Patriots release Michael Jenkins


The Patriots are continuing to make it clear that they’re very happy with the young receivers on their roster.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team has released veteran wide receiver Michael Jenkins on Thursday. Jenkins has been hampered by a hamstring injury recently, which didn’t do him any favors in a battle for snaps against rookies Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce and Kenbrell Thompkins.

Jenkins was a 2004 first-round pick by the Falcons and spent the first seven years of his career in Atlanta before jumping to the Vikings for the last two seasons. Jenkins used his height, he stands 6-foot-4, to help him to 354 catches over those nine years, but his experience didn’t wind up doing him any favors in New England. That’s not much of a surprise when you add Danny Amendola to the list of receivers who have locked up jobs and Julian Edelman to those running ahead of Jenkins in the pecking order.

Jenkins joins the now-retired Donald Jones and Lavelle Hawkins as veteran receivers let go by the Patriots well ahead of the cutdown date to 53 players. That will give him time to latch on somewhere else, as Hawkins did in San Francisco, although his relative lack of speed may limit his options since it’s been several years since he threatened defenses down the field.

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  1. The rookies have looked great. I expect a much more balanced attack, similar to 2003 and 2004

  2. Watching the players go through the drills against the Bucs DB’s it was obvious that the young receivers looked to be in sync with Brady. Edleman was turning the DB’s in circles while Brady threw to him. Jake Ballard was limping and fell down going through agility drills. His lower body does not look strong.

  3. This will be an end of a career for Jenkins. If the WR starving Patriots think not even Brady can make this guy succeed – there aren’t any other NFL teams that would have fit better for this guy.

    Retirement is around the corner for this guy. Even though most would consider him an 1st round “bust”, he has had a “decent” career.

  4. Perfect pick up for the Jets and sexy Rexy. This guy is so slow that by the time Sanchize decides to throw the ball, Jenkins will be there. Of course, the o-line will have to pass protect for a least 10 seconds!

  5. The Patriots don’t rebuild. They reload.

    I know, it’s not original. But it is somewhat true. Look at their record since 2001. Only one season with less than ten wins and the year they lost Brady to injury they won 11.

    Great ownership. Solid coaching. Talented veterans. Those things will keep you competitive and in the playoff mix.

  6. “If the WR starving Patriots think not even Brady can make this guy succeed”
    Missed the part where they have 3 rookie WR’s making all NE/PHI/TB db’s look stupid huh.

  7. He stunk as a Viking but he had plenty of company. You just could never tell if he was that bad or if Sister Christian was the problem. I suspect it was a combination of both and now the Patriots confirmed he isn’t an NFL receiver, not that it made any difference to the Vikings.

  8. Rookies can look great in camp and preseason games, but I don’t see how even Tom Brady can make them better as a group. I expect the Patriots to rely much more on the running game this season than they have the last several years, at least until Gronkowski returns, whenever that is.

  9. I wonder if the Eagles will give him a look. The just got a good look at him in joint practices last week and are thin at WR. A big WR who can go across the middle and catch first downs will certainly help.

  10. He’ll land somewhere. Maybe in Green Bay. Word from whatjusthapped is that the Pack receiving corps is overrated and a touch soft. If you wanna know what’s up with the Pack – or the taliban, for that matter – whatjusthapped is your source of reliable info.

  11. Somebody can have Ballard pretty soon also. Just not coming along like he should. They know it ,he knows it.

  12. jimmyt says,

    7-9 (Probably still win their division though)

    Interesting this Rams fan thinks his team will win the NFCW with a 7-9 record.

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