Cam Newton is done sulking

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The first two years of Cam Newton’s career have included a bad habit of sulking when things go poorly.  In his third NFL season, Newton plans to put on a happier face during unhappy times.

Newton said, per the Associated Press, that his approach in 2013 will be this:  “Next play.”

“Oh man, I had it bad,” Newton said regarding his reactions to adversity.  “I still do have it to some degree.”

He’s trying to get rid of it, because it can be counterproductive.

“There are times when I am worried about the play where I overthrew [Steve Smith] — and now it is three plays later,” Newton said. “If I let that affect me the next ball is not going to be complete or it might be intercepted.  It’s like a snowball effect.  For me it’s about moving on and understanding that mistakes are going to happen.  But you have to bounce back and make the most of each and every play.”

New offensive coordinator Mike Shula and quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey have been working on getting Newton to forget about bad plays more quickly.

‘They’ve been doing an unbelievable job with being that gnat in my ear, saying, ‘Cam, forget about it. Go to the next play,'” Newton said.  “And that’s a good thing.”

Newton will need to find a way to deal not only with bad plays but also bad games.  By the time he heads to the podium for a post-game press conference, he needs to leave the long face in the locker room and focus on what he can learn from the loss in order to turn the next game into a win.

43 responses to “Cam Newton is done sulking

  1. As far as problems go this isn’t a huge one. I still believe Newton has the potential to be a huge star in the NFL perennially.

  2. i’m fine with the superman pose ONLY if it’s to take the lead or when they’re winning. doing it while being blown out at home grinds my gears

  3. aaroncurryisbust says: Aug 16, 2013 9:00 PM

    Russell Wilson is already a better leader than Scam Newton.


    Let’s see what Wilson does in year two. I like Wilson but Cam has put up some great numbers his first two years.

    Now if we can just get him some help at wideout! Smitty isn’t getting any younger.

  4. Changing that is easier said than done. It’s based on emotion which is just part of who Cam is. and I think a little too much has been made of it.

    If he is joking around after a bad play, he will be criticised too. Can’t win in a way.

    Best advice, just be who you are.

  5. –harrycanyon– I’m interested, do you have the same opinion of Aaron Rodger’s celebratory belt move? And exactly how is Newton’s Superman unoriginal when he originated it? (in football)

  6. I don’t really think there is anything wrong Cam. I would take him over IRg3 in a heartbeat. His coach is Ron Rivera, what do you expect?

    He needs to get out of Carolina!

  7. Ken Dorsey was one of the worst QB’s in modern NFL history. Couldn’t even beat out Tim Rattay. If thats Newton’s position coach, this season is doomed.

  8. First week of season, Russell has to come back to NC and face the fans he deserted a few years ago. Let’s see how well he handles the pressure.

  9. Russell Wilson has a top 3 run game, good WRs, one of the best o lines, and a top 2 defense. Cam has 36 year old steve smith and Greg Olsen.

  10. harrycanyon says:
    Aug 16, 2013 8:59 PM
    Please stop doing the superman BS when you score too. QBs should be above the childish celebrations like that. Plus it so unoriginal.


    You mean like Aaron Rodgers?

  11. harrycanyon:you must really hate Aaron rodgers td celebration I can only aaroncurrybust:you must really despise johnny football with all his scams for getting paid! lol haha u two selective haterz

  12. Cam is only a front runner. Even Vince Young lead the Titans to some comeback victories. come on Cam. Be a man . It’s called leadership. It’s the forward for the Joe Montana book. Read it . Get it soon. or Else.

  13. “Oh man, I had it bad,” Newton said regarding his reactions to adversity. “I still do have it to some degree.”

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  14. Ken Dorsey is his QB coach? Another guy like Cam-great college qb whose skill set didn’t translate well to the NFL

  15. As a Falcons, I personally enjoy watching him sulk. You can’t be a team’s leader and be pouting all the time. When you make a mistake, be pissed! But get over it and move on, the entire team will be better for it.

  16. Cam Newton has every conceivable physical talent to be one of the all-time great QBs, but his attitude and demeanor strike me as a combination of regrettable traits similar to A-Rod’s self-absorbed aloof lack of self-awareness and sense of entitlement along with a penchant for sulking/pouting when things don’t go his way/when facing adversity or criticism that seems quite similar to Ryan Leaf. I remember when Ryan Leaf came in third in the Heisman voting and instead of congratulating Charles Woodson he angrily flailed his arms/fist in dismay, looked at the ground dejected and when asked his thoughts couldn’t even say “the right things” about it being an honor to be nominated and then congratulating Woodson. Newton is not nearly as offensive as Leaf personality wise, but he conveys many of the same personality traits to this impartial observer. I hope he gets through this stage of immaturity and becomes a leader of men that takes advantage of his one in a billion physical gifts and becomes a truly great all-around player and person.

  17. Getting that rattled over one bad play is a habit that should have been broken in high school. For most QB’s, it is.
    This idiot looks like he’s about to cry every time things don’t go his way.

  18. Its amazing the number of people who read a positive article about newton just so they can leave a negative comment. You guys need a new hobby.

  19. This guy gets it. His teammates and coaches acknowledge his leadership. Local and national media have taken notice too. Great players will always have haters. Let ’em hate.

  20. with Mike Shula as his OC it will be imperative that he gets bad plays out of his head ASAP, there will be an endless supply.

  21. If Cam made an appearance at the Trade & Tryon St intersection and saw an explosion in the Bank of America Corporate Center, and he ran in and piled 4 people on his back and brought them out, saving their lives, the article about the incident on PFT would be loaded with hundreds of comments that said that Cam is the most evil human being that ever walked the Earth.

    PLEASE find something else to complain about!

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