Rex: Geno Smith’s “brutal” day could be ankle-related


Round Two in the Jets quarterback competition could go to Mark Sanchez by default.

Rookie Geno Smith has had a shaky week after spraining his ankle, and Jets coach Rex Ryan said there was a chance Smith might not play against the Jaguars this week.

“Well, I guess, we’ll see how it goes,” Ryan said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “He’s been out there practicing, working through things, . . . but that could be a possibility.”

Smith had just completed a bad practice, throwing four interceptions, raising the question of how much is related to the ankle. He shrugged off that suggestion, but Ryan admitted it could be a factor.

“It was brutal. It was Geno’s worst day. I think, and obviously, the ankle’s part of it, but, . . .way too many picks and things. Did not look comfortable today,” Ryan said. “Obviously he has to come back from it, he will come back from it. It was a bad day. Everybody, we’ve seen it, guys have bad days. But this was a really bad day for Geno. . . .

“I don’t think he’s at 100%. I don’t believe he’s close to 100% right now, but again, that doesn’t mean we have a few more days, that it can’t get a lot better. We’ve seen these type of injuries get better in a hurry, so we’ll see how it goes.”

Of course, his ankle could magically feel better if Sanchez throws another pick-six on his first attempt against the Jaguars.

36 responses to “Rex: Geno Smith’s “brutal” day could be ankle-related

  1. Has a horrible team ever received so much attention? I realize it’s the media capital and all, but I never hear about 2nd string QB’s for the Titans, and they’re just as lousy as these guys. I miss the days when I could go years (pretty much all of the 80’s and 90’s) without ever hearing about the awful Jets.

  2. For a guy that thought he may be the #1 overall selection, falling in the draft had to be an awful experience, but eventually being selected by the New York Jets is the epitome of a nightmare situation.

  3. This guy is not a Cam Newton type, where you just throw him in there day 1. It’s obvious that he is a developmental type of player anyway, let him sit the bench to begin the season. Around game 8-10 let him play.

  4. Sanchez will be brutal so don’t make the Shanahan RG3 mistake and destroy Geno in a year rest him until his ankle is good and then win a few of the remaining 14 games.

  5. @ dlk47823

    Bristeeth probably wasn’t even born until the 90’s, like half the other know-nothing-know-it-all’s that comment on this blog.

    With so many genious armchair Gm’s these days… it’s hard to believe there’s any team that doesn’t go undefeated!

  6. Sounds like Rex is trying, probably rightly, to pump the brakes on this competition a bit through the media so that there is less pressure to make Geno the Week 1 starter. Let Sanchez get his ass kicked some while the rookie gets more time to learn. Smart.

  7. The kid is not an NFL ready QB, period. He is probably scared, just like not getting drafted in the first round. The Jets really need to protect this kid from shoving him into the starting role to fast. Use whatever excuse you can to keep him out of the lineup. Fake an ankle, finger, whatever it takes. Let Sanchez take all the heat and boo’s this year (again). Playing smith this year does nothing to help the kid with the current situation. Rex will not be back and he knows it. Rex and Sanchez will be nailed to the cross this year (finally), but don’t nail Geno to it too just to save a job that you know you will not have Rex.

    Management really messed this one up by not letting Rex go after 2012. The mess continues.

  8. Awesome! Another year of Mark Sanchez. I love watching Jets football. It’s like watching a comedy movie and Rex Ryan is the director and Mark Sanchez is the star.

  9. If they truly think he has the ability to be their QB of the future, why rush him?

    Allow him to heal, learn the position – and he’ll be starting by week 6.

    Let’s face it, with that albatross of a contract that Sanchez has, he’s not getting cut anyway.

  10. As a Pats fan I never thought I’d feel bad for Jets fans ever under any circumstances.

    I guess I proved myself wrong though. Must be awful to be a Jets fan these days.

    I’m sure this will be a short lived illness though and I’ll go back to being amused by the whole situation in short order.

  11. What bothered me about Smith was during the draft he acted so arrogantly. When he was finally drafted in the second round he was disgusted that he had to wait so long. Like he was the second coming of Joe Montana or John Elway etc. Yet it sure seems like the initial impressions are that he isn’t doing very well. The future doesn’t look good for him at this moment. Usually these are the signs of an overrated player. Time will tell.

  12. In terms of media attention for bad teams that don’t deserve it, the Jets are the NFL version of the Lakers.

  13. This is the problem with combining a possible lame-duck coach with a future franchise (in the team’s eyes that is) QB.

    If you had a coach with a luxury of starting off in rebuild mode you can rest this kid until you’re sure his ankle is right. With Rex, there’s the immediate pressure of trying to save his job so suddenly it’s more important for them to find out what they have in this kid right away than going about it the right way, let him rest up, and get him in there when’s he fully prepared.

    Does a rookie really need an excuse for a bad practice? He’s still learning.


  14. Rex is obviously leaning towards Sanchez for the starting QB. He should once again, keep his comments in the locker room, not for the public’s consumption.

    And oh yeah, to you trolls, once again you are blinded by jealousy and hate for anything NYC and/or the Jets. Do you think Geno would have these many cameras pointed in his face if he lived in your team’s town?

    The media in your town is trying to see if the volunteer fire department got the cat down from the tree.

  15. The new euphemism for players playing injured now is “he’s working through things”.

  16. Dolphin fan here. I hate the jets, but yes jets fans I still read about them. Not because I want to see them look bad. I like reading about the competition. (And Irjets funny comments too) but the articles all paint a bad picture of the team and Rex just makes it worse. He needs to shut up and quit making it worse for the jet fans. He is a joke.

  17. “And oh yeah, to you trolls, once again you are blinded by jealousy and hate for anything NYC and/or the Jets.”

    I can clearly see how you would mistake the other 31 teams’ fans laughing at the jests for jealousy of the jests. I mean, we all have QBs that are performing on the field instead of performing in front of microphones. As for jealousy of NYC, uhhhh, I can understand why you’d rather have concrete all around instead of nice sunny beaches and beautiful women.

  18. See EJ Manual deserved to be drafted before him. Thank God the Bills didn’t draft Geno. @footballadt52

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