The Cowboys have more injury issues at guard


Brandon Moore wrote a thoughtful account for about what led him to his decision to retire rather than join the Cowboys earlier this month, but there may need to be a postscript at some point about the Cowboys reaching out again to make sure Moore was settled in his decision.

The team may be down another guard in the already injury-riddled interior of their offensive line. Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News reports that Ron Leary will have an MRI on his left knee after missing Wednesday’s practice because of soreness. Leary had been working as the starting left guard with Nate Livings recovering from knee surgery.

Leary has a knee condition called osteochondritis dissecans, which causes the bone that supports the cartilage to soften because of constricted blood flow and helped drop him off of draft boards before the Cowboys signed him as an undrafted free agent last year. Coach Jason Garrett said he didn’t think there was a connection, but wasn’t sure what was to blame for the soreness.

“He has a knee that’s been bothering him a little bit,” Garrett said. “We’ll see what it is.”

Mackenzy Bernadeau and Kevin Kowalski have also been dealing with injuries this summer, which is part of the reason why the Cowboys reached out to Moore in the first place. There’s also been chatter linking them to former Chief and Patriot Brian Waters, although the results of Leary’s MRI will likely give some insight into how dire the need for reinforcements up front is in Dallas right now.

14 responses to “The Cowboys have more injury issues at guard

  1. This is what happens when you ignore your most glaring weakness in the offseason. Then you draft for skill positions you’re already strong at…

    it’s. not. rocket. science.

  2. Fascinating article written by Brandon Moore. He didn’t want to go all the way to Dallas, so maybe his agent should try and get him a job with the Giants since they are in his home area and then the Giants can trade another Guard to Dallas while they are desperate and willing to overpay. Plus Brandon only wanted to play for a contender and the Giants are probably in a better position to do that.

  3. Ha ha ha the giants and their nonexistent d bahahahaha I can’t wait till Dallas blows the doors off the gnats so there overweight drunken jobless selves can shut the front door. Still wearing those faded sweat stained Super Bowl championship shirts lol get over the fact you were once good and Reese has run that team into the ground

  4. Why would the coach think that the soreness in his knee would be related to a medical condition that he suffers from? It only completely explains it. Better to look for phantom causes instead.

  5. The spotlight is too bright for him in Dallas. It takes a special player who can handle the pressure of being on America’s Team. The team that’s worth more than any other club by far. Jeffrey Kahn wrote an excellent article explaining why Dallas will in the Super Bowl this season. I tend to agree with that. And I’m a Steeler fan. I also like the Giants.

  6. Wanna hear a better joke? The gwomen
    trying to get to the Superbowl again. They
    better hope they can stop Sean Lee from
    getting to their whiny QB . It will be nice watching
    Eli Whiny peeling herself off of the terf again.

  7. Before the season I blogged that Dallas must draft a guard but Jerry didn’t. Instead he drafted a TE and WR that will not start and play little this season.

    Not only are their current guards less than staring material, they have a history of being injured so no one should be surprised they are hurt.

    Not feeling Brian Waters either who has a show me the money attitude after sitting out last season. Leave him on the couch.

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