Barkevious Mingo needs another night in the hospital


Browns rookie linebacker Barkevious Mingo will spend another night in the hospital after suffering a bruised lung in Thursday’s preseason game.

Mingo is expected to miss at least a week or two, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. That likely means he’s done for the preseason, but there’s still optimism that he will be ready for the start of the regular season.

Although any injury that requires two nights in the hospital is obviously a concern, Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski indicated that the decision to keep Mingo hospitalized is simply an abundance of caution.

“Any time that there’s that kind of injury they just want to make sure everything is OK in terms of his health and breathing and everything else,” Chudzinski said.

Mingo was not involved in any out-of-the-ordinary hits in the game on Thursday, and it remains unclear when he suffered the injury.

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  1. Considering your name is “thegreatgabbert” you have lost all credibility. At least the Browns finally have some good talent and a good coaching staff. The Jags aren’t even close to improving.

    Enjoy watching your team go nowhere for the next 5 years. Oh except maybe Los Angeles…

  2. Our air quality is actually quite good, Go on the US EPA website. Not only are you a Jags fan, but uneducated as well… What is ironic, as the previous poster pointed out, the Jags are headed to L.A. where the air quality actually is awful. Go root for those losers there.

  3. h8ers gon h8t. He got roughed up. Hope he’s ready for the season..but he’s not a lynchpin of the defense. Enough of the paradigm that one player decides a team. This is a mission, this is a belief. He’ll be back and be sacking in no time.

  4. Whoa jps027 lay off the Jags man! What did they ever do to you?
    I mean aside from winning 9 of 14 games vs. Cleveland. Oh, and that 48-0 smack down back in 2000!
    -Henne for president!

  5. Haha oh yeah man, I almost forgot about that time the Jags won 13 years ago! Lol come on man… Your really bringing up a game from 13 years ago?

    And once again, saying something like “Henne for president” destroys all of your credibility.

    Must be something wrong with that Jacksonville air.

  6. “Must be something wrong with that Jacksonville air.”

    Or perhaps Bath Salts!

    Mingo should be okay. The real big downer is Dion Lewis, he was looking solid and like we stole him from the Eagles (for Acho). I do not like any of the available running backs really as most are old or broken down or both (tho Michael Turner might be the best of the bunch). Now we could sign an actual fb, bring back Vickers if healthy for blocking and then we could get by with Richardson, Obi, and Jackson… unless someone else gets hurt.

  7. At 237 Mingo’s pretty frail to be going up against 320 lb OT’s. He needs to add a lot of strength and muscle to his frame. He also never lifted during the predraft process. Definite red flag.

  8. I like greatgabberts comments. They’re a whole lot better than the typical partisan crap you normally see here.

    And yes, Cleveland is a cesspool, and the Browns has been a colossal failure for 40-50 years.

  9. Mingo seemed to hold his own against the 320lb SEC lineman. And has done pretty well in training camp and the first preseason game so far.

    Yes he has to put on some weight and strength, but he is by no means frail.

    No offense but all of the people that call him frail and too skinny haven’t actually watched him play. They have just looked at him and determined he is those thing. I thought the same things before I actually watched his tape. He plays much stronger than he looks.

  10. @clebrowns216
    I guess you could say hold your own if you like, what? 5 or 6 sacks. The guy did not improve from year to year in college like you want to see from top prospects. He was definitely over drafted.

  11. Cleb I didn’t say he was frail and I think Mingo is a great player. Jordan the other top pick is hurt again in Miami and Mingo went down Thursday in just his second start. Mingo might actually be ahead of his time in body type because I believe the NFL is headed to faster, taller, linear, players to keep up with the offenses and new rules. I meant what you said he needs to put on muscle to survive.

  12. @donnyscott

    And your going to label him as over drafted before he even plays a single game? That’s smart…

    So you believe that Dion Jordan and Ziggy Ansah were over drafted right? Because they both had only 5 sacks also. People always seems to say Mingo was over drafted but Dion Jordan is some stud, when Mingo’s production in college was better and in a MUCH tougher conference. Just because Dion Jordan was this years “hype pick” that, out of nowhere, suddenly gets all of this crazy hype right before the draft even though he didnt do anything new on the football field in months.

    If you watch the tape of Mingo against out of conference competition such as Jordan’s PAC 10 rival Washington, he just destroys them.

    Again Mingos sack numbers look bad. But if you actually watch the tape it’s a different story. He was often asked to contain read option QBs and did a good job at it. And you also have to look at his QB pressure, knockdowns, hits.

    Your just looking at his lean frame and sack numbers and making judgment.

    Over drafted before a single NFL game… Genius!

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