Dolphins sign Antwan Applewhite


Injuries have left the Dolphins a little thin on the defensive line, a state of affairs they addressed Thursday by adding a veteran to the mix.

The Dolphins announced that they have signed former Chargers and Panthers defensive end Antwan Applewhite. Applewhite played five games for the Panthers last season, starting three times while recording six tackles and a sack. He’s played 48 games overall in his career, which started when he made the Chargers practice squad as an undrafted free agent in 2007.

His presence will give the Dolphins another option on the line with Randy Starks and Dion Jordan both missing time with injuries recently. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Jordan, who is being bothered by his surgically repaired shoulder, is expected to be ready in time for the season opener, but the team still isn’t quite sure what their first-round pick will be able to do this season.

“We’ve got to get him back on the field,” General Manager Jeff Ireland said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Until you get him back on the field, it’s really hard to kind of see progress.”

Applewhite doesn’t have the upside of Jordan, but he’s a healthy body and that was enough to get him a job in Miami.

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  1. I swear the Dolphins love to draft some ex panthers… I still root for Matt Moore… dont start em… but when u bring him in… He saves the day…. Applewhite was nice on the low but like Kieser he got hurt and its was over for him

  2. sschmiggles…

    Go talk to an FSU fan that’s lived with Manuel on a game day. He’s extremely up and down but his up is exactly why the Bills reached for him. I get the feeling that he just doesn’t have that juice that’s constantly flowing in a predator but his measurables are enough for a coach to think he can make it work.

    Miami is clearly a better team. If an overrated offseason means finding a deep threat, a seam threat TE, a guy like Grimes at CB, the best D prospect in the draft and bring back mostly everyone you wanted back then sign me up for overrated anually.

  3. sschmiggles says:
    Aug 15, 2013 9:00 AM
    Honestly I think the Bills could be a bigger challenge than the Dullfins this year. Manuel looks like a nice player

    As an FSU Alum, all I can say is LOL! Ponder was twice the player EJ was. Now think about that while your team Clowns for Clowney this season.

  4. General Manager Jeff Ireland is a flat out imbecile. How about letting Jordan heel his shoulder before putting back on the field. Ireland never should have traded up and now he wants to save faced by rushing the kid back when he is still hurting. It was documented before the draft that Jordan needed surgery and if Ireland wanted instant gratification he should have picked someone else.

  5. Really wished they would have drafted Johnson. Why they would draft a guy that is recovering from surgery and was going to miss reps in training camp when he would need them being a rookie is beyond me.

  6. I say trade Starks, get a 3rd or 4th rd pick and re sign Paul s, him and oderick holding down the middle with Vernon and wake on the ends and Jordan coming in to disrupt the passing game, also still have young guys who are playing very good right now for depth.

  7. Bills fans are funny…

    I really wish 1 team from the afc east would step up, yes we (Dolphins, Jets and Bills) are all rivals but the Patriots need to go away for a little bit. Question is which team will do it? I hope it’s Miami, but the division is really weak after the Pats.

  8. Officialgame…

    Actually Ireland didn’t know before the draft that Jordan needed surgery because he didn’t. He had the surgery before the draft.

    Giving him days off is exactly what you’re saying they do…give him time to heal.

    He didn’t re-injure the shoulder…he’s just getting team mandated rest which is called saving the pkayer from himself because he wants to be out there.

  9. “Honestly I think the Bills could be a bigger challenge than the Dullfins this year. Manuel looks like a nice player.”
    You could be right. I guess anything is possible. Manuel had a great game the other day. We all know how important those preseason games are. I mean, look at Detroit a couple years back. They kicked butt all preseason. Won all four games and went on to……..oh wait, that’s right. That was the year they went 0-16. Never mind.

  10. Yes, Ireland took a big gamble with our first pick to get an unknown asset that’s coming off a surgery. However if you think he should’ve taken Johnson all you to do is look at how our DE ate up the first pick overall, joekel. With that said it a safe bet that we came out ahead. Ante up PhinPhans, and raise on the turn!!

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