Reid believes McNabb is a Hall of Famer

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On September 19, the Eagles will retire the number worn by quarterback Donovan McNabb.  Coaching Philly’s opponent that night will be the man who selected McNabb with the second pick in the 1999 draft, coach Andy Reid.

Reid, who now coaches the Chiefs, told Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that McNabb deserves a somewhat higher honor:  Placement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“Well, listen, I’m partial, I think he is,” Reid said regarding whether McNabb is worthy of Canton.  “Just look at his numbers.  I think the things he did were phenomenal, how he handled the whole city of Philadelphia and how he handled the football team, he just did it with class.

“He’s tougher than shoe leather. I used to joke that he’s wired like a linebacker.  He played the position that way and he brought something completely new to the West Coast offense with his sheer athletic ability.   Steve Young took it to a new level from where Joe Montana was and added a dimension, and then Donovan even added another dimension to it, so I have nothing but the highest regards for Donovan and the things that he did.  The sky was the limit for him and he went up and touched it.  He just did great things, and his teammates most of all believed in him and followed him.”

The absence of a Super Bowl win could make it harder for McNabb to get in, especially when he is first eligible in 2017.  But McNabb ultimately will get consideration; whether he gets in will depend on whether enough of the voters agree with Reid’s assessment.

62 responses to “Reid believes McNabb is a Hall of Famer

  1. Wow … The HOF is a joke if McNabb gets in. Seriously every rookie QBs that comes into the league puts up McNabb numbers. There are a lot of good players not in the HOF and we are talking about McNabb getting in …. LOL.

  2. I’m a Dolphins fan in the Philly area and hate the Eagles, but I think he deserves to get in eventually. Most Eagles fans hated him and blamed him for “holding them back” but I think he was the only thing pushing them forward. Look how far they’ve fallen since he’s been gone.

  3. The Hall of Fame???? Really???? He doesn’t come close. He will be remember more for puking on the field in big games and throwing balls at WRs feet when they were wide open. Go back and watch the last playoff game against Arizona. Guys wide open and missed them badly.

  4. Gtfoh, Reid.

    I actually like McNabb and respect his game more than most round these parts but he’s in the Hall of Very Good, not the Hall of Fame.

    His case is worsened b/c he ended his career relatively young and not on his own terms. But his #s don’t validate it. Not even close

  5. Andy is not impartial and is a gentleman. He won’t tear down a player that he worked with for so many years.

  6. No Way. At least Reid admits he is partial. I can think of dozens of players who are more deserving than McNabb, who was one of the biggest disappointments in games that really mattered.

  7. Yeah, and I believe that all the ladies want me. Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.

  8. Things that may help McNabb’s case:

    – 9-7 playoff record, 5 NFC title appearances (1-4 record however) (only Brady and Big Ben have more wins since McNabb came into league)

    – 3rd QB with 35,000 pass yards, 3000 rush yards (both Elway and Tarkenton are in the HOF)

    – Better TD/INT ratio (2 to 1) than guys like Favre, Marino AND Joe Montana

    However, he’s hurt by the following:

    – 59% career completion percentage and a career passer rating of only 85.6

    – Lacks a defining GW drive/4th Quarter comeback

    – 0 rings

    – Never a 1st or 2nd team All-pro

    – Regressed big time towards the end of his career

    Verdict — Not a HOF.

  9. This is the same guy who thought making Juan Castillo,his offensive line coach of 12 years into a first time NFL defensive coordinator was a good idea and who also spent a high second rounder on kevin kolb, so sure why not defer to his expertise.

  10. Sure McNabb may have fallen short of a Super Bowl

    But as far as I’m concerned he should be enshrined in Canton just for helping to boot Rush Limbaugh out of the “color” commentary booth at ESPN

    Football fans everywhere are forever in your debt, Donovan. Thank you.

  11. He:

    was never even the best QB in his conference.
    was never an Al-Pro
    only had 2 Pro-Bowls made as not an alternate.

    McNabb was a very good QB. Best Philly has ever had, but not a HOFer.

  12. I think he just comes up short. In the Hall of Very Good, sure. In The Hall of Fame, not so much.

  13. He has zero chance of even getting close to the Hall of Fame. Zero. Why this is even a question in the media is beyond me.

  14. McNabb has no shot IMO. One of the most overrated QB’s of his generation….plus, now that he’s done, all he does is shoot his mouth off and annoy most of the fans…

  15. I loved Donovan while he was with the Eagles. When he went to the Skins, I rooted for him as long as he wasn’t playing the Eagles. Same for when he was with the Vikings.
    I had a similar feeling for Randall Cunningham when he went to Minnesota. I loved watching Randall lob the ball deep to Moss and make it to the NFC Championship game. I wished he would have won a Super Bowl that year.
    Having said that…I think both of them will be always fondly remembered as Eagles…and both are some of the most amazing athletes to play QB in the league. But…I don’t think either of them are Hall of Fame players. Close…but not quite.

  16. Look at his competition at the position. Brady, Favre, Warner, Manning, Manning, Roethlisberger.

    McNabb doesn’t stack up to those names. He doesn’t get in.

  17. I Don’t! He was a flawed passer, couldn’t throw to a spot, or hit an underneath crossing receiver.

  18. No rings, no all pros, and an 85 QB rating. No he doesn’t go in the hall. He shouldn’t even been in the discussion, especially since ken stable has yet to get in. Also even though he made it to those NFC championship games, he played like crap in every single one, and if not for the packets letting one of the worst starting WR of all time run up the seam 27 yards on 4th and 26, he wouldn’t have had the chance to play awful in the Superbowl. If McChoke gets in, the hall is a joke.

  19. Just a coach talking up his former QB. Regardless if you like him or not, McNabb had a solid career. Definitely not a Hall of Famer, but a QB that brought winning back to Philly.

  20. Of course he is… His career was running parallel with that of John Elway minus the 2 championships Elway managed at the end of his career (Thank you TD)… Look at the numbers, playoff success and even the playoff failures… All very similar

  21. I think he is a Hall-of-Fame B.S.-er! The fact that he wanted to counsel RGIII, knowing very well the awkward situation such a meeting would put RGIII in…tells you that maybe, in fact, Donovan IS an ‘Idiot’!

  22. Multiple championship games, one Super Bowl appearance, best QB in franchise history. I would say he eventually gets in. Congrats on a great career in Philly, McNabb.

  23. Good Luck in KC Andy.

    The Worm Burner Pass should be his highlight clip and his Bust should be made with him puking. Also a fat check paid back to Washington and Minnesota for impersonating a QB.

    Then I would consider him worthy…

    Not Really…

  24. He should, but he won’t. I think Donovan knows that too, and I hope he’s at peace with it.

  25. “Steve Young took it to a new level from where Joe Montana was and added a dimension, and then Donovan even added another dimension to it”

    Sure he did, if you want to call throwing up while running the West Coast offense an added dimension.

    Might want to back away from the kool aid there Andy….

  26. Donovan McNabb would have been more likely to be a hall of famer if he had a coach who knew how to call plays, run a balanced offense and manage the clock.

    Andy Reid was good for him when he came into the league, but, later, McNabb was successful despite Reid, not because of him.

  27. Someone needs to inform Andy it is the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Very Good. Plus, anybody that doesn’t know a regular season game can end in a tie should be almost automatically disqualified.

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