Tony Romo plans to change more plays at the line of scrimmage


Much has been made this offseason about Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo having an increased role in game planning. Romo says that increased role in controlling the offense will extend right up to the point when he’s about to take the snap.

Romo won’t be controlling the entire offense at the line of scrimmage, the way Peyton Manning does, but he does expect to call more audibles at the line.

“I’ll probably do a little more from time to time at the line,” Romo told the Dallas Morning News. “That’s not every time, that doesn’t mean every game but it means that capability is there for us.”

Romo said he and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan have spent a lot of time together to get on the same page.

“I don’t know how much time it is, but it’s hours every day that we’re outside of the football field in meetings together, talking, going over stuff,’’ Romo said. “It’s been a real good rapport. Bill has got a good mind for football, just like Jason [Garrett]. It allows us to do a lot of different things now that we’ve put our heads together and attack things.”

More than ever, the Cowboys’ offense will run this season through Tony Romo.

46 responses to “Tony Romo plans to change more plays at the line of scrimmage

  1. Jason Garrett – Play 1 – Toss Right
    Romo – Check Check …. 18 z sweep double x cross pass

    Jason Garrett – Play 2 – Zone Read Left
    Romo – Check Check …. 13 hitch z fade pass

    Jason Garrett – Play 3 – HB dive
    Romo – Check Check … X Y flip Z streak pass

  2. What a soap opera. After how many years in the league? That organization is in shambles. I can’t help but root against the Jones’ and Romo. Helpless.

  3. As long as he does it in the fourth quarter and turns it over I’m all for it !!!!!!

  4. As long as he throws the ball to Dez Bryant, I have no problem with that! Will be good for my fantasy team!

  5. Cowboys really are trying to transform Romo into Peyton. I think you also have to consider the O-Line.

    It seems Peyton’s O-Lines were required to stay in their stance for long periods of time on a very consistent basis. The Cowboys O-Line draws more than their fair share of false start penalties as it is. Asking them to do what Peyton’s lines do will be no easy task.

    Will they be able to react to the snap without hesitation and without thinking too much?

    Will they be able to remain mentally engaged from the time they assume their stance until Romo is ready for the ball to be snapped?

  6. I’ve always appreciated Romo’s positive attitude. No matter what the never-was media or the has-been fans say about him he just smiles and moves on. Well done.

  7. Romo:
    10 years into my Career of Failures has earned me the ability to change plays on the fly.
    Prediction: more crying on the field

  8. Veteran QB. Franchise player. Leader of team. And now he might change a play or two at the line during some games in certain situations. SMH.

    Cowboys are in real trouble.

  9. This is when the Cowboys are at their best. If you notice most of their explosive plays last year came from running up the line, Romo calling out plays, and leeping the defensive off-guard. When they tried to develop a steady offense, Garret’s retarted playcalling cost us alot of series’. Keep the majority of the game in Romo’s hands and the o-line healthy and were gunna be just fine!

  10. This why there was all the delay in figuring out who was going to be calling the offensive plays. Turns out that it never mattered because Romo is going to run whatever he feels like. I’m surprised Jerrah’s going to allow it because he’s such a control freak. I’d imagine he wants the plays run the way he tells his staff to call them.

  11. It’s not the play selection that has hurt them…

    It was the play EXECUTION that hurt them.

  12. So now Tony can change the play and just throw the interception to a different member of the opposing team…

    That should be easy to follow…

  13. I think Romo already changes a lot of plays, assuming that’s what he’s doing when he calls, “Kill, kill, kill…” at the line of scrimmage.

    My concern is that he’ll audible out of a run play on 3rd and 1 for a pass play.

    Hopefully, Bill Callahan can help him see the importance of moving the chains rather than going for the home run.

  14. When he yells kill that means they called two plays in the huddle and he chooses the play based off of the coverage that he sees in the defense.

    If the defense is stacked right in front of where the run play is going, it obviously makes sense to audible of out of the play.

    The QB can see things on the field that the coach can’t and if you’re QB is smart enough (which Romo certainly is) he SHOULD be changing the plays.

  15. I saw a little blip of there practice at OXTURD, CA yesterday and it showed Romo throw a straight up interception to Sean Lee and it was not in traffic he just threw straight to him like WTF

  16. It’s a lot of jealousy and pure HATERADE from fans of all teams towards my Cowboys!!! I can understand fans in the NFC EAST having comments, but you’ve got AFC fans hating….by my count its ONLY bout 5 decent teams in that conference…So if your team hasn’t been to a SB or playoffs since 70’s/80’s….stop hopping on nut sacks because everyone else talks bout Cowboys…worry bout your sorry @$$ teams…..

  17. Romo has the intelligence and experience to pull this off. However I’m not so convinced all of the surrounding casts can handle it. There have been times where Romo and the WRs weren’t on the same page.

    If they can execute it, it’s an advantage but we will see how it goes..

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