Le’Veon Bell again dealing with knee issue


The left knee injury that kept Steelers rookie running back Le’Veon Bell out of the lineup in the club’s preseason opener has again become an issue.

Bell’s left knee flared up on Thursday, head coach Mike Tomlin indicated, according to the club’s official Twitter feed.

In welcome news for Steelers fans, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports Bell’s injury is not serious. The Steelers’ next preseason game is Monday, giving Bell some more time to rest if needed.

Bell is listed as a co-starter with Isaac Redman at running back on the club’s latest depth chart. And Redman, too, is dealing with an injury. He suffered a stinger on Thursday, Tomlin said, according to the club.

Jonathan Dwyer is the Steelers’ third-string back.

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  1. I hope this is just precautionary. I want to show the Stillers that your running game may be good but the Bangals will shut all y’all Down!

  2. LaRod Stephens-Howling looked pretty good to me ( six carries for 36 yards) in the first preseason game. With Bell and Redman on the mend, Stephens-Howling ought to serve the purpose…
    The real concern is the Steelers’ commitment to running the ball. They only have one fullback on the depth chart, Will Johnson. Back when the Steelers were truly committed to the run, when Bill Cowher was the coach, they used a fullback on a regular basis.
    When Jerome Bettis was acquired in a trade with the Rams, he insisted his blocking back be Tim Lester, who the Steelers gladly signed to accommodate the Bus.
    Without a fullback, I’ll never be convinced that the Steelers are serious about running the ball.

  3. Keep calling the team who’s hitting every possible practice soft while your teams QB wears pink jerseys so no one touches him. Stillers will be ready to hit when the lights come on, your team won’t know where the Mac truck came from.

  4. Bell will be ok..would help if they used a full time FB Ala Tim Lester. I like what Will Johnson brings in the run and pass, but will Haley & Tomlin get the most out of him especially in the Redzone. The O-Line lookd nice (starters) and seemd real comfortable in the zone system..all four RBs had nice runs, basically ran down the Giants throats with ease

  5. I hope Bell will be ok and I must admit I was surprised how good Stephens-Howling looked in the first preseason game. Redman is a decent back-up as well. This team has been hitting in practice all preseason. Steel sharpening steel. Hotter the fire the harder the steel. This team will be fine. I have heard too many Vets coming forward saying how disappointing last year was. They are capable of winning that is not the issue. Staying healthy is the issue. Go Steelers!

  6. steel:
    “Staying healthy” is an improbability in the NFL. Three things you can count on, based on history: 1.) Roethlisberger will miss three games; 2.) The offensive line (where there is basically zero depth) will sustain injuries; and 3.) Tomlin will cost the team at least three wins… ESPN’s pundits have the Steelers finishing anywhere from second to fourth in the North.
    The thing that concerns me is the team’s conditioning, or lack thereof. Since Training camp opened, the temperatures here have been ridiculously cool, which has made wearing pads almost meaningless.

  7. I really like all three of these guys…..Bell, Redman and Dwyer. Dwyer and Redman came to training camp determined to be better and in great shape. Hopefully, Le’veon Bell can get healthy so we can see how he looks in a Steeler uniform. I have no doubt he’s the real deal. Like steel said, staying healthy on the offensive line is the key because there is no depth on the line. I believe if these things happen, the steelers will run better then they have in years making an even much more effective Big Ben.

  8. darkglobe:
    Just because I watch ESPN, that doesn’t mean I always agree.
    Yesterday, for example, Herm Edwards named Roethlisberger as one of the most indispensable players in the league. I laughed.
    I obviously watch more Steelers games by accident than Edwards watches on purpose. The Steelers are 6-3 the past three seasons without Roethlisberger, and the team’s most significant win last season, at Baltimore (where the Ravens had won 15 straight home games), occurred without “Indispensable Ben.”
    I enjoy outsiders’ opinions regarding the team a follow intently. Usually those opinions make me laugh…

  9. Hope this isnt serious or a recurring thing throughout the year.

    I’d imagine Dwyer is the odd man out.

    Bell was exactly like Dwyer in college. A big bodied bruiser. Only Bell can catch the ball a little better.

  10. bobzilla1001:

    I have to disagree with you about Roethlisberger. Through 9 games last season, the Steelers were 6-3, and Roethlisberger had thrown 17 TDs to 4 INTs. He missed three games, they lost two of them (only win being the aforementioned Baltimore game). He came back and played hurt for the final four games, which they went 1-3.

    Injuries are a part of his game, yes. However, Haley’s system is much better suited for keeping a QB healthy than Bruce Arians. (see Andrew Luck getting sacked 41 times last year in Arians’ offense).

    Roethlisberger is indispensable to the Steelers (this is much different than saying he’s a league MVP candidate), so Edwards was on to something.

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