Von Miller hearing postponed


As expected, Broncos linebacker Von Miller didn’t attend practice on Thursday.  As unexpected, Miller didn’t attend an appeal hearing in New York on Thursday.

Per multiple reports, Miller met with NFLPA lawyers in Washington, D.C. instead.  The hearing has been postponed.

The hearing possibly will be canceled, if an agreement between the league and the union is reached resolving the situation.  Settlement possibilities include a reduced suspension or a fine.

Coach John Fox told reporters on Thursday that Miller will return Saturday and play in the preseason game against the Seahawks.

“[W]e are prepared for any possible scenario,” quarterback Peyton Manning told reporters, via quotes distributed by the team.  “That’s how you have to be.  If you get all wrapped up into one outcome and it doesn’t end up turning out that way, you don’t really have a Plan B.  Today was a good practice on the possibility that he may not be here.  If that is the case, that is not going to be an excuse for our team and we have to find a way to do our jobs.  But, we certainly hope that he is here.”

Miller, whose four-game suspension apparently arises from the substance-abuse policy, reportedly did not test positive for drugs.  Violations can occur in other ways, including missed tests and diluted samples.

Violations of the substance-abuse policy don’t arise from unrelated arrests.  Thus, while the league may not be happy with Miller for his recent arrest arising from an alleged failure to appear for a hearing in traffic court, any discipline for that infraction would have to flow from the personal-conduct policy.

24 responses to “Von Miller hearing postponed

  1. NFL must be picking on another high profile player for no good reason, huh. That is substantiated by postponing the hearing at the last minute to go see the NFLPA. Yeah, they have a great track record of taking good care of the players, right?

  2. It was reported that Miller missed the test while overseas doing a support the troops tour sponsored by the NFL.

  3. Miller was always a bit of a phony. The irony is that Damontre Moore fell in the draft pool because of supposed “character” issues, and Moore is a straight up guy compared to his former teammate. Will be a better football player as well.

  4. Denver went from Dumerville and Von on the edges to not Elvis, and potentially a quarter of a season without Von before the green flag even drops. That stings.

  5. The league will let Miller get away with it because it’s the Broncos. The league office has a history of favoritism toward the Broncos, letting Pat Bowlen and his team get away with stuff that most other teams would be and have been heavily punished for.

  6. This guy is soooooo fake and a lowlife.
    Stay classy Donkeys with all the drunks, PED users, dope abusers, and cheap fax machines you made it even easier for KC to own the division for the next decade(but Andy was gonna take it over anyway)

  7. The NFL has no case, to all those haters that were so quick to judge V.F.M. open mouth and insert foot. Watch him have a record breaking season on route to the Super Bowl. DB4L! Respect The Orange! United In Orange! Broncos Country!!!

  8. vietnambob2473 says: Aug 15, 2013 7:28 PM

    It was reported that Miller missed the test while overseas doing a support the troops tour sponsored by the NFL.
    Even if this is true it doesn’t make a difference. A missed test is a missed test and I’m sure he could have planned around his trip by rescheduling his meeting and test before he went or giving them a heads up and seeing if he can it after. “I went and saw the troops” is a ludicrous excuse for breaking rules that are only restricting him because he screwed up already.

  9. Always love how guys like holmbolt comment on stuff and bash Denver but doesn’t give facts. Name all the bad stuff Denver has done. Name all the PED users on the team. Name all the drug addicts on this team. Millers failed test was in the beginning of his rookie year any more would have resulted in a suspension for it. If it’s only for missing a test and he just forgot to notify the league he wouldn’t be there then it’s not worth a 4 game suspension and it doesn’t make him the worst person in the world or scum or anything like that. He is a young guy who made a mistake. Doesn’t matter how much money he has or makes he still is young and needs to grow up.

  10. vietnambob2473 says: Aug 15, 2013 7:28 PM

    It was reported that Miller missed the test while overseas doing a support the troops tour sponsored by the NFL.

    If Miller was really on a USO tour for the NFL, why is it only coming out now as the reason for the missing the test?

    Maybe that was the reason why he missed it but you’d think such a reason would’ve been leaked almost immediately.

    Players are supposedly notified day of test and to provide their whereabouts so someone local to them could find them. They don’t just show up at your house and if you’re not home you automatically fail.

    There’s more to it than the USO tour.

    The NFL loves to protect its image. Having it get out that you suspend a notable player due to a missed test because he’s overseas doing stuff for the troops, more or less on the NFL’s behalf looks bad. They would’ve sweep that under the carpet and made exception.

  11. “[W]e are prepared for any possible scenario,”…just goes to show you who really runs this team…MegaHead.

  12. Humbolt and Iknoweverything are just sad divisional opponent fans… They will grasp and pull at anything they can to make up for their sorry lame excuse as teams.

    Moving on…
    Harvey Steinberg, a well known lawyer in the Denver area and for professional athletes said that if it is a diluted sample, then he will still get the suspension, but if it was for missing it due to being on the USO tour then he has a really good chance of it being wiped away.
    One thing I don’t get is that pro athletes drink a lot of water, I would assume… That makes it very easy to give a diluted sample, and I think that would even have a case. But we shall see.

    Now, think about it… Why would the NFL postpone his hearing and wait to speak with the NFLPA? What if the NFL just now realized that it was because he was on the USO tour? They would be doing EVERYTHING they can to resolve this and not create a bad image for the shield. Von has been very adament in saying he did nothing wrong, his teammates have been saying the same thing… So we will just have to wait and see.

  13. I love how the chiefs fans (personally I didn’t know there were any) can say stay classy like their team has had no issues. Lets see

    Monty Ray Grow former LB – Left 3yr old daughter locked in car while he was in strip club. Classy

    Larry Johnson former RB – Arrested for stranging ex-girlfriend in Vegas. Classy

    Tamba Hali – league didn’t say but suspended 1 game and 2 pay checks. Why so silent on this one NFL and Chiefs “fans”. Lets rip them for Von and keeps this one silent

    Bill Maas – .22 cal gun, pot, cocaine and ecstasy- classy

    Not saying Broncos players are perfect by any imagination. No team is. But before you cast stupid remarks think about your dumb teams as well

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