Reggie Bush: We should be concerned with preseason performance

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When discussing cornerback Rashean Mathis’ pending visit with the Lions, we touched on the fact that Thursday night was a rough night for their pass defense.

The offense didn’t have a great night in the 24-6 loss to the Browns either. Wide receiver Calvin Johnson wasn’t in the lineup, robbing the team of their most potent offensive weapon, but the results were still disappointing for a unit that’s expected to be the strong suit of the Lions this season. Receivers dropped passes, the running game mustered 13 yards on 11 first half carries and two field goals mean that the Lions have scored just one touchdown through two games.

Wide receiver Nate Burleson said after the game that he’s encouraged by the fact that the Lions have been keeping things vanilla and there’s certainly no reason to panic on August 15, but running back Reggie Bush said that a lack of panic shouldn’t mean a lack of concern.

“We should be concerned,” Bush said, via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News. “We’re better than this. We have to hold ourselves accountable because we need to put points on the board. That’s our job and we didn’t do that.”

Johnson’s absence and the fact that the Lions play the Browns during the regular season are both reasons why the Lions offense failed to impress on Thursday, but they aren’t the only ones. The right side of the offensive line and the receivers behind Johnson need to do a better job and that’s enough to make concern a reasonable response.

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  1. I was concerned before the preseason performance, because I was worried that our Defensive back half would look the same as it always has. But as well all know that’s just one of the many issues that need addressing.

    When will our leadership demand accountability for quality play? That question still needs to be answered first before anything.

  2. The lack of a true #2 receiver was magnified last night. Burleson is a nice locker room guy, but his best years are past him. I think he had two drops himself last night. It would be nice to get Broyles back.

  3. Hopefully, the era of the Schwartz error will be over soon.

    That dude is so far in over his head it’s not even funny.

    Jim Schwartz is the coaching equivalent to Jeff Ireland.

  4. Jim Schwartz is the coaching equivalent to Jeff Ireland.

    That’s an insult to Jeff Ireland. Perhaps you should get current. Jeff has done a nice job once he got Fat Tuna off his neck.

  5. That beatdown would have made for an interesting episode of hardknocks. Wonder what the coaches were saying during the game.

  6. This Gm is clearly trying to copy the Giants Defense but getting different results. Hopefully they can get someone who will draft someone not on the Dline in the first round

  7. The team has talent on it but it’s going no where until they ditch that punk they have for a Head Coach Schwartz….he’s clueless and in way over his head

  8. I focus on the little tidbit that these two teams play in the reg season. Detriot may have kept things extra vanilla due to that.
    Why do teams that meet in the reg season play each other in the preseason? Especially is if may change how they would normally prep?

    Is DET/CLE similair to GIA/JETS? Otherwise, it should be avoided.

    Also since CLE crushed them, do we assume they had a bit more extract int he vanilla?

  9. @ pftstory … you make an excellent point.

    There is no Detroit/Cleveland rivalry. Although they’re both old teams, it’s NFC/AFC and they rarely play each other. Having them play in the preseason, the same year they meet in the regular season, was lame.

    You would think someone in the NFL front office would pay attention to this kind of thing and make sure it doesn’t happen.

  10. Actually, it’s not that great of a point, but it is a fair question.

    To answer it, they play each other EVERY year in pre-season, similar to NYG/NYJ.

    It’s called the “Great Lakes Classic” (for obvious reasons) and they have a trophy – albeit it meaningless – and everything.

    To suddenly stop what has been going on for over a decade because they play in the regular season is silly. Nobody schemes for these anyway. They want to evaluate talent and see who knows what and who can do what. Nobody goes in thinking “well we better suck tonight since we play them in October”.

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