Tony Romo plans to change more plays at the line of scrimmage


Much has been made this offseason about Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo having an increased role in game planning. Romo says that increased role in controlling the offense will extend right up to the point when he’s about to take the snap.

Romo won’t be controlling the entire offense at the line of scrimmage, the way Peyton Manning does, but he does expect to call more audibles at the line.

“I’ll probably do a little more from time to time at the line,” Romo told the Dallas Morning News. “That’s not every time, that doesn’t mean every game but it means that capability is there for us.”

Romo said he and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan have spent a lot of time together to get on the same page.

“I don’t know how much time it is, but it’s hours every day that we’re outside of the football field in meetings together, talking, going over stuff,’’ Romo said. “It’s been a real good rapport. Bill has got a good mind for football, just like Jason [Garrett]. It allows us to do a lot of different things now that we’ve put our heads together and attack things.”

More than ever, the Cowboys’ offense will run this season through Tony Romo.