Kelly says uncertainty will “tremendously” help Vick

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As the Eagles move deeper and deeper into the preseason, coach Chip Kelly still has provided no clarity regarding the starting quarterback for the first game that counts, September 9 against the Redskins.

“I’d love to name a quarterback right now,” Kelly told reporters on Saturday.  “They [Mike Vick and Nick Foles] need to continue to play at a high level and I think when you continue to put them in different situations, that gets a chance to express itself.”

Actually, Kelly still hasn’t decided who’ll start in the third preseason game, regarded widely as the dress rehearsal for the regular season.  Kelly said the coaching staff will decide the rotation for Saturday’s game against the Jaguars on Monday.

On Saturday, Mike Vick got the bulk of the reps with the first team, two days after Nick Foles started the second preseason game.  Via, Vick had 23 first-team reps and Foles received eight.  That’s more than 74 percent for Vick.

It’s nearly a mirror image of the approach from last week, when Vick started the preseason opener and Foles had nearly 85 percent of the first-team reps in practice.

And while Kelly’s approach is starting to create the impression that he may use both quarterbacks this year, Kelly may have peeled the curtain back a bit when explaining that Vick benefits from the uncertainty he’s experiencing.

“I think tremendously,” Kelly said.  “Once you think you’ve arrived in this game, you’re going to get passed on by.   Just because somebody and no matter what the situation is, quarterback, running back, offensive line, you become a starter that doesn’t mean all of a sudden you can kick your feet up and say, ‘Now I’m all set, this is a good deal.’   It’s about getting better every day and there’s always something you can learn, whether it’s as a coach or as a player.  I think that mindset will really benefit Mike in the long run.”

It helps Vick even more if he’s the starter.  And maybe that’s what he’ll be.  Either every week or whichever week Kelly thinks he matches up better with the opposing defense than Nick Foles.

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  1. Tom Brady was brought into the NFL with tons of uncertainty. He was last on the depth chart in NE and had to fight his way to the top to become the starting QB. It was a similar deal for him at Michigan when he had to fight for his job with Drew Henson.

    QB battles helped breed Brady as an all-time great competitor. You can see why Kelly, a man who will be considered greater than Belichick when it is all said and done, would do the same for his QBs.

  2. What Chip fails to realize is this motivation can all go away in the pros after you get a contract. See Mike Vick 2010.

  3. I am a Foles fan, but Vick has looked electric this preseason.

    Vick is 33. Foles is 23. Vick appears to be the short-term answer. Foles appears to be the long-term answer. Vick is also riding on his name, and is definitely the media favorite.

    Hopefully, there is a way to mold this into something that can work.

    The worst thing that could happen here is to trade Foles somewhere else, and risk watching him lighting it up for the next 10-12 years, long after Vick is out of the NFL.

    If you wonder why Kelly hasn’t made a decision yet, check out Arizona v. Oregon in 2010 on youtube.

    Tough situation.

  4. I like Foles. I like his improvement over last season in his throwing and even in his running. He’s making good decisions for the most part.

    But Vick has been the better QB this preseason. Unless something drastically changes, it’s hard to imagine that Foles will be the opening day starter.

  5. It is amazing how much people want to hang on to Vick hoping that he will some day be great. Dude is 33 years old and has been in the league for 10 years already, and he has never been a good passer, but after 2 preseason games, he is all of a sudden great and perfect for this offense. So sad.

    He MIGHT have another little stretch like he did in 2010 where he is electric, but he will once again become the crap QB he has always been. Kelly will be making a mistake starting Vick, because not only is Kelly wasting a year on an aging veteran and not the future of this team, but if this team fails (which it mostly likely will this year), he is gonna receive so much more backlash from fans and media for starting an old QB with no future here instead of seeing what he has in a younger QB. WE ARE REBUILDING! What do Vick lovers not understand about that. You don’t rebuild a team with a 33 year old QB who was never a good QB.

  6. Tom Brady didn’t “fight his way to the top to become the starting QB” in New England… if Mo Lewis doesn’t knock out Drew Bledsoe, Brady doesn’t get on the field in 2001, or at all for that matter… people forget that Gillette Stadium was originally Drew’s House…

    I hope Brady sends Lewis a Christmas card every year… if it wasn’t for him, Tommy Boy could’ve ridden the bench for 2 or 3 more years, been traded to the Raiders or the Vikings, and been an absolute nobody…

    all that being said, I like that he’s pushing Vick & Foles this long… if Vick DOES get the nod, and gets hurt again, Foles will be more than ready to step in…

  7. This is the WORST situation that could happen to Vick’s haters. Mike Vick has lit up the NFL in systems that were not even his strengths. With Kelly’s system Vick will shatter records this season, and this is what his critics have feared and why they want Foles to be the starter.

  8. LOL, Vick never lit up anything, and I love how everything is always everyone else fault for Vick’s failures. He has had 3 different coaches and 3 different systems but none of them were good for him? So that is why he sucked? Now after just 2 preseason games, this system is perfect for him and he is gonna shatter records? Dumbest thing I ever read. The funny thing is, this is exactly how all Vick lovers act. Stupidity is their strongest trait.

    Please explain how Vick lit up anything? His career passing stats suck, and he only has 3 winning seasons in 10 years. He has lit up nothing. Sure, he has some good rushing stats for a QB, but we are talking QB here, not RB. I am sure your excuses though will be he has bad O-lines in Philly and bad teams in Atlanta, and the only time he had a good team was for 8 games in 2010. Very convenient.

  9. Anyone think ole Chip is messing with everyone and knows who his starter is? Just keeping other teams guessing? Seems like something he would do! The Redskins don’t need to know who they facing until the last possiable minute.. Right? Just seems like a game to me and yes, my team is the Redskins..

  10. Kelly has a good grasp of the QB situation and it’s a good move keeping these guys hungry for the job, so far Coach Kelly has looked great in getting the Eagles turned around.

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