Ron Leary’s injury doesn’t make Cowboys more interested in Brian Waters


The Cowboys will be without guard Ron Leary for a couple of weeks, but his injury isn’t doing anything to increase the likelihood that Brian Waters will resume his NFL career with the Cowboys this season.

Leary will have arthroscopic surgery on his right knee on Friday, a procedure that usually comes with a two-to-four week recovery time. David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys expect it to be closer to two weeks unless doctors find more damage than anticipated during the surgery. So, for now, owner Jerry Jones says that nothing’s changed in terms of the team’s interest, i.e. the amount they’re willing to pay, in bringing Waters on board.

“Again, in my mind because of the nature of Leary’s injury, it hasn’t changed any urgency we might have had with our situation with Waters one way of another,” Jones said. “It’s not that we didn’t have a feel that we had interest in him or with Brandon [Moore]. We did. So I wouldn’t say it’s changed.”

The Cowboys also expect to get Nate Livings back in time for the start of the season, which would leave them with the offensive line they expected to have when camp got underway. There were questions about how capable that line would be at that time, however, and they haven’t gone away as a result of the injuries this summer.

6 responses to “Ron Leary’s injury doesn’t make Cowboys more interested in Brian Waters

  1. Not sure why everyone seems to think Waters and the Cowboys are going to pair up. Why because he’s a guard? He’s a player that hasn’t played in about 18 months. He doesn’t want to goto training camp, he doesn’t want to practice, he doesn’t want to goto meetings, he just wants to show up on game day and play. in other words he’s just like Albert Haynesworth on the Oline. No body wants this guy.

  2. Good thing Romo is going to be able to audible more. Is there a play in the book for run for your life, or is he going to just have to draw it up in the dirt?

  3. I just can’t fathom Jerry Jones thinking that for the second straight year, the O line is good enough. And really, its even longer than that. It was awful enough in 2011 that he signed a few new players. However, they were banged up, and didn’t get to jell together at all in the offseason. It was expected that WOULD happen with those guys this offseason, but it still hasnt happened bc of injuries. Oh but wait, we have Tyron Smith, and the rookie center, so everything is ok, right Jerry????

    I wish Romo could force Jerry to take a few snaps, under full contact, so Jerry could appreaciate both how crappy this line is, and how badly we really needed to either sign quality HEALTHY free agents, or draft them. Until that happens, its gonna be another mediocre year for this club.

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