to prey on others misfortune, and when there is not anything to prey upon, they create the problems so they can report them. POS people in a POS profession.

  12. aaroncurryisbust says: Aug 13, 2013 12:34 PM

    What strange person would willingly want to enter West Virginia anyway?

    GREAT whitewater rafting! Not much else though.

  13. Wow… Not one name mentioned and also referring to a inexperianced DEFENSE and the entire football world get their panties all bunched up. Man, is there no one left that has thick skin?

  14. Looks like Holgs is using the loophole he created by not actually naming names. It’s the Bart Simpson defense: “I didn’t do it you can’t prove it.”

  15. For all of you Jet fans getting in a tizzy that this article is an attack on Ryan even though he was simply defending his player, I take it as an attack on Holgorsen. Exactly who were you saying wasn’t providing leadership on your team, then, coach? Might want to look in the mirror.

  16. I’ve been watchin NFL network since preseason started, and all the coaches and assistants of everyteam eith a young QB say they need to improve leadership, from chuckP talking about Luck, to Ron Rivera talking about cam. These are young kids in man’s locker room. But its the jets so this gets blown outta proportion. As a raider fan I know how the jets feel. I’m SURE he does need some leadership skills, doesn’t mean he won’t and Dsnt mean he didn’t. WVU coach can go somewerw with that bs. Your the coach of a weak college team and you get some studs like geno Austin and Bailey, YOU need to lead them. And they will follow.

  17. If a HC says something like this, it’s a knock on his QB, his Defensive Captain, his assistant coaches… and himself. In College football, the coach is the star and the leader.

  18. For the love of God , what is the media fascination with Geno Smith ? This kid cant go to the bathroom without a camera or someone following him and watching his every move . Hes a kid whos never played a down in real NFL game . As far as the leadership comments are concerned , regardless of who made them , this kid most definitely was a leader at West Virginia . Not only was he a leader , but had he not been playing , the Mountaineer football team would have been lucky to win three or four games at best , because the defense was non-existent all season . Bottom line , Geno Smith carried his team on his back because he had to , and thats a fact .

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