EJ Manuel to have knee surgery, miss rest of preseason


Bills quarterback EJ Manuel will undergo “minor” surgery on his left knee and miss the club’s final two preseason games, head coach Doug Marrone said Saturday afternoon.

“EJ Manuel had some swelling in his left knee this morning and was examined by our medical staff,” Marrone said in a statement from the club. “An MRI revealed that he will need to have a minor knee procedure and that has been scheduled. He will miss the remainder of the preseason and then be re-evaluated at that time.”

Kevin Kolb will start the Bills’ next preseason game, Marrone said.

Manuel strengthened his case for the Bills’ starting quarterback job in Buffalo’s 20-16 preseason win vs. Minnesota on Friday night, completing 10-of-12 passes for 92 yards and a touchdown in relief of Kolb, who started the game. However, the injury opens the door for Kolb to potentially begin the season as the starter, given the time Manuel will miss leading up to Week One.

60 responses to “EJ Manuel to have knee surgery, miss rest of preseason

  1. The positive side of this story is he is only supposed to miss a few pre-season games…

    At least it’s not season ending…

  2. Wow just when I thought the Bills had a chance of making 2nd in the AFCE for the first time in year this happens.

    Hope he gets better in time for the opener !

  3. harrisonhits2 says: Aug 17, 2013 5:00 PM

    Wow just when I thought the Bills had a chance of making 2nd in the AFCE for the first time in year this happens.

    You must be kidding right? 3rd place is the best they can hope for.


    The big question is this a chronic problem or something that happened in the last game only. If it’s a chronic issue, then this “minor procedure” won’t be last. That would be unfortunate as a chronic knee problem would progressively limit his mobility, especially over time (and a short time at that).

  5. Tuel will get more work in practice and in the rest of the preseason. Is that a bad thing?

  6. i was at the game and was wondering why our starting QB was in the game in the fourth quarter with linemaen who won’t be on the team next week. real weak coach, real weak…….

  7. Whenever I get frustrated with my Jets I think what it would be like to be a bills fan. Kinda like if I’m feeling sorry for myself over some specific circumstances in my life and then I see some person with real problems who is crippled or has an amputated limb which makes me realize just how good I have it!

  8. Well, Kolb is obviously mentoring EJ – too bad the only lesson he can teach is how to get hurt.

  9. There’s no such thing as “minor” knee surgery… I feel for Buffalo for once lol… When they picked EJ Manuel I really thought that was the right move… I wonder how much longer Kolb can last before he’s hurt wiping his butt

  10. Kolb and Tuel both get more work. This will be OK. Not great, but not the end of the season.

  11. I’m about to start taking bets for the exact day that Kolb trips over a mat again / gets a hangnail / eats some stale Wheaties and has to miss a couple of games. Any takers?

  12. A Bills QB doing well? That’s when you know something bad is about to happen.

  13. Get off the ledge folks—it’s a minor procedure. Remember, EJ beat Notre Dame while playing an entire half with a broken leg. He’ll bounce back quickly.

  14. Who’s gonna back up Tuel? Or is he an injury just waiting to happen also? maybe that FOX robot could be the Boofalo’s new QB

  15. I was initially worried when hearing about this, but after talking to a few friends and reading thoughts of others about the situation, I was more at ease. Negatives: 1) Manuel’s progression- He looked comfortable going into the third preseason game, hopefully this doesn’t sidetrack him. 2) The starting QB controversy- This will more than likely hand Kevin Kolb the job. Positives- 1) Depth chart movement- Tuel will get many more reps, which by the way he has been playing is a good thing. If he outperforms Kolb, I’m all for him starting. Unfortunately, I don’t see Marrone making a move like that. Slotting an Undrafted Free Agent with no NFL experience over a Veteran, You just rarely ever hear that happening. Bad Luck in Buffalo! It never ends!

  16. Too bad, as a Viking fan watching the game last night I was impressed by Manuel, he is clearly the best QB on that roster. He’ll be back starting by week 3, just like Cassel in MN. I’d still take Buffalo’s QB situation over Minnesota’s.

  17. It’s not a horrible situation. Kolb will prove the GM is a mental midget for hiring him and EJ will be the uncontested starter week one. Now if this was a bigger injury and Kolb started for a while, then yes it would be a disaster.

  18. A minor procedure…I’ve had a menial meniscus repair and was limping in 3 days and running in 2 weeks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is on the bike in a week.

    He didn’t go down with an severity last night at all. These are the kind of things you address now and not in mid season when a full tear of that same cartilage ends his season. Hopefully Kolb shows he is sustainable and gets the reps he missed over the past two weeks, but I think this is Manuel’s job when he’s 100%, if in fact I’m correct with my assumed diagnosis and recovery timeframe.

  19. I think Kolb has some kind of curse, where the other QB’s on the team get hurt. The Kolb Curse is giving the Madden Curse a run for it’s money.

  20. Don’t think the next collective bargaining agreement will go easy on the practice schedule in regards to the conditioning of players. It just shows that they need to be on the practice field or the conditioning room more than ever.

  21. I wonder if it’s the same guys who said none of
    Manuel’s success so far matters since it’s the preseason are the same ones saying our season is toast because Manuel is gonna miss the rest of said preseason?

    That said, the preseason just became a lot less interesting.

  22. Noting justifies anybody being a Jets fan. They are just draining fluid. There’s NO damage to ligaments or tendons or bones. He was fine when he left the field. This gives EJ the rest as he wouldnt have played the 4th game anyway. Kolb and Tuel get much needed reps and all will be fine in Billsville! A Jets fan? REALLY?

  23. Looks like EJ has taken a page from the Shawne Merriman/Mario Williams/Ryan Fitzpatrick/(place nmae of any other high priced talent the Bills have paid for here) playbook and gotten injured after he cashed Old Man Wilson’s check.

    bvolke is right. The Bills ARE cursed. Well, more like that entire city.

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