A.J. Green returns to practice for Bengals


The Bengals offense relies heavily on wide receiver A.J. Green, which makes the prospect of him missing part of the season with an injury a scary one in Cincinnati.

It doesn’t look like they have to worry about the bruised knee that Green suffered early in camp forcing him out of the lineup, however. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Green returned to practice for the Bengals after almost three full weeks on the sideline.

Per the report, Green mostly did individual drills in his return to the field and the Bengals will likely do whatever they can to ease Green back into the mix in order to minimize the chance of aggravating the injury. Whether that means he’ll be playing on Saturday against the Titans remains to be seen, although he likely has a chance since coach Marvin Lewis said Wednesday that any injured player with a chance of playing in that game would practice on Wednesday.

If he doesn’t go this week, Green will have two more preseason games still on the schedule to get himself acclimated to game situations. That should be plenty of work to ensure the Bengals’ top offensive weapon is where he needs to be for the start of the season.

7 responses to “A.J. Green returns to practice for Bengals

  1. They’d be dumb to play him in pre season. WAY too valuable to risk. Besides, other receivers have to step up before the season starts

  2. Dude is a beast. I really hope he makes it to full form this year. He really is fun to watch.

    I know I’m a Texan fan and believe me I love the original “A.J.” but this guy is the #2 receiver in the league.

  3. Sure you Texans fans love drawing the Bungles for playoff games. I’d love to draw any team that can’t convert a third down in a playoff game… The most overhyped team in the N.F.L…

  4. A.J., come play for Pittsburgh:
    -they’ll treat you right, like the stud recv’r you are
    -they won’t rush you back for meaningless games
    -you won’t have to slow down your routes to wait for the noodle-arm pass
    -you won’t have to listen to James Harrison speak
    -you’ll be guaranteed playoff wins and SB rings
    -you’ll get the pleasure of owning the AFCN instead of being owned.
    -fans are much more reasonable and knowledgeable.

    Seems like a no-brainer to me A.J. I’ll start working on the contract.

  5. So was week 1 airing of the full episode on HBO.com a teaser? I don’t see week 2 posted on there.

  6. AJ probably wants to play, but he really should wait. No sense taking a risk on a meaningless game.

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