Unapologetic, Bernie Kosar says he didn’t disrespect the Rams


Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar raised some eyebrows when he made critical comments about the Rams while broadcasting Cleveland’s preseason opener. In the booth at the Browns’ second preseason game, Kosar attempted to explain himself, and did not apologize.

“I love the game so much, and there’s no way I’d want to disrespect or hurt or make fun of any players or coaches,” Kosar said. “That being said, the way I look at the game, and the way I like to analyze it, it is what it is and again, I don’t want to disrespect or hurt any players or coaches in the league. But I do like the way I look at the game and I have strong feelings about the way the game is played.”

It’s a bit surprising that Kosar didn’t apologize because the Browns made clear that they thought Kosar had something to apologize for. Kosar took several shots at Rams backup quarterback Kellen Clemens, while adding that the Rams’ receivers are “horrible,” and that their parents should be “embarrassed.” Browns CEO Joe Banner said Kosar’s comments were out of line.

“We don’t condone the personal and unprofessional approach that Bernie took with some of his comments during the broadcast Thursday night,” Banner said in a statement issued by the team. ”We’ve spoken to Bernie, he understands that, and we would expect the situation is resolved moving forward. We’ve also reached out to the Rams organization and have shared those same sentiments.”

Rams coach Jeff Fisher added that he lost a lot of respect for Kosar. Even if Kosar insists that he meant no disrespect.

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  1. I’d rather the on-air talent speak from their hearts (or the side of their necks) than give out compliments to every player no matter how bad they are like John Gruden. Guys like Kosar, Hodge, Bayless, Sapp, etc. stay employed because they say crazy things. It makes for good tv. I’m all for it. Why are people expected to apologize for things they say if in their hearts they believe it? We can like it or hate it, but I wish it was cool and okay to be honest these days

  2. Funny, until I actually read the transcript of the broadcast I could have cared less for Kosar. Now I think he should be broadcasting prime time games on the big networks. He had incredible insights into the game, often predicting what would happen before it happened and providing precise analysis on what options the QB was facing during key moments of the game.

    As for his comments, well the WRs did stink – at least 6 dropped passes – and his point about Kellen Clemens was that he was a back-up QB after 8 years. Anyone think that’s worthwhile watching? It’s not like the guy suddenly has figured out how to play the game.

    Fisher and Peter King overreacted and they were the only ones unprofessional and the only ones who need to apologize for insinuating Kosar was drunk, or worse. And the fact the Browns apologized isn’t proof Kosar was in the wrong; its proof the Browns org has no stones.

  3. Weird how Bernie also gave credit to Clemens on a play and did those types of throws are the reason he was a high draft pick… But hey, Jeff Fisher was watching on TV instead of coaching…

  4. Look forward to seeing if Tavon Austin & Givens live up Bernie’s low expectations & his response..Thought I read he called & apologized for this comments..Foolish pride to stand by his comments in a preseason game!

  5. I just wanted to remind everyone that the last time a Cleveland professional sports team won a championship was 1964.

    Lyndon Johnson was president.
    The Rolling Stones released their debut album.
    The Ford Mustang was unveiled.
    Mandela was sentenced to prison.
    Jeopardy! debuted.

    It was a long time ago.

  6. Not saying he wasn’t correct, but that was so damn unprofessional and unnecessary… Kellens parents kids and other family members had to listen to that if they were at home watching the game! Not cool

  7. Exactly what I like to hear. Bernie you did nothing wrong you called it like you saw it. People that don’t watch you regularly, don’t understand you actually have one of the sharpest football minds out there. You break down plays before they develop. The media and everyone who catches a snippet of what you said need to actually look at all your comments and realize most was taken out of context and you did what you were paid to do.

  8. Not sure what the issue is. A commentator being critical of a team and/or it’s players. Wow, that’s unimaginable!

  9. Could Bernie possibly look more like the great Polk High QB Al Bundy in that pic? LOLOLOL
    Seriously, they should put a breathelizer on this guy’s mic.

  10. Not surprising at all, Bernie for too long has been looked on in Cleveland as a God, he believes it. Call the game your opinion of a player is irrelevant .

  11. Why should Bernie apologize for his comments? First of all, he is a commentator. As a commentator his job is to give his opinions. Furthermore, he said Clemens can’t play quarterback(true); he hates watching him play(so does every other football observer not related to him), the Rams WRs are horrible-well, once again, pretty accurate. Who would care about having Jeff Fisher’s respect? The best buddy of the weasel coward Gregg Williams, and a coaching record of pure mediocrity. The fact that a coach would even be concerned with comments made by any commentator much less go crying to the media about it speaks volumes about his priorities.

  12. eastkoast49er,
    kosar broadcasts locally. it was not heard in st. louis which had its own broadcasters calling the game.
    come on man — simple stuff every sports fan should know

  13. Don’t apologize Bernie!! The WRs were horrible! And if they have played WR their entire football lives, their parents knew as much.

    Bernie talks about the Browns in the same light when called for, sick of broadcasters always trying to shine tires. Be honest, brutal is OK they are grown-ass men.

  14. Rather hear what a former all-pro really thinks than hear Chuckie slobbering over how great everyone is. Local color commentator added some real true color to a local broadcast. Big whoop.

  15. Criticism is fine…it’s the manner in which you do it. He could have broken down Clemmens in a way that didn’t seem personal and I think that’s the main issue. I’m all for announcers being critical more often but just don’t allow it to feel personal. That’s all.

  16. If the Rams didn’t suck they wouldn’t get made fun of. The best way to shut people up is to play the game better than the other team.

    Quit crying Rams fans. Your wining is hurting my eyes. I wish more announcers would tell it like it is.

  17. We should always make sure to take player’s feelings into account in football. Bumps and bruises will heal. But hurt feelings are forever.

    Okay, seriously though… get over it! Has anyone ever listened to a Joe Buck broadcast? No one seems to get all hurt and upset when he bashes players left and right. Grow a pair! It was a local broadcast in preseasn. Boo-hoo.

  18. What he said was kinda dumb, but at least he didn’t plaster an insincere, phony apology over it when the heat got turned up.

  19. I think its hilarious watching Browns preseason games. The way the announcers get all excited when the browns do anything positive. It gives the fans false hope. Remember, preseason games is fools gold.

  20. I’m glad he didn’t back off of it. I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. It was true. He is “turrible” (thanks Barkley). I like that he didn’t take it back. I get tired of people saying what they really feel and then saying they didn’t mean it. You meant it, say you meant it, but you apologize that they took it wrong.

    He called it as he saw it. They guy stunk and he basically said that it sucks that I have to watch this guy play the entire fourth quarter. I can care less about his signing an autograph for the Pope. He’s turrible. And the receivers? Their parents would be embarrassed to see them play so poorly? If any of you have ever watched your kid play muny football and he fumbled 4 times you’d be embarrassed. You’d still love them, but you’d be embarrassed. Same thing. What’s the big problem?

  21. So why is Bernie worshiped in Cleveland?

    He quarterbacked a team that was a “fumble” and a “drive” away from getting to the Super Bowl.

    As others have said, 1964 was a long time ago.

  22. I like how everyone who piles on Bernie knows nothing about him or has ever actually heard him speak. You just read the garbage they post here. He’s easily one of the smartest football people I’ve ever heard and if he sees bad football, he’ll call you out on it.

    How about Fisher bringing in and coaching up some good receivers instead of getting butthurt when someone rightfully citizens them?

  23. And I’m glad he didn’t apologize. I didn’t watch the first few minutes last night because I didn’t want to hear some gun-to-head forced apology and its awesome he didn’t offer one up.

    Enough with the faux outrage, over everything, people.

  24. What do you expect when you hire an alcoholic to broadcast your games?

    While it was inappropriate, I do appreciate his “every man” comments which sound much less harsh than what your average fan would say. I would love to hear a game done by BK.

  25. Why is it these days that it seems that everyone has to walk on eggshells? Everyone is so thin skinned. He has nothing to apologize for. Heaven forbid he says what he thinks and make some people go wahhhh. Get out the hankies. Move on crybabies.

  26. @sportsmeccabi… Using “With all due respect” actually DOES allow you to say anything.

    Case in point, “Mr. Kosar, sir, with all due respect, you’re a complete moron and should not be allowed behind a microphone ever again.”


  27. Kosar took several shots at Kellen Clemens? I think he should be commended for only taking “several” shots at a QB who once got beat out by Mark Sanchez.

  28. Am I the only one who noticed that Kosar basically and probably unintentionally telegraphed he was going to do this before Clemmons was even in the game?

    He gave a hint of what was to come by mentioning, and I’m paraphrasing, “a guy” and that “they don’t like me” or some run-in with him or the Jets “wasn’t good”, something of the sort like that.

    I can’t remember exactly what he said of that nature but I had that game on in the background and I’m not even a Browns or Rams fan and noticed that was really weird to do that, and then later on when Clemmons was in he laid down the weird criticism.

    The whole thing was weird, and he even let it be known beforehand. No one noticed that?

  29. The guy looked like he was jacked on some pain meds and booze. Probably to cope with getting the tar knocked out of him most of his career in Cleveland.

    On the brightside he never played with Detroit.

  30. Just wondering if Charles Barkley makes similar comments about an opposing team is it a news story?

    Hard critique of a team? Sure.

    Reason to apologize? This is the NFL, if you don’t like what is being said prove them wrong on the field.

  31. @bleedingorangeandbrown What exactly does saying a player’s family should be embarrassed and going on and on about how sad you are that you have to watch Kellen Clemens play have to do with breaking down a play before it happens again? What context makes those kind of statements not disrespectful? I’m sure he has a great football mind and can break down a play with the best of ’em, but that’s not what people are calling him out on.

  32. Isn’t Bernie Kosar that guy with the REALLY messed up throwing mechanics that never won anything?

    His parents should be embarrassed.

    With all due respect, just calling them as I see them.

  33. Bernie says “he calls it like he says it”. Unfortunately for him he had blacked out way before the broadcast

  34. Pretty refreshing actually , maybe Gruden could learn a thing or 2 I’m really tired of hearing “that was the greatest play I’ve ever seen” he was an overrated coach and he’s a horrible broadcaster.

  35. Well, at least the Browns have a drunken loser to represent the most inept franchise in professional sports. It’s quite fitting, really.

  36. tennessee titans announcers just as bad, keith bulluck in particular. dogged out rex grossman repeatedly and volunteered to be the “love interest” of an actress from the show nashville when they showed her on screen. i didn’t get all upset, but it was annoying to hear a non-professional doing a professional’s job.

  37. Jeff Fischer, the guy that laughed on the sidelines after one of his end of the roster players blew out Rodney Harrison’s knee, has hurt feelings. Something has got to be done! I only wish they hadn’t held TBruschi back. Announcers, esp hometown guys, try to make names for themselves by saying provocative things. Kosar did a bad job of it, big deal. The guy is broke, has issues and is trying to get his life together. Cut him some slack.

  38. ditto65 says:
    Aug 16, 2013 8:11 AM
    Bernie is clearly saying he calls them how he sees them. No need to apologize.


    Clearly he is, and he may even be right, but there is still a way to present information in a responsible manor that doesn’t embarrass the players or the team. Mentioning the parents of a player is completely unresponsible and any mentally stable person would not do that. The fact the he doesn’t seem to acknowledge any wrong doing tells you all you really need to kno about his mental condition.

  39. this guy sounds like he’s drunk 100% of the time. It is truly unbelievable that he is a commentator……well I guess it is Cleveland.

  40. My thought is he saw Kellens and it reminded him of him. He got a lil (hiccup) mad. It sucks when the best QB in recent history for a franchise is just a little bit above average.

    Weird 3 franchises that have been around forever have 1 Super Bowl appearance and 0 Super Bowl wins….Browns, Lions and Cardinals. I guess if you wake up and do the same thing over and over again and expect something to change, well that’s insanity for ya.

  41. Nothing to apologize for Kosar. The Rams should apologize to their fanbase for putting that weak offensive product on the field.

    If I watch the next Browns preseason game on the NFL Network it’s going to be just to hear Kosar’s analysis. One of the very few football minds I respect.

  42. Hey Jellyous,
    1964 was when the steelers started their rigorous roid program and started to get good.

  43. bleedingorangeandbrown says:
    Aug 16, 2013 8:10 AM
    Exactly what I like to hear. Bernie you did nothing wrong you called it like you saw it. People that don’t watch you regularly, don’t understand you actually have one of the sharpest football minds out there. You break down plays before they develop. The media and everyone who catches a snippet of what you said need to actually look at all your comments and realize most was taken out of context and you did what you were paid to do.


    Haha this guy is writing as if he is talking directly to Kosar, like Kosar is getting on PFT and reading his comment. Always makes me laugh.

    But seriously, bringing a player’s family into your criticism of his play during a broadcast doesn’t qualify as “telling it how it is.” It is inappropriate at best.

  44. For those who subscribe to the theory “He is just calling them as he sees them”, that would be fine with most of us but that is not what he is doing. He is adding in his subjective and totally irrelevant commentary. Comments such as “parents should be embarrassed” is certainly not insightful analysis. It would be like me commenting on this issue and then throwing in the fact that in the picture Bernie looks at least 60 pounds overweight and like he hasn’t slept in in 3 days. It would be like me saying how can you expect cogent analysis from somebody who cannot even keep their personal financial affairs in order even though they have made more money than 98% of the population. Having the right to say or do something isn’t the same as meaning it is the right thing to say or do.

  45. So….kellens parents were in cleveland for that game, watching the browns television network?? Is that right, eastkoast? Kellens apparently fragile minded parents would never have heard this stuff if not for the thin skinned jeff fisher. Where there was once a moleholl……………

  46. There is already a surplus of fake respect in the NFL. Do we really need to have more of “that”? He said what he felt. Does everyone have to like it? For such a “tough guy” sport, feelings seem to be hurt quite easily!!!

  47. Any time someone prefaces a statement with “No disrespect (offense, etc.), but …” someone is about to be disrespected (offended, etc.).

  48. Bernie might not be the best booth analyst in speaking terms, but the mans football knowledge is superb.

  49. I’m a Steeler fan transferred to Ohio several years ago for work, and I certainly have no love for the Browns, but people are making much more of a stink out of this then needs to be made. After the fifth or sixth drop by a Rams receiver, who he’d been harping on all day, he said they were pathetic. The play by play guy said “easy, what if their parents are watching?” and Bernie said “well they should be embarrassed.”

    Guy was doing a horribly boring first preseason game on a local station, and was trying to be funny. Failed at it, but he wasn’t being malicious.

    And I tell you what, guy is definitely drinking, or on prescription pain meds while doing the games, because his speech is slurred much more than it is when I hear him on local radio, but damn if he doesn’t call what the play’s going to be by the formation 8 out of 10 times. It’s uncanny really.

  50. 80sbroncofan says: Aug 16, 2013 11:05 AM

    If Bernie had a championship ring then maybe he can talk. How many superbowls has Cleveland been too?

    And how many of those 3 SB’s in the 80’s did the Bronco’s win? That’s what I thought. By the way, Kosar DOES have a Super Bowl ring, idiot. With the Cowboys in his final season.

  51. If you’re not controversial then you’ll fade to obscurity. How else do you explain the popularity of Rush, Glenn Beck, Skip Bayless, Stephen A Smith, etc.?

  52. For all of you comment on Kosar and his remarks please get your facts straight instead of spewing false information you read on the net. Kosar said HE would be embarrassed if he were a parent of the Rams receiver. He is a color commentator and he was poking fun.

    As for you ytownjoe, people love Bernie because he gave cleveland their first win at three rivers in over 17 years. He took cleveland to the AFC champioship twice and to the playoffs from 85- 89.

    To you sbchampsagain. Bernie threw sidearm yet up until 2010 he held the record for most passes without an INT, 308. Tom brady broke it in 2010. And he has a super bowl ring from dallas. You remember that right? When aikman had issues with concussions Kosar helped dallas win the NFC championship game.

  53. So what did Fisher do after he heard what Kosar said, go off to a corner of the locker room and whimper? If they didn’t like what Kosar said, then it’s too bad. They’ll live.

  54. Bernie, your opinion is gone when hanging with your friends, but when you are broadcasting, professionalism is expected. there were plenty of ways to say what you wanted to say without belittling players.

  55. For the last time, Kosar didn’t say the Rams’ WRs’ parents “should be embarrassed”.

    Go watch the game. 3:12, 2nd quarter. He says, while COMPLIMENTARY of Sam Bradford, that the WRs are running bad routes (they were) and were dropping easy passes (they were, Tavon Austin had just dropped a ball that hit him between the 1’s on his #11 jersey).

    Kosar: “Man, just horrible.”
    Announcer: “Ouch, what if their parents are watching?”
    Kosar: “Well, then I’ll be embarrassed, but they’re horrible.”

    Case dismissed.

    The real story here is Jeff Fisher being a witch and calling the Kosar’s parents front office about the big bad color commentator on the other team’s home broadcast team calling his players out for sucking. I’m sure it was due to the unfair competitive advantage the lowly Browns got from the network announcers that the Rams got smoked so bad.

    I also think it’s awesome how so many posters are hypocrites and attack Kosar for making “personal” comments about players’ play on the field (that’s not what “personal” means, guys) and then go on to make personal remarks about Kosar’s daughter’s job or about his medical history. That’s the internet for you, I guess.

  56. You guys can criticize Bernie all you want but the fact remains he’s the best analyst there is. He tells it like it is, is extremely insightful and explains football like a great teacher.

  57. sb44champs says:
    Aug 16, 2013 11:34 AM
    Jeff fisher needs to grow a pair and learn how to take constructive criticism…


    Constructive criticism is one thing, but stating that players are “horrible” and their “parents should be embarrassed” is entirely different.

  58. 80sbroncofan says:
    Aug 16, 2013 11:05 AM
    If Bernie had a championship ring then maybe he can talk. How many superbowls has Cleveland been too?
    Did you ever personally win a superbowl ring? No? Then maybe you should shut up. Besides, why are some people so hung up with those rings? It’s kind of like if you never won one, that you should go to the vet and be put to sleep. Let’s see, Marino never won one, so he he must be a terrible QB, where Trent Dilfer won one and should go to the HOF. LOL.

  59. ” We don’t condone, unprofessional, We spoken to Bernie and he understands…” I wonder if, after reading this article, CEO Banner STILL thinks Bernie understands?!

  60. All the uproar over Kosar is understandable since nobody ever has anything but wonderful things to say about the Browns. Stop pouting.

  61. I don’t mind a commentator speaking his mind, as long as it is done professionally. There is nothing about the way Kozar communicates that is professional. Bringing up a player’s family is just ridiculous and out of bounds. If he wants to say a player is “terrible”, let him have at it. I would rather hear that than Gruden’s sappy, sweet nothings. I rue the day he was added to Monday night football.

    Oh yah, and the Ram’s have one of the worst commentators themselves in Mike Martz. What a homer. Last year (3rd game of the year) we had to sit through a full broadcast in Seattle of him just exclaiming how Russell Wilson could not make it in this league because he was just too short. Talk about irritating! (OK so it might have been a network broadcast, but he was still an embarrassment for being so homey and WRONG).

  62. It’s the new American way, blame others for our shortcomings, spin the truth, and chastise others for speaking the truth. It starts with the man in charge, and is perpetuated by the media he controls… ( sorry about your luck N.S.A…)

  63. Kosar was over the line unprofessional with those statements, he was warned so he better watch himself or could risk losing that easy money talking football every week.

  64. i was watching the Lions vs. the Browns last night and he seemed drunk to me. just rambling on about nothing sometimes.

  65. 80sbroncofan says:
    Aug 16, 2013 11:05 AM
    If Bernie had a championship ring then maybe he can talk. How many superbowls has Cleveland been too?
    Bernie Kosar played huge in the AFC Championship games..did everything a QB could do to win them, not his fault that his RB had game costing fumbles in back to back AFC championships. The weaker team advanced and embarrassed the whole AFC with their performance in the Superbowl.

    Also Bernie Kosar has a Superbowl ring. Played pretty flawlessly in the NFC Championship when Aikman was knocked out of the game.

  66. The guy has severe brain damage and a drinking problem. If you or anyone else is expecting him to be anything different than what he is THEY are the idiot(s).

  67. The Rams receivers accomplished more that Kosar’s kids ever did.

    By the way Bernie brought families into it so its okay to rip on them.

  68. Bernie was doing his job in pointing out the deficiencies of the Ram’s receivers in a colorful manner. Unfortunately this is the hurray for everything league and any pointed criticism is not allowed. Maybe he should have said “the great Rams receivers would be more better if they didn’t drop 6 balls and finish off their routes, but who are we to question the wisdom of the great Jeff Fisher. Hurray. Their parents should be proud! Hurray.”

  69. raiderlyfe510 says:
    Aug 16, 2013 1:24 PM
    80sbroncofan says:
    Aug 16, 2013 11:05 AM
    If Bernie had a championship ring then maybe he can talk. How many superbowls has Cleveland been too?
    Bernie Kosar played huge in the AFC Championship games..did everything a QB could do to win them, not his fault that his RB had game costing fumbles in back to back AFC championships. The weaker team advanced and embarrassed the whole AFC with their performance in the Superbowl.

    Also Bernie Kosar has a Superbowl ring. Played pretty flawlessly in the NFC Championship when Aikman was knocked out of the game.
    Way to tell him. His team (Denver) won a super bowl. Once that happens, some fans can get arrogant beyond belief. They forget that in a couple of years that their team could be terrible. Be humble.

  70. howiefeltersnatch says:
    Aug 16, 2013 2:05 PM
    C’mon guys, keep commenting. I want this thread linked in the sidebar.
    OK. But be careful what you wish for, you may get it.

    Well, a certain Bronco fan who shall remain nameless, does’t know his ### from a hole in the ground. Arrogant fan who thinks they know more than they actually do. Yes, Cleveland has had trouble winning a super bowl, but it wasn’t Kosar’s fault that his RB fumbled on the 5 yard line during that one AFC title game. Basically, know your facts before spouting off.

  71. The good thing about Kosar is that he will bag on the Browns players just as hard if he thinks they’re sucking it up. That and he knows the game really well – he tells you what will happen on plays based on the formations and be right quite a bit of the time.

    Him sometimes sounding like a drunk uncle is just a bonus. Give me a thousand Bernies over the usual bland praise-everything broadcasters. Has there ever been a player that Gruden didn’t just adore?

    And clearly many of you haven’t actually heard the telecast, because in the context of the game and the conversation with the other broadcaster, it’s nowhere near as “slanderous” as made out to be in highly cherry-picked print. He really had nothing to apologize for, and I’m glad they didn’t force him (or that he didn’t listen).

  72. So guys, who would you rather have doing the games? Collinsworth? The guy who said if there were no guns this person wouldn’t be d e a d? Skip Bayless? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Oh. the humanity.

    Keep it up Bernie!!

  73. Wow! There are a ton of Browns trolls on here. Classless comments and your town is cool with it? STAY CLASSY CLEVELAND!

  74. Anyone remember Bernie on the sidelines in Miami in that day after Thanksgiving game vs Boston College when he and Jimmy Johnson were talking about what to do at the goal line with about a minute left, and Bernie is caught on camera screaming “Let’s run it down their f-ing throats!” ??? They handed off to Melvin Bratton and he scored his 4th TD to put Miami up 45-41, with 28 seconds remaining. Bernie had passed for 447 yards. BC got the ball on their own 20. It took 22 seconds to get just past midfield. With 6 second left, Flutie scrambles around and tosses up the “Hail Mary” and Phelan comes down with it, and time is expired. BC 47 Miami 45. Flutie passed for 472 yards. Greatest college football game I ever saw. It was a great way to spend the day after Thanksgiving. I’m sure it’s an ESPN classic. If you get a chance to see it, watch it. That Miami team was loaded with NFL talent.

    Bernie’s seen a few nightmares in his time both in Miami and Cleveland. I’ll cut him some slack, particularly with Fisher. Fisher is known to send players out to injure starters on the other team, and when he was a Bears DB on injured reserve in 1986, he could not work out with the team, and I’m pretty sure he was at Pat O’Briens in Nawlins’ where there was a large contingent of Bears fans, and he got really irritated at this little goofball drunk Pats fan who was talking up his team. I recall him saying this guy was going to “find his teeth in the sewer.” I actually talked him down off that idea. In those days we didn’t have the Internet and 24 hr news cycle, so a backup DB that had been on IR for a year was basically unrecognizable. He could travel in that crowd. I realized it was him some time later when I saw a picture of him. Oddly I don’t believe he was drinking at all. He’s just a nasty mo’ fo.

  75. Yet another media “professional” reprinting Peter King’s flawed misrepresentation of Kosar’s comments (talking about paragraph 3). He called the Rams WR”horrible” as in playing horrible on that particular night (as night having a horrible night). He didn’t “make it personal” bring family into it. He was asked “What if their parents are watching?” and replied “Well, I’d be embarassed” as in I, Bernie Kosar, would be embarrassed. The Clemens comments were a joke and pretty funny one at that (not to mention the guy threw his 2nd pick 3 seconds later). I have never seen a bigger mountain made out of a mole-hill in sports in my life. Jeff Fisher staged his comments by telling the reporters to ask him about it so he could take a pre-meditated cheap shot at Kosar (his “well documented” issues). Fisher somehow managed to be a baby and bully simultaneously. Then his complicit lap-dog Peter King piled on on Twitter (very likely without ever watching the comments in question as I’d assume he has better listening and critical thinking skills than that) on Satruday night and was defiant and unapologetic in his Monday column. Fisher, King and everyone giving this story “legs” are the ones who got it wrong. I hope Kosar keeps doing it his way because it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to if you’re a football junkie: he talks about the GAME and the PLAY instead of about things like “Tenacity” and “Stick-To-It-Iveness.”

  76. Really!?!?!? This is such a non issue. Come on now, put your big boy underoos on, grow a pair and get over it.

  77. Bleedingorangeandbrowns says, Bernie Kosar has one of the sharpest minds out there, well I agree on the out there part…..lmao……

    Clearly, if Bernie’s incoherent rant is described as having a sharp mind, then being sharp is not what it used to be…..

  78. Kosar took several shots at the Rams during the game and several during commercial breaks.

    Q: What do you call an Oxy washed down with a beer and a shot of Tequilia?
    A: A Kosar

  79. Changing my opinion on this one.

    The fact that Peter King is offended by Kosar’s comments tells me Kosar was in the right.

    Peter King and Rodger Goodell walk in lockstep.

  80. Against the Packers Clemens had a qb rating of 0.0, and the Rams receivers caught 17 of 38 passes thrown to them.Sounds like Bernies assessment was spot on.

  81. Dear Rams fans, that “drunk” speak is a result of a series of concussions. Haha.

    What exactly did he say? Clemens sucks? He does, how about that 0.0 stat line he posted, hey Super Bowl.

    For the butthead who said, what have the Browns done in the last 10 years? What have the Rams done again? NOTHING.

    No one does more with less than Jeff Fisher and the Rams. But hey, it’s not like you guys will have to deal with it long, they will bolt your hell hole town and you can wear your Pujols jerseys and remember all the times you choked in the playoffs.

    WOOO HOOO Living off of Dick Vermiel.

  82. Uhm, the Rams receivers did suck. Should have Bernie maybe tempered his words? Yes. But I saw no visions of Jerry Rice or John Stallworth on that field. Nada.

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