Jared Veldheer has torn triceps, needs surgery


The results of the MRI are in and they aren’t good for Raiders left tackle Jared Veldheer.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen announced Wednesday that Veldheer has a torn left triceps that will need to be surgically repaired. There’s no exact timetable for his return, although Scott Bair of CSNBayArea.com reports that the plan is for Veldheer to go on injured reserve with the designation to return which suggests the Raiders are holding out hope that he’ll be able to help the team at some point this season.

To say this is a major blow to the Raiders is an understatement akin to saying that Anthony Weiner needs a little more self-control on social media. Veldheer is the Raiders’ best offensive lineman and perhaps their best offensive player and his loss will leave an already iffy looking offense even more vulnerable.

It might be easier to swallow if second-round pick Menelik Watson were close to ready, but he just came off the non-football injury list last week and wound up leaving his first practice early after re-injuring his calf. That leaves the Raiders without much choice other than starting journeyman Alex Barron, who is better known for a propensity for penalties than he is for bulldozing opposing defenders.

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  1. We can NOT afford to lose him right now… this is not good! This may make Pryor the better option at QB right now since that position is going to have to do a LOT of scrambling to keep the play alive…

  2. I’m a Steelers fan, but can feel the Raiders pain on this after watching the Steelers O-line for the past couple years look like a triage unit. Hopefully Jared can get back (either this year or next) and be the same guy he was before the injury.

    *insert Curse of Al Davis remark here*

  3. Done for the year…they can hope all they want – but he is done for this season…..hate to see that.

  4. Man, and I really thought the Raiders would content for a playo… hahahahahahaha. I can’t say that with a straight face. Sorry to hear about the injury though.

  5. Is it just me, or ar preseason injuries up this year? I hate seeing these guys get hurt. To us it’s a game, but think about the pain these guys go through that we take for granted.

    I don’t like the Raiders, but i hope this guy gets better and is able to get back on the field soon.

  6. Hurts, he was the rock of that line. Not good. This is why teams with depth survive, I don’t see depth at LT. This was the worst injury that could possibly happen to the raiders.

  7. That’s horrible! I’m an Eagles fan but I certainly feel for the Raider fans. I’ll never forget that feeling in my stomach last year when I heard on the radio that Jason Peters was lost for the season. You just don’t replace guys like that.

  8. It might be nice to have a mobile QB that can use his feet to run away from the Defense. By the way, Matt Flynn has 35 career rushing attempts for 0.4 YPC. Pryor has 10 carries for about 5 YPC and 10 YPC in the first preseason game.

  9. We are rebuilding and we have few bright spots. Jared was one of the bright spots and was projected to be a breakout star at LT this year. This really cucks for us. but I have read he may be back after week8…..

  10. 80sbroncofan says:
    Aug 14, 2013 3:21 PM
    Terry Bridgewater. Meet your new team.


    I guessing the Jets or Jags will grab him first which is good for the raiders casue they dont need a Cam Me-wton or Me-no Smith

  11. R.I.P. Matt Flynn and Darren McFadden. They will be lucky to make it past week 4 this year. I hope Pryor is kickin it like Nate from the NFL Play 60 commercial. “Im just warming up my arm (and legs)”

  12. No worries thr Raiders have the worst GM in the league and he will do absolutely nothing to solve this problem. Raiders 1- 15 this year

  13. kingmj4891 says:
    Aug 14, 2013 3:31 PM
    80sbroncofan says:
    Aug 14, 2013 3:21 PM
    Terry Bridgewater. Meet your new team.


    I guessing the Jets or Jags will grab him first which is good for the raiders casue they dont need a Cam Me-wton or Me-no Smith


    You are probably right. The Raiders will probably draft a kicker instead.

  14. really sucks. I hate these injuries and seeing some of the best in the game go down is never good for any fan.

    that said, the raiders aren’t in a position where they “can’t afford” this loss. frankly, they won’t win more than 5 or 6 anyway. Denver will ransack the division, and KC will likely win 7-9 games and miss the playoffs. the chargers, who knows what they will do, likely lack the OL to win more than 6-8. Oakland is set for a rough season.

    the good news for Oakland though is that long term they are set for success. you just have to go through these bad years of finally getting the cap back where it needs to be to bring in talent, and to actually build through the draft. they lacked draft picks due to the best trade ever(LOL) so they are a bit behind in that aspect.

  15. This guy bulked up like crazy this offseason – the pics make him look like Lou Ferigno (sp). Any connection?
    There is no adequate or even competent replacement for him on the roster currently.

  16. RealRaiderFan4eva&Whereva!

    He can recover from this and make it back as long as he is not apposed to using HGH! It will speed the recovery time for sure.

    They have not established the levels yet for a failed test so if I am not woried about uknown side effects then Im on it…Why not?

  17. Classy up and coming player, almost happy for the kid that he wont have to subject himself to this mess of a season though I’m sure he’s bummed. Get well soon Veldheer !

  18. Tough break. I guess the only good thing for the Raiders, is that they don’t have to worry about an expensive franchise QB getting the snot beat out of them.

  19. williamwallacewouldhavebeenaraider says:Aug 14, 2013 4:09 PM

    “Never fails here come the toolish comments. The kid got hurt damn man!!!!!! Unreal but people love to hate on the Raiders”

    Agreed. I understand slamming a team because you don’t like them, but getting a laugh when someone is injured borders on being a psychopath. I had surgery recently, and it’s not in the least bit fun. And most of the commenters here would miss work if they stubbed their toe. NFL players have a pain threshold that very few of us could possibly understand.

  20. No bueno. Matt Flynn’s agent should find some kind on injury insurance for him with Alex Barron protecting his blind side:


    Raiders offense will rarely get the ball snapped. For a while Alex Barron lead the league in false start penalties. If they do get the ball snapped Alex Barron will just get flagged for holding.

  21. Great point about Jared bulking up in an alarming fashion this off season. You can’t help but wonder about the connection. The league probably would be testing him twice a weak for PEDs. The only comfort is that there is a Clowney at the end of the tunnel… And he looks great in black.

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