Bruce Arians doesn’t “see the dominance” of the 49ers and Seahawks


When talk turns to the NFC West, most people pick either the 49ers or the Seahawks to win the division.

It’s not hard to understand why. The 49ers were the NFC champs last season and the Seahawks started being talked about as a potential champion this year about five minutes after last season came to an end. There are two other teams in the division, however, and the coach of one of them isn’t prepared to cede anything to the perceived big dogs in his backyard.

“I don’t see the dominance that everybody else talks about,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website. “One of those teams may be [dominant]. It still has to be played on Sunday.”

You wouldn’t expect to hear anything else from the coach of a team that will play four games against those two teams this season, especially when the coach is in his first year on the job with a team that needs to put an end to their losing ways. Arians acknowledged how physical and difficult it will be to play the NFC West teams this year, including the Rams, but he isn’t going to say that those obstacles make it okay for the Cardinals to roll over and play dead.

And he’s right because as good as the 49ers and Seahawks look on paper, they also have suffered injuries that will hurt them and the coming season will bring unknown twists and turns that get in the way of any thought of inevitability.

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  1. I love the new mindset B.A. and Steve Keim have instilled in Arizona. They won’t win the division this season, but they are going to surprise a lot of people this season.

  2. Neah, he should have said, “both of these teams plus Rams are really great. We have decided to play out this year for a number 1 draft pick.”

    That wouldn’t made any headlines!!!


  3. He may be right, I think there will be 3 great teams in the NFC West. I just don’t think any of the 3 are the Cards.

    Yes, they are good. I just don’t see this year as anything other than to build from going forward to 2015/2016.

  4. In all fairness to Bruce, he is getting pretty old and I am sure that there are a lot of things he doesn’t see very well anymore.

  5. Arians is a confident guy, at least that is how he comes off in his local press conferences that I hear daily. I think both the 49ers and Seahawks are going to have their hands full with this team under him.

  6. Plus once they start HGH testing the Seahags won’t have enough players left to field a team so that’s 2 forfeit wins for the Cardinals

  7. Bruce Arians don’t talk about stuff you don’t know. I believe the Cards are much improved with their offensive coaching with him, Tom Moore and their 1st round draft pick. Last December Seattle had 58 points to the Cardinals 0. I’m not hear rubbing things in but to say that’s not dominance I would say Arians knows ignorance.

  8. Me either, especially after Jeff Fisher’s 7 and 9 Rams went undefeated within the division last season.

  9. One thing that the Niners learned last year was to not sleep on the division, which should have been self evident considering we went from 6-10 to 13-3 in just a year.

    This division has gotten tough and will suprise many teams, the competition within it will only make NFC West stronger.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  10. Whatever. I’m sure this year’s game in Seattle won’t be 58-0 again. That’s good news for people who like competitive football games that aren’t over midway through the second quarter.

  11. And as a 49ers fan trust me when I say don’t sleep on the Rams either. Their defense will be first rate but their offense may be suspect…a lot like the Cards.

  12. 58-0 felt pretty dominant to me. I don’t know that I have ever seen a team so thoroughly dominated now that I think about it. .

  13. The Cards might be better, but old man Palmer is going to take a beating behind that offensive line. The rest of the division has good to great defensive fronts. They are gonna lose a lot of games in the division because they can’t run the ball and can’t protect the quarterback.

  14. Bwahahahaha……thanks for the laugh Bruce. Carson is an upgrade. He is NOT Colin or Russell. I appreciate the spunk Bruce, but you will have your hands more than full to stay out of last place. As a Seahawk fan, I know this is going to be a war with the FortyWhiners, but St. Louis will be no slouch.

    Thank god football is back….. Thank god.

  15. @bigbaldpapahawk…. agreed.

    As for Coach Arians…. I don’t see the big deal here. Of course he doesn’t wanna cede the division to the 9ers or ‘Hawks. To think he would is just plain silly. I’ve always said “division plays tough”. I expect the division games to be very competitive and the main difference being who can go on the road and beat the tough teams.

  16. This division will be won on games played outside the division not inside the division IMO. I could see any of these teams taking at least 1 game from each other. The Hawks struggled on the road last year and the Rams and Niners lost a few games that on paper they should have won. I don’t see the Cards winning the division by any stretch but I don’t think they are as far off as many people think.

  17. Seahag fans are unbelieveable, what have they done more than the Cardinals in the last 5 years? Try nothing, the Cardinals have won the divison twice (08, 09) and been to a Superbowl they almost won. The Seahags won the divison in ’10 but at 7-9. So to say they are so much better is a bit far-fetched, can’t wait for them to come to Arizona in October and get served a nice big cold dish of revenge for running up the score last year.

  18. Bruce, if you don’t “see the dominance” of the 49ers and Seahawks, you really need to get to your optometrist and have your vision checked.

    The Niners didn’t create the dominant team they have overnight, it took from 2007(Patrick Willis drafting) to 2012. Having Gore, Vernon Davis, A Smith, etc. prior to this helped but the vast majority was done after 2007 to refine and solidify what you see today. That’s over 4 years Bruce.

    Anyone(including Arians) that thinks the Cardinals have a chance at being dominant overnight based off what they did in the offseason is going to be seriously disappointed. These things take time.

    Sorry, but the truth hurts….

  19. Apparently Bruce is ready to go public with the fact that he doesn’t watch divisional opponents’ tape from the prior year. Not sure that’s a good way to enter a new job.

  20. Also, rumor has it that Bruce’s philosophy is that a team has to beat the Cardinals by 65 points before the word “dominance” can be thrown around. Not the measly 58 that the Seahawks beat them by last year.

  21. I agree with Bruce on the seahawks being way overrated.

    1)They don’t travel well and know how to win on the road.
    2) Lil Russell will be figured out this season. He surprised many but that is now over.
    3) It’s the seahawks after all we’re talking about.

    The 49ers should still be in control.

  22. It’s the right attitude and like others have said what’s he supposed to say?

    “Game over man, GAME OVER! What are we going to do now?”

    The entire division will be pretty competitive this year with no doormats but Cards are still the 4th best team in it.

  23. Also Playoff wins for each team in the division since 2008

    San Francisco-4
    St Louis-0

    Looks like domination to me

  24. to infectorman:

    I’ll wake you with this, name me another division that has sent all 4 of their teams to the Superbowl in the last 12 years, oh wait you can’t beacause there isn’t one.

  25. Sorry, Romy1977, we’re talking about current events, not what happened in the past. The reason there’s so much hype around the 49ers and Seahawks is because of how they ended the season last season and the pieces they’ve added since then. The Seahawks were the most dominant team the last 6 weeks or so of last season. They got stronger over offseason. So, you can keep worrying about what happened in 2008, but don’t act like the 9ers and Seahawks didn’t earn the hype they’re now getting.

  26. I’m not saying they didn’t earn the hype, I’m saying as a whole Seattle and San Fran aren’t the only ones who got stronger and you can’t dismiss what Arizona and St Louis did too by just saying the division is coming down to just Seattle and San Fran, the divison is going to be tough. You can’t just look at last year, you look at the last few and look for trends, all 4 teams have been up and down the last 5 years. All 4 seem to be trending up not just 2.

  27. I don’t even need to read the article and I love it because I love me some Bruce Arians . He is one of the last true , non-p.c. coaches in the league. Go Bruce and never change no matter what!!!

  28. romy1977:

    Seattle did not run up the score in that game. The Cardinals fumbled a punt for a TD and threw a pick six in the second quarter. In the second half, Seattle pulled the starters, and backup RB Robert Turbin STILL had over 100 yards.

    That wasn’t running up the score, that was one team more or less completely quitting on the game, and the other team going through the motions and still scoring anyway.

  29. @romy1977:

    ask anyone on here, getting to the SB doesn’t matter if you don’t win it…2nd place is first loser, etc, etc

    So far the greatest show on turf is the last team to represent a champion for your division….still waiting

  30. I love people bringing up what happened last year with a different coach and QB in place (that btw was leading the division before that horrible QB got hurt nonetheless). Nobody is dominant in today’s NFL, otherwise, we wouldn’t have had a different Super Bowl champion every year since 2004 or had as much turnover in playoff teams as we do every year.

    But keep talking about last year, that’s the quickest way to guarantee that your team is going to lose this year if they’re thinking the same way.

    It’s one of the best things that Bill Bellichick doesn’t let his guys do, and he’s had a little bit of success over the past dozen years or so I’d say.

  31. Why does everyone believe the Cardinals defense will pickup where it left off? Their prized coaching possession Ray Horton was let go. and replaced by Todd Bowles. The guy who did worse coordinating defense than Juan Castillo. So while no doubt Carson is an upgrade over their joke(s) of a QB last year. They still have yet to prove their oline doesnt resemble 5 turnstiles. They still have a very a questionable run game. And the defense is a huge question mark. But I guess being realistic is out of the question.

  32. It’s only pre season but Palmer did look good against the packers starters and correct me if I’m wrong by the 49ers played the Rams twice last year … Did they win any of those games?

    Right now the NFC is loaded with strong teams anyone of the nfc teams has a shot at the playoffs because they play each other so many times. 49ers play Seahawks twice, packers, falcons … hello when 2 top teams Play … one of them has to lose. I can see a 9-7 nfc team making the playoff.

    This is the NFL on any given Sunday anyone can beat anyone especially if you get help from the refs.

  33. Every year….someone predicted to dominate a division ends up sniffing the rear. Both the 9ers & Hawks have roster problems. I wouldn’t exactly call done…they still have to suit up every Sunday!

  34. Seattle fans crack me up. You had a decent season last year cause half your players eere wacked out on adderall lol. I think they’re an competitive team. Lets see if Russell and kapernick have sophmore slumps. Rams nation 2013.

  35. stop the ignorance seahags with one bad game. they also lost to the cards last year which does not say much with our qb and oline problems last year. way different team this year I cant wait.

  36. Ariams has a better team this year than he had last year. Since he left Pittsburgh Ben has been awful.
    He has an excellent chance to win his division. I agree with him. The 49ers haven’ dominated anything and have been soundly beaten by Balt. in each if the last 2 seasons.
    Both Sea and SF depend on running, inexperienced QB’s who have a better than even chance not to finish the season.
    Both have already suffered major preseason losses to injury.
    Any team with a defense as good as AZ has a chance to win every game.
    In the NFC I think it looks more like this:
    1. Atlanta
    2. Sea
    3. Az
    4.Green Bay
    5. Wash
    7. St Louis
    8. Dallas

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