Daryl Washington’s visit with the NFL doesn’t change his suspension


Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington travelled to New York City this week to meet with the NFL in an effort to get his four-game suspension reduced, but the trip didn’t accomplish much unless Washington had a nice meal and saw a show.

The suspension was upheld after Washington’s meeting with Adolpho Birch, the NFL’s senior vice president of law and labor policy. Washington had hoped to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the fact that he couldn’t secure that meeting means that it isn’t much surprise that the league left the suspension in place. Washington said it was a “good meeting,” although he didn’t get what he wanted.

“I thought it was a good interview but I didn’t get the news I wanted to hear,” Washington said, via the Cardinals website. “It’s just motivaton for me to come back stronger for these last 12 games.”

Washington may not wind up being available for all 12 of those games either. He has a court hearing related to his arrest on domestic violence charges in October and he could wind up with another suspension as a result of that incident.

4 responses to “Daryl Washington’s visit with the NFL doesn’t change his suspension

  1. Why did he think he would? The problem with one person being Judge Dredd, aka judge, jury, and executioner is the same person who said you were wrong and this is what I think you deserve. With that, if your “sentence” is reduced it is confirming that they rushed to judgement and THEY were wrong for giving you such a stiff penalty.

    Now they can’t have that, can they? They can’t have the world thinking they can make mistakes, can they? So of course the penalty stays, but it was nice meeting with you.

    The commissioner is a joke drunk as a Lord off of the power hungry juice. He loves to have the fate of 1700+ men in his hands like so many nickels. He doesn’t hear reason or reason, only excuses to which he has already made up his mind – no! I am starting to think that the players should have held out a couple of years ago to take away some of that power. I know that most of the players wouldn’t want to do it for the small percentage that actually get in trouble, but by the time they need it they are going up against “Commissioner 4 Game Suspension” with no paddle in their boat.

  2. What is worse a player being a bust or a knucklehead. Both give you hope and then BOOM….snap back to reality.

    Would rather have your team draft –
    Thumbs up – Daryl Washington
    Thumbs down – Matt Leinart

  3. Say what you will about this guy being a bust, but he’s certainly no Brian Bosworth or Rick Mirer!

  4. Not saying Washington is a bust, hes one of my favorite Cardinals next to Fitz and Peterson…

    Just pissed he has been a knucklehead this offseason. I understand you can’t expect every young kid with money and success from the nfl to not get in trouble. If I had that experience at age 23 I would have been a mess….

    But we as fans expect these players to be smarter. Just think if you won the lottery at age 21 how would you act?

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