NFL has agreed to outside arbitration for positive HGH tests


The NFL and NFLPA haven’t reached final agreement on every issue regarding HGH testing.  But the two sides have struck a deal on plenty of the pending points of contention.

Per a league source, the areas of agreement include the use of third-party arbitration for positive HGH tests.  Contrary to plenty of headlines and sound bites, the NFL has agreed to allow someone other than Commissioner Roger Goodell to make the final determination regarding whether a player has tested positive.  The sticking point exists regarding whether Goodell will surrender the ability to resolve appeals arising from violations based on something other than a positive HGH test, such as a violation of law relating to HGH use or proof of HGH use absent a positive test.

The league and the union also have struck a deal regarding the population study, the number of random tests to be conducted (40 per week throughout the year), and the formula for discipline (four games for an initial violation, eight for a second offense, and one year for a third offense).

The areas of agreement extend to the testing of samples provided for the population study.  Depending on the percentage of samples for the population study determined to be positive tests, players testing positive will not be suspended.  However, they will be subject to enhanced testing, and the next offense will result in an eight-game suspension.

No deal will be done until all issues are resolved, and the biggest remaining issue relates to the manner in which violations arising from something other than a positive HGH test will be handled.

17 responses to “NFL has agreed to outside arbitration for positive HGH tests

  1. From what I’ve read and ‘listened to’, HGH helps an injured body heal, it does not ‘heighten’ the performance of an athlete. Regarding the wear and tear of football injuries, why should a ‘healing’ substance be a banned substance? Anybody?

  2. Good first step. Now hire some people to administer the tests who know you cant collect a sample in cracked and unsealed vials.

  3. The whole hgh testing system is already a sham given the way they’ve gone about giving the players a chance to dose up massively before that so called “population test”.

    This will set the bar so high that almost no player will ever fail a test, and now those that do get “outside arbitration”.

    This is nothing more than a smokescreen to keep congress off the league’s back and fewer fans from screaming “cheaters” at any any team with a player that fails a PED test.

  4. The idea of a population study on a population suspected for HGH-usage seems so absurd to me …. Another sign they don’t really want to catch the cheaters

  5. So, could a player conceivably take HGH, test positive for it, and still use the appeals process to hold off a suspension until the next season if his team is in the hunt for the playoffs like a certain DB (defensive back or Delta-Bravo, take your pick) from the Northwest have already done with the PED policy?

  6. I certainly don’t hate Goodell but he should have learned his lesson from the NO Saints fiasco…

    Leave these appeals and other such matters to an independent committee or arbitrator!

  7. I can’t imagine it will be much fun if the eagles offense sputters when the season starts and they put up a few 3 and outs.

    The one thing with the uptempo offense is that it’s great when you put together drives but when it doesn’t work your talking only taking 30-45 seconds off the clock for a series and leaving your defense out to dry.

  8. I take and test samples for my job as a QC manager in a chemistry lab at a pharmaceutical company. I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years and let me tell you that the flimsy excuses Dick Sherman and Ryan Braun used to attack the test takers are hogwash. Even if the sample cups cracked or were considered “contaminated”, then there would have had to have been some remnants of HGH actually IN THE SAMPLE BAG to get a positive test. The appeals board blew it when they let these guys go.

  9. The league should allow medical doctors, licensed to practice medicine in the State of the NFL team and approved by the NFL, to prescribe HGH or Steroids strictly for the purposes of healing injuries.

    This is already happening in the “real world” every day. It’s only in the land of, stupid old white men who still live in the 19th century, that this is forbidden.

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