Payton says Saints aren’t motivated by the bounty case

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It was head coach week for The Dan Patrick Show and Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  Between the two programs, we talked to (in chronological order) Ravens coach John Harbaugh, Jaguars coach Gus Bradley, Saints coach Sean Payton, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, Chiefs coach Andy Reid, and Rams coach Jeff Fisher.

Now that the dust is settling, it’s time to mention some of the things here that may have been overlooked.  For starters, Payton talked a bit about a situation that will be hard for many Saints fans to overlook or forget — the unprecedented suspensions arising from the bounty program.

But Payton, who was suspended for the entire season, isn’t using what some would regard as an unfair result as the rallying cry for 2013.

“We’re driven and motivated to win but it can’t come out of spite or anger towards the league office or the Commissioner,” Payton said.  “I think it’s something that has to be in the rear view mirror.  And our focus has to be on the things we have to do to improve.  There’s a lot of areas from a year ago that we have to be better at if we’re going to aspire to do that.”

While it would be easy to surrender to the temptation to attach a chip to his shoulder and aspire to force Commissioner Roger Goodell to hand Payton’s team the Lombardi Trophy in February, Payton realizes that nothing positive comes from motivation that arises from negativity.

Despite the inherent negativity that pervaded the organization in 2012, the Saints still won seven games.  This year, with Payton back and the distractions gone and a defense that can’t get any worse, the Saints could win just enough additional games to get back to the postseason.

20 responses to “Payton says Saints aren’t motivated by the bounty case

  1. “I bet Vilma wishes he had his $10k back though.”


    “No witness could confirm whether Vilma had any money in his hands as he spoke; no evidence was presented that $10,000 was available to him for purposes of paying a bounty or otherwise. There was no evidence that Vilma or anyone else paid any money to any player for any bounty-related hit on an opposing player in the Vikings game.”

    Paul Tagliabue

  2. The bounty is a non issue to the Saints. Their 2 points of motivation stemming from last year are to make the playoffs and dont give up an NFL records for yards allowed.

  3. This is not team anyone should want to play this year. They may have too many defensive holes to get to the Super Bowl this year, but they will win more than they lose and be very dangerous.

  4. I seem to recall that several of the Saints losses last year were by small margins late in the fourth quarter in part because of coaching problems and in part because of poor defense. Just having Payton back is good for at least 2-3 wins even if the defense doesn’t improve. Improve the defense and they win 4-5 more than last year.

  5. You haters would get your panties in a bunch no matter what the man said. It just means you’re scared.
    Go on, keep trashing the D and talking ish about Payton. It will make you feel a little better about yourself when your team is losing by three touchdowns in the second quarter vs THE SAINTS.

  6. I wish we played the Vikings too this year. So we could hand them another loss like the last few times weve played. Who dat watching what they wish for?

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