Matt Flynn, inexplicably, survives first half

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If anything has become obvious watching the Raiders in the first half, it’s that the team MVP is clearly the doctor who performed triceps surgery on left tackle Jared Veldheer this morning.

Getting Veldheer back this season, which they think is a possibility, could be crucial to the survival of Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn.

Flynn didn’t look comfortable until the two-minute drill against the Saints, primarily because he didn’t have much of a chance for most of the night.

Next-man-up left tackle Alex Barron has struggled mightily against the Saints, and Rob Ryan’s new defense isn’t going to be confused for his father’s 1985 Bears team anytime soon.

Flynn was sacked five times in the first half, making his 12-for-16, 124-yard performance downright heroic. Flynn actually stood in the pocket and delivered a touchdown pass late in the half, which speaks to his toughness as much as his skill.

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  1. Same old sorry ass Raiders just downright embarrassing and the sad thing is we all know Barron is god awful but he was only one of five useless turds and I won’t start on our defense can’t tackle cover or rush the pass if they let drew brees do this good luck stopping manning rivers or anybody else for that matter

  2. Flynn is a good QB. He’ll have a good year, despite playing for the Raiders. I really think Pete Carroll bet on the wrong horse.

  3. I said it once and I’ll say it a million more…
    Poor Flynn! Someone help this boy. He’s obviously is capable of doing so much more!

  4. Well at least we have something to look for next season,60m in cap room,proably the 1st pick in 2014 and a ton of picks to play with (compensation picks for departed FA) so you know what they say it’s always darkest before dawn.

  5. Nm…work on that writing a little bit as you implied Ryan was the Raiders D coordinator by talking about a Raider and then immediately mentioning Ryan.

  6. Raider fan since ’69 here, and I’m starting to lose interest.
    I have the feeling they’re moving again, so I’m trying to gain perspective.
    It’s just a game, right?

  7. “C’mon, show some compsure! You my boy, Blue!” -Will Farrell, Old School.

    Like Ive said before, Matt will effeciently-productive until the Raiders can have consistent running attack.
    Love Jimi.

  8. Seriously, the Raiders should take a break from NFL competition for the next few seasons and let the Sacramento Mountain Lions play in the AFC West. The Mountain Lions could probably field a more competitive team. The Raiders’ best QB can’t throw a completion of more than 25 yards and their OL can’t protect him. Train meet wreck.

  9. so matt flynn is heroic because he stayed in the game despite the sacks and constant pressure? Jay Cutler has had the same protection issues the last 3 years but is not heroic for taking his weekly beating because he is not nice to the press? yeah makes sense to me.

  10. Could have been worse, he could have been Alex Smith tonight. Poor guy was bleeding.

    If you are gonna blitz in pre-season, you will get to the QB.

    Probably a good thing for this to happen now actually for both KC and Oakland.

  11. Flynn was sacked five times in the first half, making his 12-for-16, 124-yard performance downright heroic. Flynn actually stood in the pocket and delivered a touchdown pass late in the half, which speaks to his toughness as much as his skill.

    I’m glad there is something positive to be taken from though whoopin we are taking

  12. As a Raiders fan after reading this article idk if I should feel good or bad about what I just read

  13. “Next-man-up left tackle Alex Barron”

    Alex “I never really wanted to play football” Barron.

    What a shmuck.

  14. I hope this makes people see that he so much more than ‘The Game of a Lifetime” in Green Bay. Wish we could have afforded to keep him as our backup, but he earned his shot to try to be a starter. Good Luck, Matt.

  15. Ouch, that Rayderz line played horribly. Flynn had better double check that the life insurance policy is paid up.

  16. people gotta give Flynn his props – sure, he couldn’t beat out Aaron Rodgers or Wilson – then again, who could?

    The dude is a baller… but since he shares the same first name as Cassel – everyone will up and pretend he’s just as crap under pressure as that chicken.

  17. Flynn had a chance to backup one elite QB and one really good QB. Apparently he learned something during his time. Hopefully the line will give him time to throw.

  18. Man they looked awful. Or at least they did on that illegal online sports site I had to watch the game on. The Niners are on 2 channels? Who cares about territorial rights. They have no O-line at all. Pray for the QB’s in Oakland. It’s all fine with me though because I’ll take the 2 high first rounders and the high second rounder for the rights to Clowney, and whatever 2nd-4th they can get for DMC because his days in The Town are numbered. I would say “we” but I ain’t getting no checks from the team.

  19. Even if Veldheer were to play this evening, I doubt it would have mattered. The Saints brought “the house” tonight. If that’s their basic “preseason defense”, the rest of the NFL better look out.

    I’m a believer in building teams from the trenches out, and it’s beyond obvious that the Raiders are suffering in that area on both sides of the ball. It is indeed the area the Raiders must concentrate on with all the extra cap space during the next off-season.

  20. Matt Flynn was terrible. His absolute inability to read a blitz and change protection or even audible is pathetic.. granted Pryor isn’t up to par either, but at least he can scramble when all hell breaks loose.

  21. Why are there no delusional Raider fans posting on this article about how everything will be okay??? Oh, you watched the first half? Yeah, me too.

  22. It’s a good thing it’s only preseason. Our OL and DL is beat up and ugly right now. Did we even have a projected starter actually starting on the DL tonight? When one team is that banged up in the trenches on both sides of the ball, it’s hard to judge either team playing.

  23. Could it be that the Saints really are that good? Let’s see– best quarterback, best coach, new defensive players, and a team that was falsely accused. Yep, that’s a deadly combo for sure.

  24. joetoronto, where you at? tell me how bad the chargers are…we all need to hear it one more time…

  25. Good for him. In spite of having to survive a horrible o-line you have to feel good about Flynn’s performance. He’s a great competitor and a true professional.

  26. Even as a Saints fan I could only laugh at how easy the defense found it. That oline is horrible

    Im liking the look of the front 3 but the Texans game will be a better gauge of where we are

  27. I like the velocity on Flyn’s passes. He rolls out quicker than previous QB’s , he is tough, and no picks.

  28. Five sacks in one half to that Aints defense? Flynn won’t make it through the season if this keeps up.

  29. I saw some highlights of this and the raiders O line was absolutely awful. No way will anyone survive 16 games behind that mess

  30. One of Flynn’s best attributes is hanging in the pocket and delivering very accurate passes under duress.

    He did this repeatedly in GB when he saw action. He is very calm under pressure…hopefully he doesn’t get completely shell shocked this season in Oakland and lose his best quality. All the best to Flynn and the Raiders this year.

  31. No. Please tell me it is not THE Alex Barron. Were it not for Lawrence Phillips he might be the worst pick in Stl Rams history. Oh wait, that would be Jason Smith. How did he look?

  32. Race for the first overall pick will probably be determined when the Raiders and Jaguars play the second week. The Raiders right now look to have the worst roster in football easily.

  33. “Flynn is a good QB. He’ll have a good year, despite playing for the Raiders. I really think Pete Carroll bet on the wrong horse.”

    Dude, Matt Flynn is a very good QB & I wish we still had him instead of Tarvar, but you are seriously demented. Russell Wilson is amazing.

  34. I’m glad Flynn seems to have a good opportunity in Oakland….the guy that said Carroll bet on the wrong horse is absolutely hilarious however

  35. Keep in mind that this was against a terrible defense that couldn’t begin to stop Alex freakin Smith.

    The aints didn’t score a single point against the Chiefs first team D either.

    raiders = jags

  36. Sounds like Flynn might not make it to the regular season. If there o-line is that bad they get the bears defense for 3 quarters next week. Looks like Melton and Peppers can sit this one out also. Raider fans hope so at least.

  37. They should of traded McFragile when they had the chance.They will be bad this season but hopefully next year with cap room and a strong draft class(Clowney Bridgewater) they can finally build a winner

  38. I have read two ridiculous statements on this thread. One, Matt Flynn couldn’t read the blitzes. When you get no help up front, I don’t care what you read. second. Terrelle Pryor has outplayed Flynn. I gave Pryor the edge after the first game. Pryor played against a second string defense last night. Not even comparable to what Flynn saw. Alex Barron looked like a rusty gate last night. His footwork is sloth like.

  39. Better keep 4 qb’s on the roster, all might see action. Next game will be the true test, Bears defence and a weak o-line like ours. We play better and perhaps the sky is not falling. LT needs help, bring in a few vets over the next two weeks. Watson needs to be part of the mix as well. Flynn never had time save for the first & last drives.

  40. sfm073 says: Aug 17, 2013 10:10 AM

    Alex Barron is still in the league?
    Back in the league. He didn’t make it out of training camp in Seattle last year.

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