Report: Former players to get HGH as part of study

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While the NFLPA and the NFL creep closer to a deal on HGH testing, there’s a plan in place to use former players as glorified lab rats.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, a group of around 100 former players will participate in a study, with two thirds of the group receiving HGH and the other third a placebo.

The players involved will have their blood tested before and after the trial, which will help determine what’s being called the decision limit — or the level of HGH a player can have in his bloodstream before any potential punishment.

There’s no word on whether any former players have agreed to participate in the study.

Such a test would ostensibly push the league and the union closer to a deal to actually start the testing, which was agreed to more than two years ago.

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  1. Is this legal? HGH can only be administered by prescription, and only for specific conditions. This is analogous to administering steroids to ex-players to determine how quickly it clears from their system. Which seems to be in violation of several laws.

    This is based not on legal experience but on what I learned in a pharmacology course nearly forty years ago, so things may have changed.

  2. Your body makes HGH, which stands for human growth hormone. That makes testing difficult because it is a natural substance. The test that is needed would detect HGH beyond normal that a player has taken to get stronger or recover faster. The study proposed would attempt to establish a normal range in NFL level athletes, which might be different from the general public.

  3. I may be in the minority here, but they shouldn’t be testing for HGH. Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced in our body and it speeds up healing time and recovery, where’s the problem with that? Also, football is considered entertainment. At your job you do whatever you can do to make you the best. As a spectator I would love to see a bunch of roided out super human freaks play an athletic sport, talk about entertainment, but like I said, I’m probably in the minority.

  4. @somethingsmellsrotten: HGH is a naturally occurring hormone, like testosterone. There will always be some HGH is a player’s blood. In fact, due to their lifestyle and training, athlete’s often have quite a bit of naturally occurring HGH. Thus, the question becomes, where do you draw the line between someone who naturally produces a lot of HGH and someone who has artificially boosted it?

  5. HGH testing is going to ruin football like the PED crackdown ruined baseball. People LIKED juiced up roidmonkeys annually breaking home run records, now it’s a sissy sport as entertaining as soccer.

  6. somethingsmellsrotten says:
    Aug 14, 2013 4:31 PM
    Shouldn’t there be punishment for ANY amount of HGH in one’s system?

    So you only want players suffering from hypopituitarism playing on your team?

  7. What’s going to happen if the study reveals that HGH reduces symptoms of post concussion syndrome?

  8. when i first read the headline i thought it said former players to get HIGH as part of study

    ricky? mr williams? where are u?

  9. Mr. Allen, thank you, finally, I felt like I was the only one who thought that way. Seriously though what is wrong with that? Why don’t we celebrate scientists and doctors who discover new ways to enhance and improve the human body? Why don’t we applaud the athletes who are smart enough to study the best way to maximize their physical potential and then do? It seems absolutely asinine to me to suggest that it’s okay for an athlete to wear a shoe with spikes that give a quantifiable and qualitative advantage over another shoe, but insane for them to take a drug that does the same thing? Will we ban a methodology of training that does this then? Is Hot Yoga the next thing on the chopping block? How about sleeping in barometric chambers? It’s all so woefully arbitrary and the only answer anyone ever gives is “but mommmmmy, everyone knows drugs is bad!” So childish. Even mackcarrington has a point, albeit sarcastically, but that is you never know where, how or why a groundbreaking scientific discovery will come, look at Penicilin (happy accident) or Viagra (started out as a blood pressure medication) the scientific and medical community is always screaming bloody murder for more funding, how much more do you think they would get if all the major sports leagues started looking at them as ways to improve their players? It’s all about the backsheesh ladies and gentlegerms, how is it that those undeniably money-hungry owners can’t realize that?

  10. I’ll never understand why they want to get HGH and steroids out of football. These substances are good for the game. Bigger, faster, stronger, and quicker healing players is a GOOD thing!

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