Bernard Pollard fined $10,000 for hit in first preseason game


Titans safety Bernard Pollard doesn’t think there was anything wrong with his hit on Redskins wide receiver Aldrick Robinson as Robinson was stepping out of bounds during the preseason opener for both teams.

“I don’t think so,” Pollard said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “You have to look at for me, as a defender, I am already coming in and already going in to make the hit, so I don’t see his other foot go out.  He was inbounds and his other foot finally went out.”

Pollard also said that he doesn’t worry if the league fines him or not because he isn’t going to change the way he plays the game. So there likely weren’t any tears shed when he found out that the league has indeed gone ahead and fined him $10,000 for the hit, which was also flagged for unnecessary roughness during the game.

Pollard has been an outspoken critic of many rules the league has put in place as part of their effort to make the game safer and has been fined on several occasions in the past. He’s playing for a new team this season, but there aren’t many other differences from the Pollard of old.

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  1. On one hand I like the fact that this guy just wants to play the game hard. Other the other hand, he takes it waaay too far. There’s definitely a nice medium where you can still play ball hard, work hard, and also hit hard, and Pollard is nowhere near that.

    It’s to the point now (and has been for awhile) where his attitude/ego about the situation have overtaken his desire to help his team win. It’s no wonder this guy wears out his welcome on pretty much every team he plays for.

  2. I wrote here last week that Pollard would hurt his team by extending opponents drives and possessions with his thoughtless, unnecessary penalties.

  3. When he gets suspended, loses a couple games worth of paychecks, maybe then he will care a bit more. Maybe not, he’s basically telling the league to beg off and until a player gets seriously hurt or the league gets serious with its fines and suspensions he will continue as he said. I love a good clean NFL playmaker. Pollard is not one of them, he hits hard and to injure at times.

  4. It is one thing to play the game hard. However, Pollard seems to think that hard cheap shots will more than make up for his lack of ability to actually cover a receiver.

    He better be good in the locker room because he is a detriment on the field.

  5. That’s why he’s on his 4th team already. It’s one thing to hit hard; quite another to do it to a player who is clearly out of bounds.

  6. This guty is one of the best safties in the league I would love to have this guy on my team. reminds me of Atwater.

  7. forsbergler says: Aug 16, 2013 6:06 PM

    This guty is one of the best safties in the league I would love to have this guy on my team. reminds me of Atwater.


    Is that you, Benard?

  8. Göddel had no problem suspending Steelers Harrison in the past yet this guy is the worst in the NFL in last few years for cheap hits, time for Pollard to go.

  9. His attitude is worse than the hit. It shows contempt for the rule, disrespect for the combined goals of the team and an unwillingness to admit fault, accept blame or (more importantly) change. Hit as hard as you want. Just make sure it is within the rules.

  10. Only 10K? Shouldn’t this clown be considered a repeat offender at this point? I’d love to see what he has to say when they start slapping him with fines like they did Harrison a few years back.

  11. Glad he’s not a Raven anymore. We couldnt take the poor coverage and weekly donations of 30yds per game due to his constant penalties


    Seriously guy helps us win a ring and you’re happy he’s no longer a Raven because everyone remembers the bad but never the good. I bet you were pumped up like I was when he caused a fumble in the AFC Championship against the Patriots that basically sealed the game. Pollard plays hard and I like him as a player I’ll never say I’m glad he isn’t a Raven because he was on the team that brought the 2nd ring to the franchise.

  12. We know Pollard has injured a laundry list of players in games, but I wonder what he is like in practice – has he put teammates on the injured list too?

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