Chip Kelly still not ready to declare his QB


Nick Foles got the start, and Michael Vick was nearly perfect.

But Chip Kelly’s not close to letting us know which of the Eagles quarterbacks will start the opener, or even next week.

You can put your pens down if you think we’re gonna name a starting quarterback tonight,” Kelly said, via Geoff Mosher of

While both threw interceptions, the overall trend for both quarterbacks continues to be good through two preseason games.

Vick was 9-of-10 passing for 105 yards, and the pick was his second incompletion of the preseason. Both were efficient running the no-huddle, keeping the Panthers off balance all night.

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  1. You should add that Foles’s pick was in the endzone on a forced throw and Vick’s was a hail mary at the end of the 1st half.

  2. Call me dumb, but I like the angle he is taking. He knows he has 2 QB’s that could start and potentially lead the team to a winning season. Why declare one now? I know I would work my butt off 100x harder each practice and each preseason game if I knew I was competing with someone else to be a starting QB. He is getting 100% out of each of these guys each day, no question.

  3. Vicks pick was off a Hail Mary as time expired before half where as foles pick was a bad decision. Vick had 100 percent completion percentage in the game before that throw. Chip is gonna pick Vick to be his starting qb. He will probably announce it sometime early next week before they start practicing for the third preseason game

  4. Let’s be honest. Vick’s “pick” was a hail mary with no time left in the half, on a play which started with 7 seconds left. Not a “real”pick by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. NFL.COM’s stats were wrong, they had Vick credited as 1/1 for 6 yards before he took his first snap and they never corrected it. So adjust those numbers accordingly. He was 8/9 for 99 and 1 INT.

  6. Vick’s pick was a last second of the half Hail Mary, not a careless misfire after a fumbled snap. So the INT’s are not equal.

  7. this site is always looking to discredit Vick. Why omit that his “int” was a hail mary at the end of the 1st half haha.

  8. As of right now Vick looks sharp. He has been on target and has been leading scoring drives in both game. He seems comfortable in the pocket and seems to very accurate.

    Besides that red zone interception, Foles has looked good too. Not as good as Vick, but still pretty good. If Foles loses out to Vick for the starting job I won’t fault him for it, because he really gave Mike a run for his money. He still could start for one or two teams in NFL, but as of right now he looks like a really solid back-up to Vick.

    But at the moment, Vick looks to be the week one starter.

  9. Naturally, you fail to mention that Vick’s interception was on a last second Hail Mary to close the half. Without that, he was 9-9 for 105 yards. Fantastic journalism there.

  10. I’d say a haily mary INT doesn’t really count… Vick 1… Foles 0… But forreal guys this offense was made for a guy with Vick’s skill set.

    This is his best chance to show he’s got what it takes, if not. It’s been a good run. Thanks for making Madden fun.

  11. Mike Vick is definitely winning the QB battle. A hail mary end of the half INT is not quite the same thing as throwing a pick in the endzone to kill a drive and take points off the board. Both QB’s ran the offense effectively but Vick clearly is the more dynamic and polished product.

  12. Later, Kelly went on to explain “Listen, we all know that both of these guys suck and Vick can’t read a blitz that a three-year old would see coming a mile away. Do you guys seriously have to keep asking about this?!”

  13. Mike Vick was virtually flawless in this game. He was poised, decisive and sure of himself. Nick Foles ran the no huddle well too, but had he not scored, he wouldn’t have gotten a passing grade. I’d give the edge to Vick and not as his fan, but as an Eagles fan.

    By the way “the pick was his second incompletion of the preseason” is a bit skewed. The way you’re implying Mike Vick’s ints just seems negative, when in fact that int came with about 7 seconds left at the end of the 2nd quarter, before half time. It was a hail mary pass, atleast tell the whole story.

    Either way, I digress.

    The Birds looks very formidable on offense, with the defense looking a lot better (No Brady). Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  14. I struggle to understand the reports about how both of these guys were ‘impressive’ or ‘nearly perfect’. They both threw interceptions in limited time and both killed drives that almost certainly would have yielded some points. Starting QBs shouldn’t do that. I agree, they have played decently, but everyone seems to just gloss right over those picks and even the perfect game can be ruined by an ill-timed turnover or two.

  15. It should be noted that the pick was hail Mary with :00 on the clock. Vick was perfect. He looks like he was born to run this offense. This is a truly remarkable and pleasant surprise.

  16. If it’s that close you go with the vet. One he’s a vet. Two you’re paying him to start. If Vick doesn’t lose the job, Foles can’t win it. Kelly is making sure Vick stays on his toes and he has a well prepared back up in Foles if Vick struggles early.

  17. Both QBs looks really good. I mean, Nick Foles looks really good, too. I saw some cool passes and he was pretty accurate. He made the interception in the end zone, but he bounced right back. If you are an Eagles fan, you are extremely confident in giving the ball to Foles. He looks like a starter.

    Vick, though. He just looks like he woke up in the morning and the offense is as natural as stepping out of bed. I have never seen him so relaxed and accurate. He looked like he can be one of the Top 3 or 4 QBs in the league right with this offense.

    I still don’t see a tough choice- it’s Vick’s job. But that isn’t a knock on Foles. Either way it goes, Foles will be starting somewhere next season (or even this season if Vick gets hurt or if they trade him or Vick for defensive help.) In short, Foles is making money right now with his performance.

    But Vick has been nearly perfect. You can’t sit a guy that’s been playing almost flawless football.

  18. If Vick looks like he has this preseason, I’m going to lament that he wasn’t able to get into this system until this late in his career. He maybe has three or 4 years tops left in him, and we would have missed out on some great play.

  19. Both Vick and Foles looked good last night, and while Vicks INT came at the end of the half, he’s still prone to turning it over. People can bash Foles all they like for pick in the endzone, but we had the same complaint about Vick every week that he could make it onto the field last season. He also looked good last preseason too. We have to wait and see if either can run this offense long term. Vick still can’t read a defense and Foles has yet to prove that he’s a real NFL QB. Neither has played a full half yet but it’s going to be Vicks job to lose.

  20. You need to hype it up and talk about Foles as giving a real challenge to start for two reasons. First, you want to have someone try to trade for him. Second, if no one does trade for him, you know Vick is going to miss at least two games this season and you need to be able to sell Foles as a viable fill in, even though you have to rearrange the offense to make it work with him at QB.

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