Brandon Weeden shines in win over Detroit

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Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski said the battle for the starting quarterback job between Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell was “close” earlier this week.

It may not be so close after Weeden’s performance Thursday night against the Detroit Lions.

Weeden made some brilliant throws in completing 8 of 12 passes for 112 yards with two touchdown passes to tight end Jordan Cameron. In two games this preseason, Weeden has completed 18 of 25 passes (72-percent) for 224 yards and three touchdowns and a passer rating of 139.0.

Weeden has been taking all of the first-team snaps in practice and has had two solid performances in the Browns’ first two preseason games. He’s done nothing to open the door for Campbell to supplant him on the depth chart.

Offensive tackle Joe Thomas didn’t feel the competition was all that close. We agree. Brandon Weeden has done enough to prove he should start for the Browns Week 1.

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  1. Good job by Weeden, but the Detroit secondary and LB corp is looking just the same as it has over the last several years. And Ron Bartell they have listed as a starter on this team and I don’t think he should have a roster spot. He had an awful game, but the scheme is still flawed and we are going to be exposed a great deal in the back half of the Defense.

  2. He looked like he did in college with that big arm but even more accurate. Norv Turner’s coaching and offensive system appears to be paying off.

  3. Man he was putting some seriously smooth touch on some of those passes today…he throws a pretty ball for sure. The Browns won’t make too big of a splash this season, but they are lucky to have 2 QBs that can start games and keep them competitive.

  4. …..against 2 defenses that were extremely vanilla..


    Detroit & St.Louis didn’t gameplan defensively like the Browns have been doin – mixing up their coverages and showing multiple looks… Lions and Rams rush their front 4 and play simple soft zone concepts – cover 3, cover 2.. and the blitzes are even simple. Complete opposite of The browns.

    Just sayin’ – take it ingest. Some of the throws were good (a positive mark about his arm/accuracy), but it’s not like he’s looking at prepped and game planned, come after your QB defense.

  5. Chime in Jason Campbell/Tarvaris Jackson apologists. Everyone knows that they are great QB’s who have never been given a fair chance. Sic.

  6. Linehan has to go, worst OC in history, no creativity, brutal play calling, guy is a bum! Problem is that will be Schwartz and mayhews out next off season, if they win less then 8 games, time to clean house with that coaching staff and GM, way to much talent for that garbage to be seen on the field…..

  7. I never thought there would be any competition, shouldn’t be either. He just finished his first year after the Browns picked him in the 2nd round and paid him millions. Look at his track record, he’s a great quarterback. I’ve never known any rookie in the league to come out in his first year and tear them up especially on a team that’s trying to build and find an identity.

  8. Chudzinski calling the QB competition close was a joke. He’s run a good camp and certainly looks the part of a competent HC, but this statement was clearly a misstep. Don’t name a starter – fine, but don’t say it’s close when everyone can see that it isn’t. Unless he plays really bad over several weeks, he’ll have all season to audition. As a Browns fan, I’m hoping they won’t need to draft a QB in 2014 with their 1st pick.

  9. Its amazing the difference a coach makes. Besides two overpaid defensive free agents, Lombardi hasnt added anything and yet the team looks totally different.

    Tom Heckert built this team, he just hired(or Holmgren did) the wrong coach in Shurmur.

  10. Weeden will get every chance to succeed or fail this year. Looks good so far but it is pre season after all

  11. Well, now that we know the Brownies have the same QB as last year we might as well give them the Lombardi, no? I’m just saying based on history and all…

  12. I’m not a Browns fan at all, but I have to say Weeden and the offense were impressive tonight.

  13. As a Bengals fan, I’ve got to say, I’ve been extremely impressed with the Browns this preseason. They’re a team that I think could have easily finished 8-8 in any other division (barring the NFC west) last season. They have a solid defense, a pretty good offensive line, and a stud running back in T-Rich. If Brandon Weeden continues to look as good as he has in the preseason, and if some of their receivers develop, this will be a team that I won’t be looking forward to facing twice this year.

    On a Divisional Side Note:

    This is NOT an attack on the Steelers, I will always respect them, (and I’m probably getting a little carried away with the preseason, age, and free agency) but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them finish last in the division this year. They’re one hard hit on Ben away from being out of the competition. I really think this division will be that good this year.

  14. I don’t watch any browns games unless they’re prime time or against my team, but I watch red zone all day and of course play fantasy. Having said that, I didn’t really get why everyone was so quick to try to get rid of him. I thought he was a solid rookie that showed promise. Good luck browns fans, I hope grand father weeden gives you several years of playoff runs soon.

  15. Seriously, he’s not that good, the Lions are just that bad. Watch them for 5 mins if you can stand fooball that bad for that long, and you’ll think so, too.
    Trent Dilfer could come out of retirement and torch these ladies.

  16. Watched the game…did look good but to tell you the truth you cannot read into anything in preseason football!

  17. O line was pretty bad. Greco, in particular was on his back all night. That is how Pinkston got hurt. Are the Lions front four that good? Other than that and the injuries sustained, things are looking up for us Browns fans:)

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  18. Not a browns fan but I had a feeling this guy could play…so much is expected of rookie qb’s in today’s nfl..good for him and the browns,there starting to build it

  19. I like Weeden’s story, and admit to rooting for him. I hope he continues to show progress, And shows that he’s not scared once the real games start.

  20. It was a preseason game against the Lions’ secondary. Try to keep things in perspective.

  21. Mark my words….if Weeden can be half this good for the majority of the games they play this year then , I believe, the Browns are a wildcard team.

    They just need to weather losing Gordon during his suspension and figure out whose gonna be relied on behind Richardson…Norval the Great will earn another head coaching job he’ll be terrible at by coaching this offense.

    The D is VERY underrated and the O could be quite explosive this year. I think they’re on the right track….finally.

  22. In 6 possessions this preseason, he’s thrown 3TD passes and set up two FG’s. No picks and a rating of over 130.

  23. brandon weeden is one of those guys you can’t help but root for. hopefully he has a nice career and can make that franchise relevant again. lord knows they need it

  24. This is just the pre-season, but the Browns look like they could be offering the fans something (the tiniest nugget of something) to look forward to.

  25. I’m not saying the Browns are going to be good this year, but I think they will be better than most people figure they will be. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing them be good enough to help the Steelers to a top 10 draft pick in 2014.

  26. Nice to see some preseason success for the Browns. Hope it extends to the regular season. To all you Browns fans….hang in there. Your time is coming.

  27. And let the Weeden haters start posting about age or the fact its Cleveland or whatever old, boring nonsense they can come up with.

    Anyone who has actually watched a Browns game could see that last season was a horribly coached and mismanaged team. You don’t draft a strong arm, down field passer to play in a short, dink and dunk west coast offense. Chud’s style is taylor made for Weeden and he’s shown some real promise this preseason. Now I understand it is preseason but, his throws have been sharp and on target. Last night he should have been 9 of 12 but a typical drop by Little was the difference. I’m realistic about this season but I do think we can surprise some people. GO BROWNS!!!!

  28. Good for him. I have been rooting for him simply due to how ridiculously overplayed his age was when drafted. Plus, the Browns are an easy team to root for; everyone likes the underdog(pound).

  29. @beerbudsnbevo – go to hell.

    Weeden’s deep ball looks FANTASTIC. I went to both of the preseason games, and his accuracy and delivery of those throws was fantastic. He really looks very accurate and efficient in Turner and Chud’s offense… it gives us Browns fans a REAL reason to hope this season.

    I hope this continues! I am not drinking the Koolaid 100% yet, but another great performance against Indy next week in the dress rehearsal and I’ll be buying in.

    Go Browns!

    (BTW – Tweet of the night – “Official stats : Streaker rushes for 65 yards, Lions rush for 44” LOL)

  30. It would be nice to have the Browns fielding a competitive team again, it makes the division that much more exciting to watch. It will be interesting to see what happens while Gordon is suspended because the rest of the receivers have some suspect hands. Richardson is really entertaining to watch and could be something huge for the team if he isn’t constantly playing hurt. Their offensive line is really underrated.

    I’m not going to go all in and declare them a playoff team, but 8-8 with things trending up isn’t that bad a place to be for a team that has been seemingly cursed for decades.

  31. Remember when Colt McCoy lit up defenses in the preseason a few years back – and everyone talked him up, like he’s gonna be good or something?

  32. I will be honest I’m not looking forward to my team playing these guys in their house…They will be dangerous in 13′. When Cincy and Cleveland play all records are thrown out the window…..I have it down as a loss in their house early in the season…We return the favor when they come to Cincy…Anything above that is a plus.. Cleveland is a team on the rise…

    Your best FA pickup for 2013 was RAY HORTON dude is going to have that defense playing fast and physical….Over look them if you want to and you will get your A– kicked!

  33. Any QB will fail in cleveland. A little support would have helped McCoy or any other QB. Weedon looks good against Detroit. That’s not saying much. I’d give them 5 W’s this year.

  34. I’ll definitely agree with the win total, 5. Cleveland is not currently setup as a winning franchise. Weeden is a pro quarterback and his career will not be forever in Cleveland, Thank Goodness!

  35. iced107 says:
    Aug 16, 2013 12:03 AM
    …..against 2 defenses that were extremely vanilla..


    Just sayin’ – take it ingest. ”

    INGEST? Sweet English bro. You want the Browns to eat the fact that they are having success against teams not blitzing (even though the Lions did blitz)? Or did you mean to say, “take it in jest”?

    A thing said or done for amusement; a joke.

  36. INGEST? Sweet English bro. You want the Browns to eat the fact that they are having success against teams not blitzing (even though the Lions did blitz)? Or did you mean to say, “take it in jest”?

    A thing said or done for amusement; a joke.


    Thank for you being a grammar nazi and fixing my drunk typing. Now, let me be a reading comprehension nazi – where exactly did I say teams aren’t blitzing? I said their blitzes are simple, you know as in not complex. Nothing exotic.

    If Weeden shows the same performance during the regular season when teams actually scheme for their opponents, great.

    But don’t kid yourself – the browns are going all out to instill hope into a franchise that has been terrible and hasn’t had a whole lot of fan support (Don’t blame them).

    Oh BTW – in 2011 with the Rams under Spagnuolo/Mcdaniels did a lot of the similar things in the preseason (Scheming,game planning) – they went 4-0 in the preseason, went 2-14 in the regular season…. when you scheme against someone who’s playing extremely vanilla and not even bothering to prep for you, you had better win.

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