Ravens cut Jameel McClain’s pay in half


Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain still hasn’t been cleared to return from the spinal cord contusion he suffered late last season, which calls his availability for the regular season into question.

It also means that his $3 million salary was too high for the Ravens’ liking, so the team approached McClain about a pay cut and were able to reach agreement on a lower salary for the coming season. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that his base salary has been sliced in half to $1.5 million and that his cap number will drop from $4.2 million to $2.7 million. McClain has one year left at a non-guaranteed $3.2 million on the three-year deal he signed before last season.

According to Wilson, McClain remains on the PUP list because doctors still find evidence of the bruise on his spinal cord on x-rays and he won’t be cleared to play football until those tests return clean. If that doesn’t happen, McClain could remain on the PUP list into the regular season and could conceivably wind up missing the entire year.

That’s obviously not an ideal scenario for the Ravens, who will go with Daryl Smith, Arthur Brown and others at inside linebacker as long as McClain is out, but at least it won’t cost them quite as much.

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  1. The headline on this is misleading. How about ‘Ravens, McClain agree on salary reductions’. I clicked on the article and expected this was going to be a story about the Ravens screwing a guy that got hurt. Sounds like they made a deal with him that suits both parties.

  2. Everyone should remember these types of post when we hear about players holding out for more money.

    I wasn’t there but I’d bet the convo went something like this.

    Ravens GM: Take a pay cut or be cut. What option would you like?

  3. Contrast this with Pittsburgh who got coerced by New England to pay Sanders double salary after trying to Scrooge him.

  4. Of course he takes the $1.5 mil….who’s going to pay him anything on the open market with a lingering spinal contusion injury?

  5. With no timetable to return this seems only fair. Would be great if he could get back to playing.

    Don’t recall where I read it but Ravens were something like $4.5M under the cap and did this to get ready for the 53 man roster cap calculation. I didn’t know it before but it makes sense, while they have to be under the cap now only the top 51 salaries are counted in preseason until they get down to 53.

  6. I think a Steeler fan wrote the headline. Sounds like something they would say even though it’s obvious the Ravens reached a compassionate compromise of a difficult situation. Hopes he gets better soon and can start drilling Roethlisbooger into the turf.

  7. Don’t feel bad for him, still makes more then most ppl and doesn’t see the field

  8. if a steeler fan calls someone a bust we may have to take him seriously. after all, who would know more about draft busts than a steeler fan

  9. Wait a second, the guy bruises his spinal cord while playing in a game for his team, and his team shows class and loyalty by cutting his pay in half while he recovers? I sincerely hope I am never treated with such class and loyalty by my employer.

  10. “youarejealousof6rings says:

    Did you just call an undrafted free agent a bust?


  11. “youarejealousof6rings says:
    BUST!” ————————————————————————————————–
    Typical stiller fan – open mouth insert foot

  12. This is eminently fair. The Ravens could have sought an injury settlement and cut him. The fact that they want to keep him around shows they still have faith in Jameel’s return, but there not going to pay someone who has been, to this point, nothing more than an average ILB $3 million to exercise on the sidelines while his spine hopefully heals.

    Secondly, the Ravens are practicing sound medical judgment. You don’t want to fool around with anybody’s spine.

    Third, this more of Ozzie adjusting his cap for this year and possibly into 2014. Smart move.

  13. This wasn’t a compassionate move. This wasn’t a ruthless move. This was a move to clear up money that was going to be given to a player that isn’t going to be seeing the field for a long time. Nor should he. You don’t mess around with damage to the central nervous system.

    The contract was renegotiated to create space under the cap. And next year is non-guaranteed. Which means he will either be 100% healthy by the start of next camp, or he will no longer be on the team. I’m not saying the Ravens front office is bad or evil, but if this was about their generosity he wouldn’t have had his pay cut at all.

  14. Just gotta echo this asinine troll statement because its that ridiculous: How exactly do you call an undrafted rookie free agent a bust? Forgot nothing has to make since when you’re a resident of the underside of a dark, dirty bridge.

  15. As a Ravens fan, I’m disappointed Ozzie didn’t give him an injury settlement and move on with Daryl Smith and young ILB depth. Even healthy, McCain was very average. Too bad they locked him up last year instead of Ellerbe.

  16. purpleguy says:
    Aug 15, 2013 2:45 PM
    Wait a second, the guy bruises his spinal cord while playing in a game for his team, and his team shows class and loyalty by cutting his pay in half while he recovers? I sincerely hope I am never treated with such class and loyalty by my employer

    Wake up PurpleGuy it happens to people like us everyday….it’s called Long Term Disability.

  17. Classy franchise… Take advantage of a player who hurt his neck severely to put W’s in the win column. This is a salary cut, its not a mutual agreement. he was basically told take it or you’re cut waived injured.

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