Charles Brown takes care of Saints competition

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What was supposed to be a competition for one of the most important jobs in the NFL has turned into a non-issue in New Orleans.

Thanks to a solid camp, Saints holdover Charles Brown has walked away with the starting left tackle job, ahead of former No. 2 overall pick Jason Smith and rookie Terron Armstead.

“I thought once we got into pads and got into the second and third week of training camp you’d begin to see this position competition a little bit clearer,” Saints coach Sean Payton said, via Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I think that’s been the case with us right now.

“I would say he’s [Brown] certainly ahead of the other guys.”

Brown has played acceptably well in relief roles, but has just eight NFL starts, and only one at left tackle, where he’s now protecting Drew Brees.

But the Saints were confident Brown could replace departed free agent Jermon Bushrod. Now, the next test is for him to stay healthy, after battling knee and hip  injuries in the past.

“I feel good,” Brown said. “I think I’m playing good, and I’m just enjoying myself. I’m excited. “It’s a dream come true.”

We’ll find out in the first month of the season, as Brown faces a parade of pass-rushers including Osi Umenyiora, Adrian Clayborn and Cameron Wake, whether Brees can rest easily.

6 responses to “Charles Brown takes care of Saints competition

  1. Why do people consistently think that because a guy got hurt before that they will automatically get hurt again? That is simply absurd.
    His injuries haven’t been huge ones. Yes, they caused him to miss time but they were not ones that required huge rehab or inflicted permanent damage.
    This guy was drafted in the 2nd round for a reason and easily could have gone in the top half of the 1st round yet all the media focuses on his that he is “unproven”.
    Funny but I heard the same stuff about a guy name Bushrod (who, if I recall, was an undrafted FA) and that worked out pretty well. I’d trust that the coaches know a little about what they are doing here.

  2. What casual fans miss entirely, is that Bushrod was pedestrian at LT. He was an average LT. Not bad, but not great. People see his two Pro-Bowls and assume he is one of the best. But Brees quick release pads Bushrods stats considerably. Also, Bushrod ONLY made both of those Pro-Bowls, because other tackles decided they didn’t want to play and this he was a replacement each time.

    Bears fans will quickly realize they over paid considerably for Bushrod. I like the kid, gave us solid years, was a team player. But for the contract he received, I don’t remember one Saints fan I knew, that was upset to let him walk.

    Brown does have an injury issue. If he didn’t, he would have already been starting at LT. As a Saints fan, I hope he can stay healthy.

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