UFC president takes shot at Patriots, Hernandez


The UFC currently faces some resistance from a politician in Boston.  And that has caused the guy who runs the UFC to take a shot at pro sports team headquartered, sort of, in Boston.

“[W]hen people ask me about it, I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. We’re in Boston, aren’t we?” White told MMAJunkie.com regarding efforts by Boston City Councilman Steve Murphy to impose obstacles on a UFC event to be held Saturday in Boston.  “Don’t the Patriots play here?  F—ing Aaron Hernandez just murdered somebody and possibly murdered two other people.  Are the Patriots going to get chased out of town now?”

(Apparently not, given that White was hanging out with Pats owner Robert Kraft before Friday night’s game against the Buccaneers.)

The local push against UFC includes reliance on an obscure state law requiring foreign-born martial-artists and boxers to have Social Security numbers.

“They pulled this whole Social Security bullsh-t on us first,” White said. “How about f—ing hockey? Hockey players are from Russia, Czechoslovakia, Canada and all these other places. They get in here and do it. How about basketball? They’ve got guys from all over the world playing basketball.

“They’re trying to chase us out of here.  Are they going to do this to boxing events, too?  Are they going to try and chase boxing out of here?  How many boxing events are they doing here?  Not many.”

They do plenty of Patriots games near Boston, and firing at the Patriots isn’t exactly the best way for White to suck up to the local powers-that-be.

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  1. I don’t see how that’s a shot at the Pats as much as it is pointing out the ridiculous nature of the issue.

  2. I know Steve Murphy personally and find this to be hilarious.

    That being said, Dana white should learn to speak better being such a high powered guy. He sounds dumber than the guys he employs.

  3. What idiotic, meathead logic. Not that I think MMA should be banned, but Aaron Hernandez didn’t kill anyone while in the process of playing an NFL game, so whatever he did on his off time has no relevance to whether football as a sport should be banned.

  4. White already got run out of his hometown once by the Irish mob.. fitting that a guy named Steve Murphy is looking to run him out again

  5. As much as I believe Hernandez did it, I’m “Joe schmo”. Dana White is the freekin president of a major sport. It’s irresponsible to say the least, for him to accuse a person of murder when they haven’t even been convicted. I’m not saying he’s “wrong” , but I am saying ……he’s wrong.

  6. I’m not sure why he says that like he doesn’t have guys he hired that are doing long bids in prison, but as far as the other comparisons, how can you say he doesn’t have a point? A really good one?

  7. vicnocal says: Aug 16, 2013 8:20 PM

    What idiotic, meathead logic. Not that I think MMA should be banned, but Aaron Hernandez didn’t kill anyone while in the process of playing an NFL game, so whatever he did on his off time has no relevance to whether football as a sport should be banned.
    What an idiotic and meat headed ability to read and understand the English language. Nowhere did Mr. White call for the banning of football as a sport.
    Furthermore, he was dead on as far as the State not requiring Social Security numbers for players in other sports.

  8. I certainly agree with him that the fights should be allowed, but his use of swear words in almost every interview exposes the true piece of trash he is, he just happened to luck out in life with a good gig..

  9. The best fighter in the UFC, absolutely without question, happens to have a stud DE cutting his teeth with the Patriots.

    By the way, for any of you guys who man IDP leagues — get Chandler Jones while the getting is good. I’m no Patriots fan — but I know value when I see it and I respect that team, how they’re run and especially the guy they got lined up behind Center.

    When we watch the Tom Brady era, it’s special – he’s a legend still in his prime. Enjoy that guy.

    Steeler Fan (who got punk’d by that team a few more times than I care to remember)

  10. Reading that closer though, I did *not* see that as an attack on the Patriots.

    White made a valid point – and spoke in terms of facts as he knows them.

    Unless I’m missing something, I’m not seeing how White is slamming the Patriots in any way.

    As for White, so many figures of authority in sports come off as blow-dried and polished – but White is a gut feel/shoot from the hip/call a spade a spade guy. I respect his refreshing candor, spirit and spunk. Unlike other notable figures, Dana wants the best to fight the best — to see who deserves the belt. Not who can manipulate fights, in-ring referees, judges, scorecards, etc.

    Major props to DW.

    Go Steelers.

  11. Agree, everyone knows they don’t want your sport in the State, you got 49 others to make money off of….stop crying

  12. never let is be said that Boston isn’t at its heart easily one of the most provincial, authoritarian big cities in the country.

  13. You guys saying for him to take his money elsewhere are missing the entire point .. UFC events BRING IN serious money to the cities hosting them. People fly in from all over the world to see these guys fight.. that means people are staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. To try and force them out is just forcing money out of your state and into a neighboring one.

  14. 1)anybody who thinks the men who perform this sport are barbarians & goons has no idea what they’re talking about. These by & large are martial artists & wrestlers, two communities that pride themselves on honor & discipline. The amount of skill (& courage) it takes to perform & perfect the myriad of disciplines needed rivals the NFL *at least*. To say otherwise betrays your ignorance.
    2)White was bagging on Hernandez, not the Patriots. Typical Florio stirring up BS…White was sitting with Kraft for the game, for god’s sake. White’s point was Hernandez was allowed to play despite shady dealings, yet his fighters (who generally stay out of trouble) are being treated as if they’re raiding marauders. There’s two reasons people go into politics…no feel for the real world, & nothing to contribute to it.

  15. Does anybody know why Boston doesn’t want Dana White in it? If this is a conspiracy then what actually is the motivating factor? Bad breath? Bad hair? Bad people?

  16. So, you’re equating UFC fighters with murderers. You’re brilliant.

    Personally, don’t watch UFC. Don’t begrudge anyone who does. But, any activity that allows victory by choking someone is not a sport. Choking is not a submission hold or fighting. It’s choking. When UFC first came out, I was intrigued and watched it. I was simply turned off by the choking. Every match ended with some guy choking out his opponent. BORING! They don’t even allow choking in pro wrestling for God’s sake. Get rid of choking, and UFC’s audience will get BIGGER than it already is.

    That being said, they may well have eliminated choking a la the Tuck Rule, but at this point, my interest is gone. But, let them fight in MA. Who cares. It’s not like they’re killing dogs.

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  18. This just in. No SS #s makes Augusta National revoke Adam Scotts victory at the Masters. Looks like Australia will never get that green jacket now. Merion CC in Ardmore, PA is following and stripped Justin Rose of U.S. Open victory. Sergio Garcia complaining that PGA doing everything possible to make sure Tiger wins.
    Europe concedes all future Ryder Cups on U.S. soil for lack of SSN.
    Absolutely absurd and I agree with Dana except for the AH comment. Let the jury decide that one. Even though he is guilty

  19. He’s right on all counts. And he got some column inches here to plead his case by bringing up the Pats. By the looks of the comments, he’s got more supporters than opponents.

    What he’s really saying is apply the same rules to all sports teams — if some Boston politicans oppose MMA because they claim to have concerns about the character of the athletes, then hold the Pats more accountable for a star player who is suspected of multiple homicides.

    I know anecdotal evidence isn’t admissible, but … a lot of these guys live and train here in So Cali. The fight gyms are open to the public. Outside of the ring, the overwhelming majority of the guys are practically model citizens. I was shocked when I learned how many of them actually have real college degrees. None of them would have issues with the Wonderlic exam that seems to befuddle so many NFL collegiate prospects.

    The promoters on the other hand …

  20. FACTS. Vancouver had a UFC event over 4 years ago. Sellout in minutes.Even with few headliners. Dana offered to come back and do a second event. But the tree hugger city council members demanded that he carry $50 Million dollars more in liability insurance for the next event in case of a “riot ” Dana said no thanks. Never came back to Vancouver. Town lost several $$$ million in casino, bar, restaurant, parking, taxes, revenues, etc. Then had a hockey riot that cost the city in hundreds of millions in lawsuits, bad publicity , property damage ,etc. But hockey is still OK. But keep the evil cage fans away from Orca whales central.They might interfere with the free heroin needle program or backyard
    Vancouver, where the chief of police kept a list of hookers the premier slept with during his marriage . A city of such pathetic hypocrites.

  21. While I am not a big fan of this sport, Dana White has a very valid argument. There are a lot of people in Boston and all over this country that are given government benefits without social security numbers or don’t have legit numbers.

  22. Isn’t the Pat’s Chandler Jones older brother Jon “Bones” Jones? That would explain him wearing Chandlers Jersey in Krafts booth.

  23. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Aug 16, 2013 8:07 PM
    This ugly toad is a joke just like his barbaric “sport”.

    Yeah! What kind of people watch a sport where you can knock someone out with a single shot, and watch them lay motionless while Dr.s check on them.

    Sometimes people might break a limb, or get paralyzed you never know, but you need quit watching football.

  24. UFC treats its fighters as independent contractors, do they not?

    NHL/NBA have contracted employees with work visas. I think that’d be your difference Dana.

  25. Last time I checked nobody had died in a UFC Octagon the NFL has deaths on the field correct every fews yrs…Has a New England I hate Boston liberal ways… N there is more UFC fighters have finish college then the NFL n NHLetc.

  26. bcgreg, how can you go on & on about “choking”…yet admit you know nothing about the sport? What these guys do IS a submission hold…& it’s not choking the life out of someone, it’s putting them to sleep, which I’d say is the ultimate in a “submission hold”. Most fighters tap out before this happens, & frankly, the sport has evolved so much that most fighters are very good at avoiding such a scenario. To be frank, you admitted you haven’t tuned in in a while, & the sport (& skills of the fighters) seem to be evolving year by year.

  27. @nukes…I used to agree with you on the grappling, but now that I’m so much better versed in the sport, I see there’s a ton of strategy going on in the grapples. Joe Rogan (the sport’s John Madden, better or worse) is pretty decent explaining what’s happening, but more & more I hear chess guys & the Sam Harris’ of the world are getting into Jiu-Jitsu, because it’s so complex & mentally (& obviously physically) challenging. & look at it this way…till the grappling stuff clicks with you…there’s always movie-style kicks…something you won’t get in boxing.

    & for what it’s worth, Dana definitely rewards fighters (with future spots & money) for guys who put on exciting fights, i.e., mostly stay away from “lay & pray”.

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