McNabb: RG3 is brainwashed, young QBs think they know it all

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Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III rebuffed an offer for a sit-down with Donovan McNabb, explaining that while he doesn’t think McNabb is an idiot, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to talk, either. McNabb thinks that shows a problem with Griffin’s attitude.

Discussing Griffin’s comments on NBC Sports Radio, McNabb said it’s unfortunate that Griffin can’t appreciate the way an older quarterback might be able to assist him in his career.

“I’m just trying to help him, but clearly the young generation think they have all the answers,” McNabb said. “And he’s going through a little turmoil right now of trying to get out on the field. And it’s unfortunate, but that’s where we’re at right now as far as these young quarterbacks who think they have all the answers. I honestly think that over there in Washington he’s getting brainwashed.”

In fairness to Griffin, however, just because he doesn’t want to talk to McNabb, that doesn’t mean he thinks he has all the answers. It could just be that Griffin saw that McNabb wasn’t very successful playing in Washington for coach Mike Shanahan and therefore thinks McNabb isn’t the best person to advise him.

And now that McNabb has publicly called Griffin “brainwashed,” it’s safe to say Griffin won’t change his mind about seeking McNabb’s counsel any time soon.

213 responses to “McNabb: RG3 is brainwashed, young QBs think they know it all

  1. So if you don’t want to talk with McNabb, obviously you are “brainwashed.” Got it.

    Also, if RGIII was brainwashed by the Redskins then duh, he wouldn’t be contradicting his coach in public. That’s a moronic remark.

    On a side note, this is like the second time in a few weeks that we’ve had claims of NFL Teams brainwashing players. Remember, Green Bay apparently brainwashes their players as well. What the heck is going on with all this washing of brains?

  2. Oh geeze somebody just shoot McIdiot and put us all out of our misery of having his moronic thoughts shoved in our faces.

    McNabb you’re a whiny, fragile ego, jealous little man who puked on the field at the ultimate moment of your career.

    Just go away.

  3. On a side note, McNabb went on to define brainwashing as “listening to your coach.” Obviously, he was too wise to allow himself to be brainwashed.

  4. He doesnt owe anything to McNabb yet McNabb acts like he is owed a sit down?… thats the problem with the older generation. They act like THEY know it all and everyone owes them respect.

    Maybe MCNABB is the one in turmoil cuz he cant get on the field.

  5. Brainwashing in Washington, brainwashing in Green Bay…

    And 7 Super Bowls between the 2 of them. Maybe Philly and Minnesota should take notes.

  6. RG3 has gotten more butt kissing in his one year in the NFL than any other player in history. The R-words are so desperate for the smallest sniff of success that even their pathetic one-and-done playoff humiliation fills them with optimism and arrogance.

  7. Think McNabb just wants his name in headlines as much as possible. Saw Jennings mentioned the word in passing and everyone freaked out so McNabb figured if he mentions brainwashing and RG3 at the same time everyone will be talking about him again.

  8. Think somebody needs to sit down and talk to McNabb and tell him not to stick his nose somewhere it is not wanted. RGIII seems to have it together and certainly does not need McNabb’s advice.

  9. Richndc has once again knocked it outta the park. Another classy gem!! Florio, you NEED to hire this guy!!!

  10. McNabb…the guy who towed the company line for years while pissing off his teammates. McNabb….the guy who said RG3 wouldn’t work in the Redskins system before the kind won rookie of the year and put his team over for their division.

    Fox Sports 1 should regret hiring him right about now. Clown shoes people.

  11. “This younger generation thinks they have all the answers.. Foolish.. It is I, Donovan McNabb who has all the answers! Primadona hall-of-fame receiver at your disposal? Contribute to having him run out of town. Feeling the pressure of a big game? Puke beforehand. How to win the ‘big one’? I’ve seen it done firsthand!”

    That guy is a vault of knowledge…

  12. McNabb must think the whole country is “brainwashed” then because I dont think theirs anyone who wants to sit down and listen to his advice

  13. I’m with you MDS.
    Griffin is an independent thinker and as such doesn’t feel that McNabb has much to offer him.
    That doesn’t mean ” he has all the answers”.
    What a reach.

  14. Ol’ Donovan may have “brainwashed” himself to believing that he has more wisdom that he actually possesses.

  15. I don’t know what happened to McNabb, but it seemed like when he was a player he was a real classy guy. Towards the end of his career until now it seems like all that comes out of his mouth is negativity. He should just stop.

  16. smh. I defended McNabb yesterday for his play, but eveytime he opens his mouth, his on field accomplishments become more and more of a memory. Why!?!? Where are his PR people? They should tell him to (as Mike & Mike used to say) “Just Shut Up!!!!”

  17. Oh…here we go.

    Maybe RG3 doesn’t wanna have a sitdown with somebody that OBVIOUSLY has an agenda and it includes a strong resentment for the “young quarterback’s” current coach. McNabb has become such an egomaniac. I used to respect the guy a lot for the wayhe handled himself, but now he is the opposite. The sour old man screaming at the kids to “get off his lawn”. To me, Griffin is a smart young man with a good head on his shoulders and I’m fairly certain he must have a great support system already in place. Stop causing trouble Donovan!

  18. McNabb, on the other hand, cleverly avoided brainwashing his entire career by not having a brain.

  19. Remember the PFT article not long ago wondering why fans don’t like McNabb as a commentator?

    …this is why.

  20. Maybe McNabb is considered toxic in washington (from a fan perspective) and it isn’t in Griffin’s best interest to associate with Donovan. I’m tired of all the RG3 talk, but the majority of this stuff is media driven. Even if a local reporter asks Griffin a question about McNabb, it becomes national attention, in this day and age. I suppose he could just stare blankly when asked said questions, but how would that be portrayed?

  21. There’s something caustically bitter about McNabb now…almost like there’s a bit of jealousy that’s festering with him. You can really tell he’s consumed with trying to vindicate himself for his last couple years of his career. It’s pretty ugly to watch.

  22. RG3 may not have it all figured out, but it’s clear despite being much younger, he’s already much more mature than McNabb.

  23. While I do think many of the young players think they have all the answers, RGIII’s only weakness seams to be avoiding big hits. So to me he’s got a great head on his shoulders and unless someone can figure out how to get that into his game (avoiding the big hits) any other conversation is kind of pointless for this young man who is a great kid in all aspects. McNabb, your comments, once again, are directed at the wrong people. Go talk to the tirds who really think they know it all if you want to try and help someone.

  24. When is the league going to start to take all of these allegations of teams using brainwashing seriously?

  25. After all the ridiculous comments that McNabb has made in the past year, I don’t think I would even listen to his advice of what to have for lunch. Although he probably would be right.

  26. Gee, I sure can’t wait to hear this kind of insight from Donovan McNabb on Foxsports 1. Was sure hoping they’d be able to bring more to the sports broadcast table than this archaic thinking.

  27. McNabb needs to stop trying to live vicariously through others. He is a QB that never lived up to the hype and was quick to dismiss others when he was playing, but now RGIII owes you some time?

    This is about McNabb wanting camera time and wanting set himself up to take some of the credit when RGIII has some success, while driving a wedge between RGIII and his head coach.

    He never got the job done in Philly, he was horrible in DC, and he is essentially irrelevant.
    McNabb needs to go away…

  28. McNabb is a buffoon.

    Really, is there any other guy that has used his mouth to ruin ANY good will quicker than this guy.

    Seriously, just go away. McNabb was never known for good insight, talking, his opinion, etc…. Now the guy wont ever be quiet and nobody cares about his opinion.


  29. Whenever a RG3 story is posted, you can be as sure as Jerry Jones going to hell that the same losers will post the same tired hate. Get some new material.

  30. Donovan is just like a bad case of cold sores. Just as soon as you think you’re done with them they keeping popping back up. Seriously Donovan just fade away will you?

  31. Poor McNabb….he just wants to be relevant again. Sorry bud, that was a long time ago and you were never really as good as you think you were.

  32. Why can’t McNabb just leave him alone. It’s kind of creepy how bad he wants to be part of the kid’s life.

  33. He just wants to teach RGIII how to puke, choke in big situations, and blame everyone but himself after a loss. Do your thing RGIII, you’re fine the way you are and you don’t need McNabb in your ear.

    – Eagles Fan

  34. I generally don’t side with those of you who think “McNabb should just shut his mouth and go away,” but this time I do…absolutely.

    RG3 is a grown man, and Donovan should have been prepared to respect Griffin’s decision whether they had a sit-down talk or not. Instead, McNabb showed how bitter he was about it, and he decided to lump a bunch of young guys together and characterize them as brainwashed “know-it-alls.”I’m a Philly fan who is grateful for what McNabb did for the organization, but I think its high time that Donovan shut his trap…

  35. If being brainwashed is listening to your coach and his plan for you and the TEAMS best interest, then yea he is brainwashed OR he is mature enough to realize what you didn’t Donovon, there is no I in team……

  36. Listen, I’m the only person in the world that has a crystal ball. And it’s telling me that RG3 was a bad draft pick and he will fail. Many reasons. One is attitude being born again superman. That’s not going to happen. I give RG2.9 – 3-5 yrs in the league. His football mentality is just not there because he thinks it’s a one man game.

  37. McNabb must be aware that shannanigan is employing the MKultra program from those good CIA folks down the street…

    RG3 will make a good Manchurian candidate.

  38. The right to free speech is one thing but this guy is clearly abusing that right.

    Donovan, you have the right to remain silent. Please use it!

  39. This is why teams from the big cities look like jokes sometimes. Everythiong gets so blown out of proportion. Also see Dallas and the Jets.

  40. Mcnabb and comments against him have the highest thumbs up to thumbs down ratio in PFT comment history…Hes wrong in this scenario but is he really that disliked? I know he never won a ring but he was a good (and SOMETIMES great) QB for a lot of years, in a tough division. And people calling him fatso? Come on now there’s a lot of sodium in chunky soups not all his fault…

  41. Sounds like it’s McNabb who’s having the respect problem, along with a perspective problem.

    The fact that McNabb believes RGIII needs his advice shows a lack of proper perspective on McNabb’s part. What’s worse, it makes McNabb look like he’s jealous of the attention RGIII has been getting. There’s no need to take any of this public, but the fact McNabb has done so says more about him than RGIII.

  42. Between McNabb and Rob Parker, I’m starting to wonder why talking heads are going after RGIII. It can’t be something so pathetic as they’re both jealous of his popularity and success at such a young age, can it?

  43. If I was rg3 I wouldnt want to take advice from a mouth breather like mcnabb either. Just look at that picture. He looks like lou rawls mated with a cave man and had an illegitimate baby with missing chromosomes.

  44. rmaxmaicon I must correct you. Jamie Dukes is the worst analyst covering the NFL today.

    My impression is Shanahan is the one directing Griffin to stay away from McNabb. This assumption comes from how much Shanny loathed the former Eagle for his lackluster work ethic and nonchalant attitude when McNabb played just one season in Washington.

  45. If McNabb were on the roster still, then that’s what RG3 would be doing the whole season. Walking away from him. Above picture^ (Santana Moss looks like RG3)

  46. I blame this on the last team he played for, the Vikings. Something must be in the drinking water because all they talk about is brainwashing. There should be a new rule in the NFL, no talking about other players until the franchise in which you play for actually wins a Superbowl. That will shut up the Vikings and ex Vikings for a lifetime.

  47. Too bad the Skins couldn’t brainwash him into not being fat, lazy, with minimal knowledge of the playbook

  48. “McNabb: RG3 is brainwashed, young QBs think they know it all”
    And this is coming from Mr. Know-it-all himself…

  49. When McNabb was a rookie he was just as explosive and talented as Griffin. Mcnabb has been to several conference championships and made it to a superbowl. Griffin has yet to win a playoff game. We anoint the Lucks and Griffins to early. Yes they are very talented, but it’s only been one year. Lets see how they respond after a year of film study on them, and see if they can win at least a couple playoff games before we judge them. It probably would be wise for Griffin to talk with Mcnabb. Mcnabb might have accomplished more in his career than Griffin ever will. Time will tell.

  50. RGIII has Sonny Jurgenson , Joe Theisman, Mark Rippen, a Hall of Famer, and 2 Super Bowl winners, to advise SCOREBOARD !!!!

  51. All Donovan did was play in the league for 13 years, throw for 37,000 yards, 235 touchdowns and take his team to 5 NFC Championship games….but you guys are all right……he probably has nothing to offer RGIII.

  52. I see McNobb spent some time at the “How to handle yourself in retirement so people don’t lose respect for you school” run by Tiki Barber

  53. What is McNabb gonna talk to him about? how he wasn’t brainwashed into wearing a wristband because he couldn’t learn the playbook or how to practice at half speed?

    McNabb can have the last word………….if its truly gonna be his last.

  54. concord148 says:
    Aug 14, 2013 10:38 AM
    Listen, I’m the only person in the world that has a crystal ball.


    Nuh uh!!!!!!!! That shady lady with the little shop in the strip mall does, too. I’ve seen it!

  55. “hey Griffin, can I talk to you about Jesus right now.” DM.” not now, I got this thing, you know stuff to do.”RG. “ok son , god bless”DM. Roberts wife says ” who was that strange man?” Robert replies, “that was the guy from the Chunky soup commercials. He really must of gone off the deep end.” Roberts wife then says, “let’s just sing our favorite song, Hail to the Redskins, Hail victory……….”

    Mcnabb shakes his head and walks away, they got him already too late

  56. McNabb was always overrated.

    The Eagles won in spite of him, not because of him, due to having one of the best defenses in football and absolutely the most outstanding running back in the league, Brian Westbrook, who personally accounted for half of McNabb’s “passing” yards and “passing” TDs with his insane runs.

  57. I’m with McNabb on this one. Shanny is clearly a psycho who had a vendetta against McNabb and wanted him to fail and actively took shots against him for no reason. You traded for him Shanny and then you take shots at him? What the hell’s wrong with you?

    Perhaps Shanny should take a look in the mirror as to the reason why McNabb failed. Shanny built a crap team around McNabb and then started taking shots about McNabb’s conditioning. Looks like Shanny wanted to blame someone else for that crap team he put together.

    And RG3 has a lot to learn. For him to play on his injury in the playoff game last year was dumb, dumb, dumb. Shanny is going to run him into the ground this year.

  58. mathomp3 says:Aug 14, 2013 10:54 AM

    All Donovan did was play in the league for 13 years, throw for 37,000 yards, 235 touchdowns and take his team to 5 NFC Championship games….but you guys are all right……he probably has nothing to offer RGIII.
    baltimoresnativeson says:Aug 14, 2013 10:52 AM

    When McNabb was a rookie he was just as explosive and talented as Griffin. Mcnabb has been to several conference championships and made it to a superbowl. Griffin has yet to win a playoff game. We anoint the Lucks and Griffins to early. Yes they are very talented, but it’s only been one year. Lets see how they respond after a year of film study on them, and see if they can win at least a couple playoff games before we judge them. It probably would be wise for Griffin to talk with Mcnabb. Mcnabb might have accomplished more in his career than Griffin ever will. Time will tell.

    You guys are factually correct. Mcnabb had a decent career and a few things to hang his hat on. Not to take away from your statements or mcnabbs achievements, but no one likes a know it all either. Mcnabb is goin way hard on this whole mentor crap. It isnt necessary to take public shots at someone cuz they arent sitting down and taking your advice. Mcnabb is making a fool of himself.

  59. I think what RGIII’s beef was is that McNabb went to the media to make his comments instead of approaching RGIII personally. And RGIII is 100% correct on that beef.Cowards and people with agendas will alsays go to the media first instead of to the person with whom they should be speaking.

    The irony is thick here with McNabb once again going through the media to whine about RGIII.

    It’s so pathetic, but yet predictable that passive aggressive McNabb is still using RGIII to try to further his own beef with Shanahan. Too bad for Philly fans that his terrible play in SB39 didn’t make him as mad as this silly issue seems to.

  60. RGIII may not know all the answers, but he does know the most important one. Say NO to McNabb when he wants to have a sit down “chat” with you.

  61. McChunky just wants to fill RGIII’s head with some hate and negative waves referencing Shanahan.
    Stay as far away from this loser as possible RGIII!

  62. Let’s give McNabb a little credit. The fact that he offered the first sit-down cult deprogramming session at a reduced rate could be looked at as an olive branch of sorts.

  63. Well, you know I tried to like McNabb but now he seems to think he knows it all…note to McSoup I think RGIII has already done more than you did in your one year in Washington…you took the team nowhere on the other hand as a rookie he took them to a division title and playoff berth…so why should he want to sit down and talk to you?

  64. Maybe RG3 feels that he has a solid grasp on what happens at the end of an NFL overtime period and doesn’t want McNabb to poison the well.

  65. McNabb should have not opened his mouth in the first place. Anything he says, specifically, to Griffin or any other young QB in the league will just come out as non-sense. As he’s considered, by a lot in the football world as a “has-been.”

    And all this back and forth he’s doing with Griffin is just really making him look pety and jealous. As a person of age, he has to know to just let things go at this point and move on. He’s making his so-so career and accomplishments in the field look irrelevant.

    Again, I am not a Griffin fan, but come on McNabb, let the kid do whatever he wants to do. He’s the one getting paid by the skins now, not you. Plus, no one told you what you should and should not do when you were playing and I am quite sure you would have taken exception of someone did just like Griffin is reacting to your comments now.

    Come on, really!!! Football is not your business anymore just as it hasn’t been for the past couple of years.

  66. Don’t y’all remember that before RG3 even came to Washington, McNabb was already saying it wouldn’t work out because of Mike Shanahan. The reason McNabb is obsessed with this is two reasons. 1.) he’s jealous that RG3 got the treatment and catering of an offense around him that McNabb didn’t get from Shanahan, and 2.) because people like you react so negatively to his opinions and he hates not being loved.

  67. McNabb’s just jealous of Griffin’s talent, maturity, and youth.

    PS: On behalf of the City of Brotherly Love, we told you so.

  68. Donavan McNabb, trying to stay relevant. What an idiot, “brainwashing”? I expect McNabb to be on NFLN later today “clarifying” his comments. Fire him, he’s useless as an analyst.

  69. Who the hell is McNabb?

    Seriously, MDS, why not add daily articles on what Bart Starr thinks about RG3? At least Starr has some championship rings!

  70. Generally, it is the young QB who SEEKS advice from veteran QBs of their choosing.

    So when McNabb decides he wants to give RGIII some unsolicited advice, he shouldn’t be surprised with his answer.

  71. As much as my reaction to any Mcnabb quote is a knee-jerk “put a sock in it, moron!”, he probably couldn’t be more correct here. Rg3 actually seems to have a pretty solid foundation off the field, particularly when compared to many others in the league. However, dismissing DM in such an insulting way to a major publication is arrogant and foolish. Respect your elders, punk!

  72. I hear what RGIII actually said was “get out of my face! I don’t need no has-beens in my corner. And you better wipe that look off your face before I knock it off.”

  73. floratiotime says: Aug 14, 2013 10:16 AM

    RG3 has gotten more butt kissing in his one year in the NFL than any other player in history. The R-words are so desperate for the smallest sniff of success that even their pathetic one-and-done playoff humiliation fills them with optimism and arrogance.


    Yet another ignorant fan of another team expressing his/her insecure opinions hiding behind a name that does not indicate who your team is. Not that I would have to justify this comment, but first of all the DC Pro Football team did not ask for this attention from the media, nor did the QB or coach. The fans respond to these moronic comments because they are so off base it just makes us fans of the DC Pro Football team inclined to do so as I am here with your comment. Also, if you are a fan of team you will always have optimism or why would you call yourself a fan. The arrogance comes from having to speak up at the idiot haters that continue to comment on the DC Pro Football team. If you have an issue with the number of articles that are written about RG3 then stop reading them.

  74. Guys, Mike Shanahan is NOT a good coach, and the Redskins are not a well run organization. Without a good QB, the Redskins are a tire fire of Indianapolis Colts proportions.

  75. Who the heck would be stupid enough to want advice from such an idiot? McNabb needs to shut up. I hate to see him bring used as a sportscaster on these new sports channels. He is too often derogatory about others while breaking his arm patting himself on the back for imagined achievements! I see McNabb, I turn the channel.

  76. Does anyone really care what McNabb has to say about anything? If Mcnabb really just wants to help a young guy out, why isn’t he having a sitdown with Nick Foles, or Matt Barkley? You know, the two young QBs in the city Mcnabb played in for 10 years.

    The only reason McNabb want to “advise” RG3, is that RG3 is the show now. McNabb wants to hop on his coat tails.

  77. The issue that I have with RGIII is his level of maturity. He’s already questioning the coaching staff and dissing a player just this week along. If he didn’t want to talk to McNabb there are better ways to handle it rather then the press. I don’t really put to much stock in the people on these boards condemning McNabb, as they will surely turn on RGIII in the future.

  78. all u clowns that are defending IRG3, what has he done his 1st year that makes him a hall of famer already? see folks treat IRG3 like gods gift to football, of course this guy will have a big head and be arragount like he is, hes overhyped and overated!!!

  79. All of these Redskins fans crawling back from 1993, dusting off the apparel from years past. Loyal since week 11 of 2012. 2nd highest team in revenue and they arguably play in the worst stadium in the league. Fan appreciation!!! I see an 8-8 performance, lets bring the redskins fans back to reality.

  80. McNabb is about 50% as smart as he thinks he is. McNabb should look back at his career and wish he’d handled it with as much poise and dignity as RGIII.
    RGIII is a classy, well spoken guy that makes good decisions. McNabb was that guy early on, then became something else in his last season with the Eagles. McNabb isn’t really a bad guy – he just has an odd way of looking at a lot of things. It seems as if he needs to have his hand held and be told he’s even better than he really is. It’s sad that is now his image and new legacy.

  81. One of the few times I will agree with Donovan McNabb. And no, I don’t think Griffin should sit down with McNabb for advice. That’s not the part of it I have any issue with, or agree with in terms of what Mcnabb says. However, his inference that Griffin “thinks he knows it all” is 100% spot on. Griffin is totally full of himself already. Talking crap about a guy like Shanahan is pure ignorance on Griffin’s part. Already a Prima Donna. Indianapolis and Seattle fans should be rejoicing with the quarterbacks that they got last year. They should feel lucky they don’t have to deal with this crap. Someone needs to tell Robert that he had no shot at a decent rookie year without the playcalling and And customized schemes That the Shanahans put together.

  82. it is so funny seeing the same line over and over again by the lemmings in here: ” RG3 is such a classy, well spoken guy, blah blah blah ” good grief you people are a joke. how classy of a guy is BOB sending out x rated pics of himself to his side women on the day of his wedding? ohh you RG3 lemming suckups are so brainwashed by how terrific BOB is that you overlook things like that right?

  83. Mcflabb needs to walk away into the sunset! Any credibility he had b4, has just evaporated! I know it’s difficult for some of these guys to realize that their time in the spotlight is gone, but he and Tiki barber should start a cult in the middle of a vacant island! Seriously, go away!

  84. I’ve washed every brain, man.
    I’ve washed every brain, man.
    There’s only a little pain, man.
    But it don’t leave no stain, man.
    Your opinions I will drain, man.
    I’ve washed every brain.

    Amerson, Anunoby, Ashworth, Baker,
    Barnett, Biggers, Bowen, Brace, Briscoe,
    Burdette, Chester, Cofield, Compton,
    Cousins, Crawford, Davis, Dawson,
    Doughty, Elmore, Fletcher, Forbath,
    Garçon, Gettis, Golston, Gomes,
    Robert Griffin III, have you heard?

  85. “Please keep talking about me!” -D. McNabb

    You know, he might eventually shut up if you people would quit writing articles every time he says something. Stop promoting stupidity.

  86. Two sides: No doubt, RGIII is a bit much and is starting to alienate his fan base. Cam Newton did the same thing and faltered, like RGIII is likely to do in Washington, and it took about 3 more years for him to grow up. Tough road but it looks like it is what Griffin and a his dad, the “coach” wants. Other side: You can’t be a journalist and insult everyone you talk to and about and think that anyone will wants to interview or even sit down with you. Quit being an idiot, McNabb and you might get some interviews and people seeking out your advice.

  87. If Griff was to seek counsel from McNabb it would pose a serious conflict of interest given Donovan’s history with the Redskins club and coach.

    Donovan’s “brainwashed” comment is a clear reflection that he still has a negative opinion of their organization, and his “guidance” would more than likely only encourage potential disruption and division. Kudos to Griff for recognizing this and politely and respectfully saying “No thanks”.

  88. richndc says: Aug 14, 2013 10:19 AM

    Richndc has once again knocked it outta the park. Another classy gem!! Florio, you NEED to hire this guy!!!
    You’re just like McNabb…overblown egoand not afraid to shamelessly self-promote…not an attractive quality.

    Moving on to the story…being an Eagles fan, I loved McNabb and largely viewed the way he handled himself during the height of his career as uber-professional. The way it’s deteriorated has been shocking and sad. I used to work within the organization, and was told by numerous sources that his ego was one of the biggest around…and that the support structure (under Reid, etc) was the only thing keeping it in check. I think in hindsight that makes even more sense, seeing how far he’s fallen since leaving the birds.
    Overall, RG3 seems like a confident, intelligent young man, and McNabb just needs to let this go. If I were RG3…when inevitably asked to comment on this latest juicy soundbite…I HOPE he sticks with “no comment”. That would really hammer home his level of maturity…and thankfully put an end to this nonsense.

  89. Redskin fans are some of the most delusional fans out there, but Tiki McNabb really needs to butt out of this situation. He offered to help, was rebuffed, and now needs to let it go. He never offered to help QBs once he “retired” and is now only doing because he has a show.

  90. Also, for all of you who use the “RGIII sent those racy texts to that Hooters girl on his wedding day!” as a detrimental example of his character….if you believe that story, I have a beautiful piece of property in the Bahamas to sell you. You understand how easy it is for someone to put the name ‘RGIII’ in their phone and get someone to take some pictures *conveniently w/the head cut off* and then try to sell them, don’t you? Unbelievable how gullible people are just because they read something on the internet.

  91. ridingwithnohandlebars says: Aug 14, 2013 10:24 AM

    When is the league going to start to take all of these allegations of teams using brainwashing seriously?
    What if there is no such thing as a concussion, and the symptoms the vets are suing the league over are actually just after-effects of brainwashing?… Conspiracy?
    It would make the problem simpler though, don’t make safer helmets, just cover them with tinfoil.

  92. What does McNabb think he has to offer? He needed teams to dummy down and simplify their playbooks so he could learn them. What is he going to teach RG3?

  93. He obviously can’t be brainwashed — he doesn’t play for the Packers.

    Heck Greg Jennings could tell him that.

  94. So first, McNabb tells millions of people he’d like to have a private conversation with RG3. Suddenly, Donovan, it’s not so private anymore dope. Why on earth should the “brainwashed kid” think you had anything more than getting attention for yourself at heart? You need a hobby, maybe crocheting?

  95. Oh my God. Shut up Donovan! He is the worst Commentator ever. Any time He comes on NFL Network I turn it off. Take Note NFL Network NOBODY likes the clown!

  96. How ironic for a guy to say “Young QBs think they know it all” when he didn’t know about games ending in a tie. Please McNabb, just shut up.

  97. What in the world does McNutts want to talk to him about? I’m no skins fan and think RGKNEE may have durability issues, but he seems like nothing but a class act…a grounded, humble, intelligent young man. I tend to think that this is another insecurity of McNutts manifesting itself. Talking to RG is about McChoke wanting to be seen as a mentor. Nothing more.

  98. IYoung quarterbacks may “know it all”, but as long as they know the overtime rules, they’re a step ahead of Donnie (and yes, he is out of his element here).

    And I’m sure that joke has already been made 700 times already. I’m sorry.

  99. You know what? There should be a new verb introduced in the English language: “To McNabb”.

    To McNabb means to runs one’s mouth without so much as a second of thought going into the discourse; to talk out of one’s a$$. Example: Today at work, I McNabbed and my boss fired me.

  100. Apparently DMc hasn’t ever heard the expression that goes: “When you want to get yourself out of a hole, you must FIRST stop digging.” For a person who laments someone’s immaturity, the “old” QB is demonstrating rather childish behavior EVERY time he attempts to insert himself into RG’s life. It is CLEAR that his input is not wanted or appreciated by the younger man. Can’t “Mr. Mature” see this?

  101. McNabb should be doing the listening, not the speaking. He could learn a thing or two about character from RGIII. Dude is bored because he can’t throw footballs into the dirt anymore and he is bitter that Shanahan benched him for Sexy Rexy.

  102. Clearly, Donovan has an ax to grind against Shanahan and it is to a certain extent understandable, however, the comments he is making about RGIII and his relationship with his coach is unprofessional and someone at the NFL network needs to have a conversation with him because frankly it’s embarrassing.

  103. If it weren’t for McNabb the Lions wouldn’t have had that game where the Lions offense and defense looked like a pro team for once that year. Our special teams kept the Skins in the game but embarrassing wins over the Redskins are hard to come by. That game pretty much made my whole season because playoffs were a myth back then for my team. Looking forward to Hall covering Megatron for 6 TD’s this year here in DC! Maybe Baccardi Rambo and Tanquery Conan can come over and help cover who knows Washington’s secondary is worse than the Lions and that’s down right pitiful.

  104. McNabb really is a weirdo. The Hall of Fame voters will be too “uncomfortable” voting against him though. But this is just more evidence.

  105. Sounds to me like McNabb is the one who thinks he’s got all the answers. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be so offended by RG3’s interview declination.

  106. Hmmm…maybe it’s not concussions after all that are causing so much brain trauma after players retire. Maybe it’s all this brainwashing teams are allegedly engaging in.

  107. Because we all know DM was always listening to Jaws or other vets. This guy is unwatchable on tv. He stole money for the last 2 yrs he played.
    All he did was skip passes off the ground to the WR’s. Just terrible. He doesn’t want or need the help you have DM.

  108. We as fans of the NFL were brainwashed for years as everyone talked about you like the second coming, when you never won a thing!!

  109. why are you guy trying to play McNabb.
    he knows what hes talking about him and Andy Reid been to 5 NFC championship games together. RG3 need to listen to somebody he aready got hurt for not slide out of bounds.

  110. McNabb has nothing of value to offer to RG3. The last time he saw the field he was throwing 5 yard slant routes into the dirt and was booed off the field for Christian Ponder. That just about says it all. Go away Donovan, we are sick of hearing from you. If anymore articles about your comments are shoved down our throats, we’ll all be puking (pun intended). At this point you gotta figure even the writers are tired of him.

  111. Some of the idiots on this post show how much LACK of football knowledge u actually have…. D McNabb may be bitter bout how Shanny and Danny set him up to fail…When they personally chose to trade for him….But one thing u can’t do is take away what he accomplished ON THE FIELD!!! He was dominate for multiple yrs….

    Now I’m a born n bred DC native, but I despise the Foreskins…I’m a Die Hard Cowboys fan, but living here I hear all the bogus and delusional BS from Foreskins fans…We understand your fan base is happy cause u finally got a QB worth discussing since Mark Rypien.(D Williams was cut next season after SB)…. But Skins fans are getting pathetic with the SB predictions, best in NFC, etc…let RGsus mature as a QB…n see what happens…

    RGsus has brought a lot of negative pub on himself!!! Wedding registry, father calling coach, text pics, McNabb, beefs with HC….He’s coming across as a SPOILED BRAT who wants it his way or no way…but that won’t cut it here in the GROWN MAN league….as great as be was his 1st season…remind you 1 season…it can all change in a flash…and despite how much talent he has…He can become a BUST like potential greats before him!!! Everything in the NFL is earned nothing is given…he should take heed to that….

  112. Did McNabb pause during the interview… throw up then call for a timeout so he could figure out what was going on?

    oh no, that was at the SuperBowl..

  113. As much as I personally loathe Griffin, The China Doll, I absolutely despise Donovan McNubb – an overweight sloth with no brain. It is obvious that at least the China doll is intelligent if not honest and admirable in his overall conduct on the field. Given the choice is between stupid and dishonest and smart and dishonest, I’ll pick the China Doll. Now if we can just start Kirk Cousins and trade the China Doll, the Redskins will have a career starting QB on their team and be done with the gimmick that is The China Doll.

  114. Donovan displayed nothing but class during his playing days. He also was a pretty darn good QB during his prime. That’s why his number is rightfully being retired and may probably end up in the HOF someday. It would be smart for RGIII to speak with him at a minimum. What harm can come from that. It’s possible to be brainwashed without even knowing it!! Happens all the time and is still happening as I write this.

  115. It’s really a shock McNabb is jaw jacking about how Griffin should play NFL football, when he played he wouldn’t listen to anybody. Nabb is just embarrassing himself with this silly rant.

  116. How about you help the rest of the planet and just SHUT. UP. Nobody wants your advice. You would think you would realize this by now…

  117. After watching RGIII’s PC and interviews I dont see arrogance or a know it all. He seems intelligent, calm, and confident. Even though he is very talented and a #2 overall draft pick. Ive seen more arrogance from less talented and less intelligent athletes. RGIII and Shanahan will do whats best. I plan on sitting back and watching the ‘skins season unfold with a cautious optimism that they will be in the hunt for a playoff birth in the NFC. I am a football fan, and a skins fan. I love this game and watching it all playout over 17 weeks of regular season is what its all about. I havent seen RGIII average 8 bounce passes a game or choke when a big game is on the line. I hope we never see those attribute from him. I know he only has one year under his belt, but he looks good to me. I dont mind having some optimism and hope for a competitive future with Shanahan at the helm and RGIII coordinating the guys on the field. The skins have put together a more talented team than we have had in the last 15 – 20 years! We arent a power house team but there is promise. Donovan attempts to reach out to RGIII to offer knowledge and insight?? I like that RGIII is a clean slate, clean background, and seemingly natural talented runner and thrower. Good call for not sitting down with Donovan and taking the high road all the while. Im a fan and Im looking forward to as many seasons as we can get with you at QB, RGIII!! Do what you do man, Im just going to enjoy it from the stands!

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