Chargers struggle to protect Philip Rivers


On Thursday night in Chicago, the Chargers attempted 12 pass plays with Philip Rivers in the game.

On three of those plays, Rivers was sacked.

Yes, it was not a good night for the Chargers’ pass protection.

First, rookie right tackle D.J. Fluker was beaten inside by Bears defensive end Corey Wootton for a sack of Rivers. Later, left tackle Max Starks was beaten outside by end Shea McClellin, who stripped Rivers of the ball. The Bears recovered the fumble, and five plays later, Matt Forte scored a three-yard TD run. Finally, on Rivers’ last snap, Bears tackle Nate Collins got around right guard Jeromey Clary to take down Rivers.

The Chargers will have a solid receiving corps when Malcom Floyd returns from a knee injury. It’s not as deep it was — the loss of Danario Alexander to an ACL tear really stings, given his field-stretching ability — but the Chargers can be competitive in the passing game with Rivers and a full complement of his receivers when their quarterback has some time to scan the field.

However, on Thursday night, the limitations of the Chargers’ passing attack were hard to miss. Their offensive line really had its hands full, and their receiving corps needs Floyd. None of Rivers’ five completions were to a wide receiver.

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  1. Yeah, the WRs were invisible. But Willie looks like he could be a possible contributor.

    And are any other Charger fans with me on the cut Ronnie Brown keep Fozzy Whitaker bandwagon?

  2. This game made it clear that King Dunlap is much better than Max Starks. And I don’t care what eagles fans say, he’s huge, athletic, and he’s looked really good so far. That, and jeromy clary still sucks.

  3. Their offensive line stunk up the joint last season and it seems like it will continue this season as well. Surprised they didnt do anything major to shore up the line. Long, long season for Rivers and crew.

  4. Starks has no business starting anymore in this league, dude got Rivers blasted.

    Dunlap should be the starter, he has been clearly the best LT on the team.

  5. Starks has no business starting anymore in this league, dude got Rivers blasted.

    Dunlap should be the starter, he has been clearly the best LT on the team.

  6. Lol. And same ol rivers throws a pick and cries immediatley to the officials that he dropped it. SD will never win with rivers at qb. And yes I am a matt flynn fan.

  7. Well at least he gets to enjoy the weather, especially on Sunday afternoons when he’s on his back looking up at the clear SoCal sky. Another long season…

  8. I disagree. The way I see it is I was really impressed with his pass protection. Yes he did get sacked, but if you followed the Chargers last year there was absolutely ZERO blocking for him last year… he was sacked 49 times for crying out loud.

    There were a couple blown plays he got taken down.. but overall the last 2 weeks (against 2 of the better defenses in the NFL) he has actually had a pocket to step up into. There are CLEAR improvements on the line.

    Lets tie it all together, knock off the dust and get the rookies up to speed and I feel we may actually get to put our team in his hands rather than a Swiss cheese O-line.

  9. Chargers had 242 yards passing vs the Bears 42 Total yards passing.

    We had 141 Yards Rushing vs the Bears 142 yards rushing.

    I think this article should be about Cutlers worries on his O-line rather than Rivers worries on his O-line.

  10. Hard to get excited over a preseason game, but I think the perception that the Bears ‘D’ and ST will regress this year is being proven false. It has been awhile (maybe years) since I’ve seen so many hard hits on ball carriers in a single game, and even with Tucker the Bears are still forcing turnovers in bunches. And on offense, Kyle Long looks like the real deal at right guard.

  11. Bears D is stronger and younger than ever, I love when they talk about Cutler being a baby. Rivers was and is the NFLs biggest baby and has the worse mechanics I have ever seen. He’s a Bust. Remember Drew Brees anyone? Ouch….

  12. I’m not a fan of Rivers, but he’s one of the few remaining actual NFL QBs left, and I hope the Chargers solve the protection problem so he doesn’t get hurt and we can enjoy watching him. Otherwise we’re stuck watching nothing but the Sanchezes, Ponders, Gabberts, Weedens etc. – and nobody wants that.

  13. The window is officially going to be shut this season for the Chargers. Not too long ago the Chargers were stacked on both sides of the ball. Superbowl favorites for a good 5 years. What a total and complete meltdown starting with the hiring of Norv Turner and finishing with the ugly but obvious demise of former pro bowler Phillip Rivers. San Diego blew it!…again

  14. Whiz had the same bad O-line and immobile QB’s in Az and look how he fixed that. Lots of luck Charger fans.

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