Search in pond for gun used in Odin Lloyd murder comes to an end


Authorities in Bristol, Connecticut spent the last week searching a pond for the gun they believe was used to kill Odin Lloyd, but their search has come to an end without the evidence they hoped to retrieve.

The pond is near the previously searched Pine Lake and both bodies of water are two miles from the home of the uncle of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who has been charged with murder. Two other suspects charged in the crime, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, stayed at the home and Ortiz was arrested there.

“No evidence was recovered and, at the present time, no more dives are planned,” Lt. Kevin Morrell of the Bristol Police Department said, via

Ortiz told investigators that Hernandez put two guns in a box in his basement after the shooting and court documents allege that Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins was seen on surveillance video leaving the house with a box and placing it in the trunk of her car. She returned less than an hour later without the box, which wasn’t enough time for her to drive to Bristol and back which make is unclear what evidence led authorities to believe that the weapon may have been disposed of in those waters.

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  1. That does it. As everyone knows you can kill as many people as you like as long as you hide the murder weapon. Looks like he walks.

  2. She possibly knows where it is but she will keep it secret until she has to save herself.

  3. So, with all the advancements I have to admit, I’m a little shocked that in this day in age we either don’t have underwater metal detectors or that this unit simply didn’t know they have them at their disposal, if indeed a gun is there to begin with. I would have thought finding a metal object almost anywhere would have the technology to do so by now.

  4. Just because she couldn’t drive to Bristol and back within an hour doesn’t mean that the box of evidence wasn’t stashed somewhere closer to home and then later disposed of in Bristol. Or even handed off to someone else.

    Thus they couldn’t eliminate the tip to drag Camp Bristol Lake.

  5. Glocks are primarily plastic polymer, so I am not sure how much they are composed of metal and if so, how much would show up in an underwater metal detector.

    Based on circumstantial evidence, I would think there is enough to put Hernandez away for a long time.

  6. loratiotime says:
    Aug 14, 2013 10:04 AM
    That does it. As everyone knows you can kill as many people as you like as long as you hide the murder weapon. Looks like he walks.
    Those days are gone, long gone.

    Many people have been convicted of murder recently with no weapon found.

    Jody Arias comes to mind.

  7. New tactic by the police and DA:

    “Listen Arron, this is what we are going to do.
    Since we are a bunch of morons that can’t find that gun, we will let you slide if you admit that you shot Odin. We’ll recommend a five year sentence with possible parole within six months if you behave yourself in jail. Now, that will allow you to play football next year. So, what do you say Arron? Do we have a deal? It’s a win -win for all of us!”

  8. I don’t know where some here get the idea that without the murder weapon he’s going to walk. Plenty of murder cases are successfully prosecuted without finding the murder weapon. With Hernandez they have enough already to put him away for a long long time. They’d like to find the gun – it would make the case a slam dunk for the prosecution – but they don’t have to find it to successfully prosecute.

  9. It would be nice if the media could get their stories right. His girlfriend wasn’t seen on video walking away with a box. She was seen walking away with a trash bag that police said looked like it had a lock- box or something similar in it.

  10. We all no Hernandez did it but no murder weapon means no evidence to prove him guilty hill get some bs charges nd get a few years or even a few months…but will he ever b allowed to play football again if innocent?

  11. Did they ever determine the time of death?

    I don’t remember seeing that in any police/newspaper reports….any one know??

  12. Didn’t his uncle die near water in a one vehicle car crash? He could have been tossing something out the passenger window from the driver seat which could cause the driver to pull the car inadvertently to the right.

  13. You don’t need the murder weapon to convict. That is correct but he will walk because Carlos Ortiz is an ex-con and Hernandez’ lawyers will destroy him on the witness stand. Also, neither Ortiz nor Wallace has came out and said Hernandez pulled the trigger. Ortiz claims Wallace told him that Hernandez told him he pulled the trigger on Lloyd. Well that makes no sense. I see reasonable doubt so far even with the evidence looking overwhelming. I’ve learned in this society there is no such thing as a slam dunk case.

  14. You can’t compare Jody arias to Hernandez in regards to getting a conviction without the murder weapon. Arias didn’t deny killing her ex bf she claimed self defense. So there was never a doubt who performed the killing where as I’m sure Hernandez is still stating he wasn’t involved therefore the murder weapon is much more crucial

  15. Gee…. Imagine that. Hernandez is so stupid he’s got these guys chasing fake lead after fake lead. Guess we’ll see who’s right, but I bet the more this drags on the less thumbs down I get for saying Hernandez will beat this case.

  16. keepounding1234 says:
    Aug 14, 2013 12:20 PM
    Jody Arias comes to mind.
    She admitted killing him claiming self defense.
    Hernandez is denying it.
    Either way I think he will get convicted.
    You’re right about Arias, bad example.

    Since DNA testing evolved to what it is now, convicting without the proverbial smoking gun isn’t uncommon at all.

  17. No Josh, she was not seen leaving the house with a box. She was seen leaving the house with a trash bag that appeared to possibly have a box in it.

    There’s this thing called fact checking that responsible members of the press do to make sure their stories are accurate. You might try doing so some time, especially when you’re discussing a murder and not just talking about a football game.

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