Don’t be alarmed if Jamaal Charles misses preseason game


When the Chiefs said X-rays were negative on running back Jamaal Charles’ foot, we pointed out that negative (which is positive) X-rays may not be dispositive.

Since then, we’ve reported that Charles’ foot is “fine.”  However, that doesn’t mean he’ll play in the team’s second preseason game, against the 49ers.

As one source with knowledge of the situation has explained it, don’t be surprised if Charles doesn’t play.  However, don’t be alarmed, either.

Per the source, Charles would play if it were a regular-season game.  Which means that, by the time the regular season arrives, Charles will play.

It also means that rookie third-rounder Knile Davis, who has rocketed to No. 2 on the depth chart, will get more opportunities with the starting offense.

20 responses to “Don’t be alarmed if Jamaal Charles misses preseason game

  1. he SHOULD sit. he is the one who can do that on the chiefs. plus KC has a terrible stable of HB’s. Gray, Draughn?, and the fumble guy davis. they need to let those guys play.

    Charles will be just fine, KC dodged a major bullet, anyone who says losing Charles wouldn’t kill this team, flat out doesn’t know this team.

    andy reid isn’t building a super pass heavy offense, he’s building around the talent in place. they will run the ball, if they lost Charles, a man with the all time highest NCAA fumble rate is the number 1 guy.

  2. Yes, and if he touches the ball 8 times a drive, he will be hurt by week 6……better back off the touches Reid….

  3. considering the only injury that has caused him to miss games in five years was his torn ACL, i don’t think overloading him will be an issue.

  4. santoryu64 says: Aug 14, 2013 3:21 PM

    This guy is gonna have a monster year. Smith’s first TD drive of 14 plays had Charles touch the ball in 8 of them.

    Hey, look at me! I know how to regurgitate information that PFT has already posted in two articles on the Charles situation.

  5. Andy Reid is going to use Charles in KC like he used Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy in Philadelphia … only Jamaal is much faster and more elusive than those two. If he holds up, he’s going to get a lot of yards and TDs.

  6. It also means that rookie third-rounder Knile Davis, who has rocketed to No. 2 on the depth chart, will get more opportunities with the starting offense.

    Not only that, but he is one of the great jazz artists of all time.

  7. This Chiefs fan says keep him out of the game. We already know how good he is. He has nothing to prove or gain by playing in a preseason game and risking further injury. Plus, it would be valuable first-team experience for Knile Davis.

  8. indywilson40 says:
    Aug 14, 2013 3:24 PM


    But, is Tiki flabbergasted?

  9. sullijo1 says:
    Aug 14, 2013 4:16 PM
    Average life of NFL back = less than 4 years


    But Charles is entering his 6th year, he’s never been a drop the shoulders/in between the tackle running back.

    Go Chiefs & Royals

  10. how so? I mean really. the man drafted a beastly OT then went with a TE, they overpaid for yet another TE in fasano in FA, they still have moeaki. the team is going to run a lot of 1 WR/3 TE, or using mccluster as a 2nd WR and splitting a TE wide.

    look at the signings they have made, this isn’t a team that will be abandoning the run

    naïve? really? did you see reid stick with the 4-3, something he had for 14 some years? no. he is running the 3-4. to go with the players he has.

  11. youarejealousof6rings says:
    Aug 14, 2013 3:30 PM
    Smith is helpless without a solid running game.
    It’s true. Smith can do some things well but he HAS to have a running game to do them.

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