Phillip Hunt becomes fourth Eagle to tear an ACL


The Philadelphia Eagles’ bad run of serious knee injuries continues.

Phillip Hunt, a third-year backup who is transitioning from 4-3 defensive end to 3-4 outside linebacker, has suffered a torn ACL. Hunt had successful ACL surgery today, Adam Caplan of SiriusXM Radio reports.

Eagles receivers Arrelious Benn and Jeremy Maclin and linebacker Jason Phillips have also suffered torn ACLs in the last three weeks. Those three injuries all took place on the team’s practice field, while Hunt’s injury was suffered at Lincoln Financial Field in the Eagles’ preseason opener against the Patriots.

Coach Chip Kelly has said he wants to look into everything the team is doing to determine if there’s something causing the rash of torn ACLs. So far, there’s no reason to believe it’s anything more than bad luck.

20 responses to “Phillip Hunt becomes fourth Eagle to tear an ACL

  1. The only starter the Eagles lost is Maclin. Not sure if anyone else would have even made the team.

  2. I seem to remember about a dozen years ago, the Yankees pitching ranks were depleted by a number of arm injuries, so Yankees management fired the Trainer. I found that a refreshing and completely appropriate response.

    Who’s the Eagles’ Trainer?

  3. 8to80texansblog says:
    Aug 15, 2013 5:20 PM
    Was it on the “cursed” middle practice field?

    Disregard…. I should follow my own advice.

  4. Stop suggesting this is Kelly’s, or his trainer’s fault. There are so many torn ACLs around the entire league that the NFL is looking into it. How a coach and staff that emphasize being in shape and eating right the way they do could be to blame is beyond me.

  5. Is Kelley still doin the no hitting in pract thing? If so it could have something to do with guys not goin 100% like they normally would and getting injured that way.

  6. I know this is old and lame, but I wonder how many people see that name and think like this old lame guy of the phone prank when someone calls a store asking them to page Mike Hunt?

  7. Why the increase in ACL injuries?

    The shoes.

    Manufacturers are constantly trying to produce a “better product,” in regards to traction and support for the buyer. Tech is at a point now that “the give” on the playing field from excessive knee torque.. well, there is no “give.” The force then travels to the weakest point along the leg and boom.. ACL pop.

    Players “slipping” on the field has deminished while ACL injuries are climbing. However, due to potential libel suits, I suspect the NFL and teams will tread very lightly.

  8. Two probable reasons for ACL injuries. 1) bad run of injuries. 2) field surface. The one a day practices these days under the new collective bargaining agreement are nowhere near as brutal 2 a days practices 5-10 years ago.

  9. it really is amazing.. it seems there are a ton more injuries this year. Is it just coincidence, or is there a bigger force at work- perhaps the technology in the field and shoe with the increased size and speed of the players?

  10. You have to discount the practice field conditions and non-hitting practices when looking at the four injuries as a collective. Hunt’s injury took place on the in a live action game.

    If the four all have an underlying connection, which is not as likely as you might want to think, then it would need to be something that is the same between practice and games. That leaves equipment, nutrition, conditioning, or for those with a more pessimistic mindset, it could be from players coming off of HGH due to the new testing being put into place. The final, and most likely common thread, is competition.

    This team has more or less been blown up on both sides of the ball. New coaching staff, new systems, new policies. Someone commented that with the exception of Maclin you were looking at bubble guys. This makes sense because with 90 guys competing for 53 jobs, many of which are wide open for the taking, the level of competition is such that guys might be pushing themselves beyond their limits in order to make the club.

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