Reid talks expectations, outside and inside the building

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Many expect the Chiefs, who had three times as many Pro Bowlers as wins in 2012, to instantly improve with Andy Reid as the coach and Alex Smith as the quarterback.

Reid addressed whether those expectations are fair in a recent interview with NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

“Well, listen, it’s part of football, and that’s what makes it so great, and people have their opinion on where you’re going to finish, and how those things go, the reality of it is you got to go play and you can’t worry about all of that,” Reid said.  “You can’t predict the future.  I wish we could, be we can’t.  So you take care of business in the now and make sure that you get yourself right so that when you have that opportunity to play whatever team that you’re playing, you do your best.  So that’s kind of the approach we’ve taken.  We’ll see, but we’re going to go out and give it our best shot and see what happens.”

Expectations inside the building are high, too.  Cornerback Dunta Robinson has said at least twice that the Chiefs can make it to the playoffs.  And Reid has no problem with that.

“Well, you want expectations inside the building, and you want our team to be confident,” Reid said.  “You want them to think that they have that shot.  I mean, that’s what we’re all shooting for.  Everybody shoots I think for the Super Bowl.  It’s a primary goal, and you work your tail off to go try and win that thing, and so I wouldn’t want it any less from the players.  I want them to say that, but at the same time most of all I want them to keep working hard to do that, and that’s the approach you got to take.

“It’s one thing to say it, it’s another thing to get out there and bust your tail and pay the fiddler, so you got to make sure that you’re spending the time and the effort and that’s real, that’s what’s real, the talk is not real, it’s what you get done, and so that’s what we’re doing.”

Whether they can do it when it counts is something we’ll start to figure out in three weeks and two days, when the 2013 regular season launches.

13 responses to “Reid talks expectations, outside and inside the building

  1. Well if Andy has a really outstanding DC his team may overcome his need to pass, pass then pass again interrupted only by the constant illegal procedure and unnecessary time outs.

    Have fun KC.

  2. It’d be great having the Chiefs relevant again. But until they actually draft & develop their own QB, they’ll always be looking up. I think the last time the spent 1st round pick on a QB was 83.

  3. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Aug 16, 2013 7:36 PM


    You must be talking about the Rayderz record this year.

  4. I was one if the first Eagles fans (at least I think) that called for Andy to be fired. I initially called him out in 2003. He kept sucking me back in like some kind of horrible inescapable Dutch Oven. That said, I think he’s a very good coach overall and has a good shot to get KC relevant. He brings stability and knows how to run the operation. He’s also reenergized. I think they have a good shot at the playoffs.

  5. How bad are the Chiefs?

    If they win twice as many games this year, they’ll finish 4-12. 🙂

  6. This is the same bilge Reid spouted when he was in Phily.
    One lousy Super Bowl appearance for the Eagles.
    KC is a sucker town to listen to that pied piper.

  7. our biggest mistake last year was hiring Romeo to be the coach, because it cost us the best defensive coordinator in the league. I wanted him to succeed, but last year’s failure want unexpected. can you imagine if we had Reid as coach and Romeo as the defensive coordinator? That would be a successful team.

  8. The Big Retread will have the same fate in KC as he had with the Eagles the last 5 years, he throws the ball way too much, will get the QB killed, and the predictable offense will grow stale even quicker.

  9. Reid went on to promise that his long history of the worst clock management in the league would continue, but he’s very worried that Alex Smith is well enough conditioned that he won’t be puking on the field.

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