Patterson learned lessons living with women


Vikings receiver Cordarrelle Patterson got his new teammates smiling when he returned the opening kickoff 50 yards in last week’s preseason opener.

And it appears they’re going to be doing a lot of grinning, at Patterson’s talent, his easy going manner, and colorful stories.

Patterson told Tom Pelissero of USA Today that after he left his first place in Knoxville during his one year at Tennessee, that he ended up living with three women he barely knew from class. He was careful to point out he “didn’t know ’em like that,” however.

“Man, I’m not a bad guy, but some things happened at Tennessee where I had to move out,” Patterson said. “I had to find somewhere to stay. I had them girls that was there for me.”

It was a great experience living with girls. They was kind of dirty, though. But I was the man of the house so I made sure everything was good and clean around there.”

He needed it clean, since he apparently didn’t have a specific piece of furniture to sleep on.

“I was everywhere, man,” Patterson said. “I was that guy. I was a rolling stone. Wherever I lay my hat was my home. I’d sleep there. I’d find somewhere to sleep. Sometimes, you get tired of your roommates. You need to get away so I had to find me somewhere else to sleep.”

The fact the 22-year-old is quoting Temptations lyrics with context aside, his living conditions aren’t the Vikings’ primary concern.

They interviewed him three times in the pre-draft process, primarily to determine if they could trust the person behind the immense physical talent.

“When he came in, I said, ‘What are we getting? If we draft you, what am I getting? Because I want to know before I put my name on it,'” Vikings receivers coach George Stewart said. “He said, ‘People don’t know me. You’re going to see a different person.’ And he’s exactly right. You see him from afar, and all the things you talk about – easygoing, low-key, having fun – you see those things. But once you have him around, he’s a different person.

“He’s a guy that’s focused, he wants to be good and he’s willing to work. He’s very coachable. He’s a yes-sir, no-sir young man. You can’t coach him hard enough. He’s not defiant. He wants to get better. He loves ball, and he understands football.”

Patterson’s talent is undeniable, and as long as the Vikings can get him into good positions, he has a chance to make plays for them immediately. His size, speed, and No. 84 jersey have drawn some early Randy Moss comparisons, and he has that kind of talent.

If he develops it, he might even be able to get his own place.

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  1. over the years a number of rookie wr have come into the league and not even come close to randy moss’s production as a rookie and theres a reason, he was freakish once in a lifetime talent on a top 3 team in the nfl with a high flying offense, now if patterson could put up half of moss’s rookie numbers say 40 cathes for 700 yrds and 7-8 scores i think the vikings would take that, that would be a good rookie season, but no where near anything randy did….

  2. He can all the talent in the world, what good is it when you have Sister Christian throwing wounded ducks? His speed is a great asset but Ponder is limited to 10 yards, maybe 15 down field so he could be open all day long down field but it does nothing to help the Vikings offense.

    Its like buying high performance racing tires and putting on your 1971 Ford Pinto.

  3. I watched the Texans/Vikings game last week and Patterson was really impressive. He has natural instincts and as a rookie he looked like the game was in slow motion for him. Very fast and he looks like he was just gliding, like he didn’t even put it in high gear. I think the Vikings have a star in the making.

  4. I have no concerns that this potential star plays for the Vikings. I just want him (and others like him) to stay likeable. I am really tired of the self-centered egomaniacs that are in the headlines all the time.

  5. Something is wrong when there’s 4 people at a place and the 20-something college dude is the CLEAN one…

  6. I think he should try to nix the Randy Moss comparisons: [1] That’s too much pressure on a Rookie, plus [2] as amazing as RM was, there is still some lingering ‘but he was a selfish Team-mate for much of his career.’ CP doesn’t need either association; on the other hand, the Coach’s word are unambiguously positive.

  7. This kid looks like the real deal. I just hope the Vikings get him a decent QB so he can really show off his skills. Ponder will hold him back.

  8. Let’s not go overboard, those were 50 cent lyrics. Not saying 50 said it first (obviously not). But I’m pretty sure that’s where Patterson heard it.

  9. No rational fan really expects this guy to be Randy Moss but he is definitely exiting. Combine that with the fact that all reports are saying he has a great attitude and personality and Vikes fans have alot to hope for with Patterson

  10. Ponder might have a lot to prove but at least hes not as bad as the packers d. If (I know its a huge if) he plays like he did in the first four games or the last 4 games, were gonna be pretty damn good.

  11. Shouldn’t there be a bounty on packer trolls? Let’s see, Rodgers’ first two seasons in the league: 15/31 for a completion pct. of 48%, for 111 yds, 0 TDs and a QB rating of somewhere around 45……Ponder’s first two seasons in the leageu: 458/774 for a completion pct of 59%, for 4,788 yds, 31 TDs and a QB rating of 77. And before you come back with “Yes, but he was playing behind a HOF QB”….just remember how you all claimed that Favre was a washed-up old man.

  12. irishgary says:
    Aug 14, 2013 9:17 AM
    Do the Vikings always go after low IQ guys?

    Yeah, because all those Notre Dame, Harvard, Stanford and Iowa grads are known for being low IQ?

    Get a life dude.

  13. irishgary says:
    Aug 14, 2013 9:17 AM
    Do the Vikings always go after low IQ guys?

    Yeah, because all those Notre Dame, Harvard, Stanford, Iowa and Penn State grads are known for being low IQ?

    Get a life dude.

  14. For all the negative stuff coming out of college, he sure has made a good impression on and off the field so far — hope he continues to do so.
    And this is our favorite cheeser troll’s 236,766th reference to Christian Ponder following an article where Christian Ponder wasn’t even a topic — I think if he was forced with a gun to his head never to use those two words, the only other words he would be capable of using would be “the, and, he, Packers, arm and noodle”.

  15. As a Vikes fan, I don’t like Ponder’s noodle arm either, but I heard his arm is now finally fully recovered from his college injury and he is at “full strength”. I noticed on the pick he threw to Simpson in the first pre season game did have some velocity on it. Who knows maybe he’ll get stronger armed like Brady did.

  16. ilovemyringlessfranchise says:
    The 84 that will be going in the Ring of Honor will be Cordarrelle’s, not Randy’s
    The Vikings have a ring of honor? Can’t be because of all those SB rings..

  17. Of course what do you expect from the perrenial offseason champions. The kid has played a handful of games in college and 1 preseason game and the the desperate fans are already comparing him to Moss and Fitzgerald, too funny!

  18. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Aug 14, 2013 8:42 AM
    “Patterson learned lessons living with women”


    Is he talking about that noodle armed Ponder chick?

    My offer still stands, a thousand bucks for 10 push-ups.

  19. filthymcnastysmom says:


    Having so many dedicated disciples is both humbling and gratifying. My mom and I sincerely thank you.

  20. The thing that Randy Moss had that allowed him to get monster stats his rookie year wasn’t more talent, better QB play, or a higher flying offense. It was Cris Carter. When you are dealing with a Hall of Famer on one side and a kid that got kicked out of Notre Dame and ended up at Marshall, where are you rotating coverage to?

    I doubt that Greg Jennings is going to be able to do the same for Patterson, but at least he’s going to see less over the top coverage because you need to bring a safety in the box so AP doesn’t kill you.

    And for all the “noodle arm” guys… Would you rather have Ponder and his middle of the road arm strength or David Carr and his cannon?

  21. Man some of your Packer fans are obsessed with Ponder’s noodle. He is a handsome man, but he’s taken, and very Christian…and not as into cheese, fireworks, and cruisin’ chubbies as you like your men. It just wouldn’t work out.

  22. He’s about to learn a bunch about marriages within families, how to get nutrition with no teeth, and how to never win anything yet claim to be the greatest team ever.

    These are synonymous with Minnesotans.

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