Von Miller arrested for failure to appear in court


A day before Broncos linebacker Von Miller is scheduled to appear in New York for an appeal of his proposed four-game suspension, word has emerged that Miller was arrested for failing to appear in court.

According to TheDenverChannel.com, Miller was arrested Sunday for failure to appear at a hearing on a charge of careless driving, driving without a license, and no proof of insurance.  The citations were issued last October.

The warrant was issued on January 2, two days after Miller failed to appear at the hearing.  He was booked and released on $1,000 bond.

UPDATE 3:59 p.m. ET:  “We have been aware of the matter involving Von Miller’s failure to appear in court for traffic violations,” the Broncos said in a statement.  “It was reported to the league earlier this week and is being handled through the legal system.”

81 responses to “Von Miller arrested for failure to appear in court

  1. This guy seemed like a genuinely good, smart person, what is going on up there in Denver?

    I guess when half your front office is hitting the bottle, they don’t have time to keep eyes on their young superstar.

  2. He’ll argue that he’s innocent since he didn’t show up for the court date.

    After all, he argued that he shouldn’t be suspended for failure to show up for his PED test, and 1/2 the people on this site defended him.

    Go ahead and thumbs down this post but now you see his character. The NFL cannot allow him to escape suspension simply because he didn’t show up for the PED test. Other players showed up for their test, failed and were suspended. Why let this loser skate by.

    Give me that thumbs down!

  3. unbiasfan says:
    Aug 14, 2013 3:54 PM
    How the mighty has fallen

    You put that same comment on the last 2 threads.

  4. Von is slowly creating a rep as a bad guy. I hope he has good PR people around him b/c this is a very slippery slope he’s going down. The media and make you or break you….

  5. Someone with his amount of money driving without insurance is just asking for trouble and having his dreams of an NFL life stripped away. Just. Isn’t. Smart.

  6. Oh for the love of… Come on, kid, you’re smarter than this. You have to be smarter than this- your shoes are tied, right?

  7. …. “The warrant was issued on January 2 …”
    What the heck? Took them 7 months to figure out where he was?

    And, they ‘arrested’ him on a Sunday! That would be the one day that has the least affect on his busy football schedule. Must be nice to be privileged!


  8. Can we have a day of peace and quiet without some yahoo chucklehead getting arrested or accused of PED’s?!! Butt wipes don’t deserve the $$ they get.

  9. Was he not wearing his Urkel glasses while driving? Maybe that’s why he was driving recklessly? All fair questions I believe.

  10. WHAT? Did anyone READ The story? It said the warrant was Issued on Jan 2.

    “The warrant was issued on January 2, two days after Miller failed to appear at the hearing. He was booked and released on $1,000 bond.”

    Why was he just arrested on Sunday? He’s been at OTA’s and Training camp in Denver. This is 8 months later. You’re telling me that it took Denver Police 8 Months to find the BEST Player on their defense?

  11. It’s the Colorado rocky mountain high,you don’t need insurance or a license to drive,Front office and players all getting high,rocky mountain high.

  12. First Michael Vick, then Aaron Hernandez, and now THIS!? Can we go any real length of time without a gut wrenching, horrible, immoral, disgusting act being committed by an NFL player?

  13. Aren’t drivers licenses and auto insurance fundamental items in everyday life? After you receive a citation for not having either, how are you still allowed to drive?
    Also, having traffic warrants is not like being on the FBI most wanted list. They don’t conduct a manhunt.

  14. It’s traffic court people not criminal. He has a license and insurance. He was cited for driving without it. Not for not having it. Knucklehead move to miss a court though. Judges don’t like you wasting their time. Wise up so we can focus on football Von. Enough nonsense.

  15. this is obvious freaking stuff to remember like…doing all off season workouts so you get the 2 MILLION dollar bonus! duh!

  16. I am guessing that Von Miller fax machine wasn’t working? Is this what we are to believe? Come on!…Admit it, the Broncos are imploding under finishing second the Ravens. They can’t handle the limelight.

  17. Might only be traffic court but a $1,000 bond is hefty. Interesting how the arrest came about too. He submitted to a standard background check at the gun range and an arrest warrant came up. Guess he thought Colorado didn’t know how to aggregate background information.

  18. This goes to prove that certain athletes should not be allowed to see a picture of a university, let alone attend one.

    I bet he signed his contract with a crayon.

  19. This happens pretty frequently in Colorado with the way the law is set up. It happened to me about six years ago. Ig you get a ticket and don’t go to court or don’t pay it, they suspend your drivers license, so when you do get pulled over again you find out you are driving with out a license. Also for some reason colorado is not linked up to the insurance company database, so while in other states you just need insurance and the cops will see you have it when they run your license, in Colorado you need to have that piece of paper or else you are heading to court, even if you have the most comprehensive auto insurance known to man.

  20. It’s a civil infraction that could be made criminal. After the first time u get caught doing it it usually becomes a criminal matter. And to the dope that said something to the effect that prosecuting these things is a waste if resources let someone without insurance total your car and deal with that nightmare. It’s not a waste, sure if Von hit someone he could pay for the damage caused. A regular joe, hits you with no ins good luck your screwed.

  21. 90% of the idiot posters on here don’t realize that he certainly had a lawyer that was supposed to be there for him. The lawyer was probably scheduled to be somewhere else. You tools actually think a multi-millionaire is going to go to court for a misdemeanor? Derp!

  22. Not exactly crime of the century, but hard to believe he doesn’t have a competent legal adviser on retainer. Aren’t many traffic offenses settled by forfeiture of bond, which is originally set by the maximum amount of fines? Sounds like a bureaucratic snafu being blown WAY out of proportion.

  23. gbatap:

    Here in Colorado anyway, misdemeanors are just that and nothing more. The cops here won’t hunt you down over traffic infractions or FTA warrants, however getting caught without insurance here is comparable to an IRS rectal exam. The fact they actually screen folks going into a gun club/shooting range is a tad comforting, so it seems when they ran his name, boom, the warrant came up. Someone in this club wasn’t a Donks fan, and dimed him to the deputies. At that point, they HAD to pick him up.

    The same scenario would apply if he got pinched out on I25 – when they ran the check, it would’ve come up, and off to the clink he goes.

    It is amazing it took 8 months to track this guy down, but like I said they rarely pursue FTA warrants unless they’re for serious misdemeanors/felonies. They, ummmm, wait for you to come to them (LOL)

  24. it’s sad to think money (or lack thereof) is the only thing keeping a lot of people from doing everything they want to do in life. and this guy has a ton of it and can’t find time to go to court?

  25. nfl4days says:
    Aug 14, 2013 4:08 PM
    “Come on Von. Aldon might end up winning by DQ.”
    Once Justin Smith retires, that’ll be the last anyone hears of the great Aldon “need stunts” Smith.

  26. Ok people. It took the police 8 months to “find” him, because they weren’t looking for him. It was a traffic warrant, they don’t actively seek you out for those. They “found” him because he put in for a background check at a gun range and it came back as having a warrant. The gun range was then obligated to notify the police.

  27. traveye99 says:
    Aug 15, 2013 11:53 AM
    Ok people. It took the police 8 months to “find” him, because they weren’t looking for him. It was a traffic warrant, they don’t actively seek you out for those. They “found” him because he put in for a background check at a gun range and it came back as having a warrant. The gun range was then obligated to notify the police.
    It makes sense how they didn’t find arrest him for so long, but this brings up another question, why the H*** is he buying a gun??? NFL players don’t need guns! they just end up doing something stupid with them, case in point Plaxico Burress. If you’re truly worried for your protection HIRE A BODYGUARD!!! YOU CAN AFFORD IT!!!

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