Pro football returns to L.A., sort of

Yes, professional football finally has returned to Los Angeles.  But not in the way the NFL would envision.

The Arena Football League will place a new franchise in L.A., partially owned by and named for the hottest band in the world, KISS.

Debuting in 2014, the L.A. KISS will be owned by a group including KISS founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.  The league announced the new franchise on Thursday.

“Season tickets are now on sale for what we know will be some of the most action-packed games ever played at the Honda Center,” Stanley said in a release issued by the AFL. “Arena Football is played at a fast and furious pace and making season tickets available now for the budget-friendly price of $99 gives a whole new meaning to bang for the buck.”

KISS has always given a unique meaning to “bang,” thanks to performances that feature explosions and fire and fake blood and other stuff that has made the group one of the most popular in rock history.

So now we’ll (or at least I’ll) have to spend a little time paying attention to the AFL, especially when the L.A. KISS plays.  Indeed, KISS had a bit of an indirect role in the creation of this Internet destination.  Stanley and Simmons always explained that they created the act they’d pay to see; in that same spirit, we created the website where we’d spend our time.And now we’ll (or at least I’ll) spend some time following the perfect combination of the greatest sport and the greatest band.Once the games begin, the blood no longer will be fake.