Report: Bears add quarterback Jordan Palmer


The Bears, in need of a third quarterback after Matt Blanchard suffered a broken knuckle on his left hand in Thursday’s exhibition win vs. San Diego, have added one.

Alas, it’s not JaMarcus Russell.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Bears have reached a deal with former Jaguars and Bengals backup Jordan Palmer.

The 29-year Palmer worked out for the Bears in June, as did Russell, who was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft.

Palmer has appeared in four regular-season games, completing 10-of-15 passes for 59 yards with no TDs and two interceptions. His brother, Carson, is the Cardinals’ starting quarterback.

30 responses to “Report: Bears add quarterback Jordan Palmer

  1. Of course it’s not JaMarcus. He just got $3 million dollars. Give it a few months before he’s trying to make a comeback because he’s broke.

  2. Palmer has had one of the most bang-for-the-buck careers (from his perspective) in the NFL, compared to all QBs that ever “played”. Kudos to him – it’s nice work if you can get it.

  3. anybody available right now sucks I just would have preferred someone with actual game experience like edwards. as long as he never plays it’s ok I guess.

  4. Surprisingly the Bears took Jordan Palmer over Jordan Manning and Jordan Brady. They decided that Jordan Brees was too short, and were worried about his reputation for complaining.

  5. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Aug 16, 2013 3:49 PM
    I know he’s already thrown 2 pics this preseason, but Cutler hasn’t been that bad

    filthymcnasty1 with more thumbs’ up than thumbs’ down in a Bears post…

    Is this real life?

    A tip of the hat, filthy.

  6. “I’ll be a Bears fan again when they draft a QB in the first round next April.”

    Typical Bears fan.

  7. Too bad about Blanchard, I think he has potential. Sounds like he wont be out too long at least. Hopefully the Bears hold on to him and give him a chance down the road.

  8. I don’t consider Jordan a threat to my starting job. Heck, I’m the 4th, maybe 3rd best QB in the NFC North. If I could stay healthy enough to be on the field, I’d give Favre a run for his money on career INT’s.

    Miss Jayne Quitler

  9. Better Palmer than Russell, but let’s face it, if your third-string guy ever actually has to play, you are probably done.

  10. @vltrophy14
    so you wanna get me started on that mess you call a team in green bay? OK! Lets start with Rodgers the so called best player. Rodgers played in that game against the Cards in green bay and they didnt score 1 point. Green bay dont have a WR worth cheese on that roster. ROLE PLAYERS on a good day. the packers haven’t had a 1000 yard rusher in 6 seasons BUT NOW a coach whom wouldnt know what a RB looks like says he will run the ball and drafts a FAT BUM that will save the season? NOT HAPPENING. The O-line will get Rodgers, Starks, and FAT BOY killed in the back field. and everybody knows the packers will blame this season on Dom Capers and fire him later. YOU WANT MORE! why did Rodgers turn down a date with Miss America then go all over the internet talking about looking into RYAN BRAUN’S EYES? Driver has even turned on Rodgers lately. and dont get me started on the FACT that the packers defense CANT STOP the read option play. they cant even slow it down. The 49ers are waiting! now go away quiet or I will bring up FAT JOHNNY PURPLE DRANK JOLLY. and the FACT that the packers dress that jail bird up in a cheese suit and put him on a NFL field

  11. fnc111 says: Aug 16, 2013 4:08 PM

    “Cutler stinks. I’ll be a Bears fan again when they draft a QB in the first round next April.”

    Better yet, just stay gone…We haven’t missed you the last 42 games WITH Cutler (29-13 over that span), and if you can’t root for your team unconditionally, maybe the the concept of ‘fan loyalty’ escapes you.

    (And won’t you feel foolish if the Bears pull off a SB run this year?)

  12. Tebow might be available in the next 3 weeks and it would make Bears games more fun even if he never gets on the field. Otherwise look for a snooze feast 8 and 8 or 7 and 9 season with loyalists saying wait till 2015 come Dec of ’13.

  13. Cutler does not stink. Unfortunately it takes 11 on offense and 11 on defense to make a decent SB run and I hate it as a Bears fan when you post something critical about the Bears and your loyalty to the Bears gets questioned. All the Tebow buzz makes me want to watch the Pats and I hate them and TB. Just wish there was more buzz around the Bears besides these endless and unfounded anti Cutler shots.

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