Steve Keim compares Patrick Peterson to Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders

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The Arizona Cardinals have big plans for cornerback Patrick Peterson.

He’s already been used as a kick returner and on offense in addition to being named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first two seasons in the league. His talent is undeniable and Cardinals’ general manager Steve Keim believes Peterson belongs in a group among some of the most freakish athletes to play in the NFL in the last 30 years.

From an ability standpoint, I’ve never seen anything like him. He’s the closest thing in the league to a Bo Jackson, a Deion Sanders,” Keim said in an interview with Robert Klemko of “I’ve seen him stand on the field flat-footed and throw the ball 65-70 yards. He goes out to practice as a wideout, and runs a 10- and 15-yard out as well as anyone on our team. His value to our team is really unparalleled.”

Both Jackson and Sanders managed to play in the NFL and in the major leagues in baseball during their careers. Jackson saw his football career cut short in just his fourth season in the league due to a hip injury. Sanders, like Peterson, played everywhere during his Hall of Fame career from kick returns to cornerback to wide receiver. But both were considered to be among the most gifted athletes in the league when they played.

Keim feels that Peterson has become a different player with two years of experience under his belt.

“I’ve never been a part of a team with a more valuable defensive player,” Keim said. “Then you consider the guy can really help you in three phases of the game—defense, special teams and now as a receiver. He is one of a kind.”

35 responses to “Steve Keim compares Patrick Peterson to Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders

  1. I would like to a clip of him flat-footed throwing a football 65-70 yards. I am not saying he cannot do it, I just want to see it…

  2. Steve Keim is not only making a complete fool out of himself, he is insulting the greatest to ever play……Mr. Bo Jackson.

  3. I’ve been saying this for quite a while, even before the end of last season…Patrick Peterson is the best cornerback on the face of the earth. Just like Calvin Johnson did as a receiver, Peterson will prove to everyone that he is undebatably the very best at his craft…without question. Aside from JJ Watt, this guy is my pick for defensive player of the year.

  4. Peterson can be electric with the ball in his hands, but the fact that he’s an average to below average defensive back already takes him out of that kind of comparison.

    Oh, and the fact that he’s been around for like 2 years.

  5. LOL, are you freaking kidding me right now????? NO WAY!!!! He’s not even relevant to them names!!!! Worst football coment EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  6. “Both Jackson and Sanders managed to play in the NFL and in the major leagues in baseball during their careers.”

    With the difference being that Bo was an All Star. He played in both the Pro Bowl and the All Star game in the same year.

    To this day, Bo stands above all else.

  7. How about some love for former Cardinals db/kr/wr Roy Green? That guy went from pro bowl db to pro bowl wr easier than anyone I’ve ever seen and put up numbers Deion could never touch.

  8. This is how you lose credibility if you’re wrong. People will remember this comment if Pat doesn’t end up being an all-time great. He has potential, but you can’t go around throwing THOSE types of comparisons around loosely…

    Peterson is explosive, but to be like Deion, he first must become a true “shutdown” corner and he’s not there yet

  9. Pat is a great athlete, faced him a couple times in High School down here in Broward County (he lined up at WR). We always talked smack on the field respectfully, but he did always back it up obviously. I will always root for him as well as all the other pro players that came out of Broward (and that list is very long!).

    …but no he’s no Deion or Bo, and will never be :)….Brian Hartline repeatedly made him look bad last year. Still got love for Pat though.

  10. “He goes out to practice as a wideout, and runs a 10- and 15-yard out as well as anyone on our team.”

    You do realize Larry Fitzgerald is on your team, right? If he is running routes as well as a guy that is in the discussion of best receiver in the league and in the top 25-30 all time, why is he playing corner? I am all for hyping up your guys and getting excited about the talent on your team, but let’s pump the brakes there, buddy.

    Peterson is an excellent athlete, but Bo Jackson was a man among boys on the field and Deion ran like he was the only one moving.

  11. @aaroncurryisbust says:
    Aug 16, 2013 12:26 AM
    Oh, PLEASE. He isn’t even the best CB in his own draft class; Richard Sherman’s earned that honor.

    can we leave the druggie cheat out of this.
    sher worm is not only a cheat but also a loudmouth.

  12. Peterson is Good but he is not some All world Corner(yet)… in 4 Career Games Michael Crabtree has 6 TD’s against the guy… He completely owned him on last years MNF game and also week 17 of last year… This isn’t a Hate Post cuz i think the guy is a hell of a player just a little bit of perspective that he isn’tt even a Lock Down Corner yet…. Lets not call him PrimeTime just yet

  13. Bo Jackson is the best athlete I ever watched in professional sports period…he not only played professional football and baseball, he excelled at them both. He even impressed after striking out, putting the bat on his batting helmet and breaking it in half!

  14. Please do people comprehend what they read? HE NEVER said better…. he said from a talent perspective. You really cant say how great he will be only time will tell.

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